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Okay so I am really involved with soccer and hula. Soccer is 2 practices one week, and 3 - 4 games a weekend. This makes me have too much muscle, or more than I want to have. How can I tone down my muscles (in the legs ecspecially) without quitting? And also, how do you make your hips smaller? Thanks so much!! (link)
I guess the easiest way would be to change your diet: to gain muscle it helps to eat protein; so to lose it you should try and cut out meat/eggs/fish/cheese/milk. Also reducing carbohydrates too like bread/cereal/rice/pasta/potatoes.

Basically when people go on diets they tend to lose alot of muscle as well as fat. Though this can be a bit unhealthy so I don't think you should cut these things out over a long period of time.

im a teen. what are some popular websites (like myspace, tagged etc) that are like those? where you can meet new people and post pictures and stuff. thanks!! (link)
The web is full of them: Faceparty's the main one I know. But check out it has listings of the most popular websites like that.

i recently went to the optometrist and he said i should wear my contacts less but i hate wearing my glasses as they make me really self comsious. if my eyes are getting worse what makes a difference if they get worse a bit faster? why are glasses better than contacts except for infections? (link)
I started wearing contacts but found them a real pain: having to put them in & take them out + some risks involved + all the other problems like cost etc... glasses are much less of a problem I think

Also you don't want your eyes to get worse faster; it will mean you'll have to wear much thicker glasses (which I doubt you want)

I agree with the people above:

if you feel self-conscious then you should get a new pair - glasses are no longer seen as unattractive or anything; I know people that wear glasses but don't need to purely as a fashion accessory

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