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im 14 f uk i love giving advice
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im nearly 17 and my gf and i are thinking about having sex and my penis is not real big and im
a bit worried what she'll think should i worry?
And what is the average size? (link)
no i think that i shouldnt matter really i bet she is just as nevous as u are hope i helped roxanne

im first period killed my stomach hurt for ages but it got easyer

how do lesbians have sex? (link)
lesbian cant really have sex but there is stuff and tips like fingering lickin out the 69

rub up and down start slow and get faster and rub it in between your hands

Could you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex in a hut tub? And wouldn't a condom slip off in the water? PlEaZe WrIte BaCK AuDREY! (link)
yes you could get pregnant from having sex with out contraseption and i could spilt but it depends wat type of comdom it is

Hi it is me amy again. i am really still sad. i really hope you guys will help me out. Well this is my problem. my best frienmd chose her Boy friend over me i am really getting sad. i wishi knew what to do. so if you can help me send me an email at amyBelle101@AOL. com or just answer it here. thanks a million. amy (link)
if your mate chose her bf over u then she is not your real mate sorry to say ask he why she chose him over you make sure she knows how you feel about what has happened and how let down your feeling all my love roxanne

what do you do when you wake up oen morning and you suddenly realize...that you really dont love the person you thoguht you did, but you love another guy. and you dont know what to do about it? anyone got any ideas??? (link)
talk 2 the other guy n ask him the same, tell the other guy u have gone of the truth luv roxanne

Me and my boyfriend are 16 and his penis is about
5.5 inches long is that about average?
im not sure he's a little insecure about it. (link)
yah i think so it doesnt really matter about it as long as you love him hope it helps luv roxie

i have a dog webster. just recently ( 2 days ago) he got really sick! he cries in his sleep, he can't eat his food becuase his knees hurt it's hard for him to sit down then stand up! we think he has arthritis but he is not his usual self whenever my dad wakes up he starts jumping for joy! and all he does now is lie on the couch or go hide under the porch. (webster is a boy if u didn't get that from the paragraph.) (link)
take him to a vet if he is to ill to keep i surgest you have him put down because he is probley in alot of pain luv roxanne

i have a pet pig named miss piggy but my mom says i can't keep it in the house anymore but i don't want to leave it outside. what should i do?
well a pig makes alot of mess im sorry to say so it think it would be better out side mabe you could build her a house like a garge or some thing to help


im a 14 yr old female. ive got a boyfriend and hes recently aske me 2 give him a blowjob. im scared my parents will find out

wat shud i do???
well do you want to give him a blowjob or not how would you parents find out unless they caught you but if your ready for it then i surgest you find some were quit to do it

My friend started dating my crush and i dont know how to tell her i've liked him for like 3 years. what do i do? (link)
well i think you should sit her down and talk to her luv roxie

ok this boy is going to ask me out next friday and i want to say something other than the usual stuff like yes sure yea i guess.. i want it to be classy what is a good way to say like yes in a diffrent way though? (link)
y not try id love to or that would be great and try other things to surgest goin out on the beach or somethin that you wouldnt normal do

I know it's annoying to others, but I've been doing it for years, and its very hard to stop. It doesn't hurt, and contrary to popular belief, it does not cause arthritis. I'm 35 and my husband hates it when I do this. My fingers get very stiff sometimes, and this relieves the tension. All it really does it release pockets of air in the joints, which makes the "popping" sound.(I read this in a magazine.) Sometimes, I even do my toes, knees, and wrists. I used to be able to pop one side of my jaw and my neck, but not anymore. Are there any others out there that do this? I can't be the only one. How do you stop yourself from doing it around others and at inappropriate times? I was going to put this question in the random weirdos category, but I don't think it's that weird, it's more closer to an addiction. Any advice or reasurrances that I'm not alone? (link)
yes it is bad popping your knuckles its can have bad side afects like stiffness and stuff and others at school hate the noise its awful

OK, I'm 13 and I havent started my period yet. Is that normal?? All of my friends have started but me. I dont want to get my period but I was just wondering if something's wrong with me. (link)
no there is nothin wrong with you every body grows and starts there periods at different times i was like u a late developer but i started after all my mates and believe me i was the luckyest because when u have period pains it hurts just wait for it dont be exited

how do i get one of my guy friends to like me? (link)
first i surgest you talk to him he might just like you ask a friend if you find out that he likes you start flirting with him show him that your interested

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