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my blackjack wont seem to come off of vibrate.
theres a button that you ptrss and hold down to put it on vibrate but then when you hold it down like it says to take it off of vibrate it just goes to normal volume, it wont stay on silent when its not on vibrate. So does anyone know whats wrong? (link)
mine did that for a while and i freaked. go to settings, then sounds.. and make sure its not set to vibrate. sometimes they are retarded and change, so just put it back on a ringtone. if that doesnt help.. take it to the phone storeee.

i have like a muffin top kind of stomach.. but only in the front, i dont have big love handles but i do crunches every night and whenever i do them, i only feel the burn on the upper part of my stomach, and i want to lose the fat on my lower stomach. so do you guys think that it only will help my upper stomach or will it also work for my lower stomach? what are some other excersises i could do to make my stomach smaller? htanks (link)
yeah join a gym if you wanna waste money! if not then ill give you a few more tips. instead of going crunches just lay on your back and hold your legs up with your stomach muscles.. so your legs should be off the ground.. hold it for as long as possible.. if your doing it right it should be about 20 seconds. thats just one. try it and message me if you need more!


Hey! =]

15/f 9th grade

okay well last friday i had a 10 minute presentation, well it was supposed to be 10 miunutes but i tottaly bombed it! it sucked. I got up there and i looked at everyone and i just forgot EVERYTHING i was supposed to say, we got to use notecards and i couldnt even like read the notecards right my words were all slurred together and i was like shaking like crazy! and like i had like LOOOONG pauses and yeah when i was done everyone was like laughing and it was so embaressing but i had to soke it up.

but i need some like some GOOD techniques on how to do presentions, and maybe even if you have some embaressing stories about when you presented

because in the spring time we have to do a 50 minute presentation ahhh!

so helppp!

thanks! =] (link)
oh gosh thats nothing!

one time in speech [i was a freshman and EVERYONE else in my class was either a junior or senior] we had to make a 7 min presentation.. and everyone in that class knew each other so they were all fine. but when i got up there i freaked out. i didnt know ANYONE, and it was like my 2nd week in high school. so while i was talking i kept stuttering and taking 8 second pauses.. then everyone started laughing and i realized my face was as red as a tomato and my hands were practically dripping sweat.. so i was running out of the class and i tripped on a desk.. yeah bad news. i stayed in the bathroom for the rest of the class.

so after that i thought of techniques. and this is what i did.
1.) tell yourself that your the best person ever and that no one is as good as you.. and that while they are watching you they are kinda wishing they were as good as you [sounds cocky.. but it works]
2.) just gaze at them. dont focus.. and if your not good at gazing then just look at the back wall.. or the desk.. they all think your looking at them when your really not.
3.) make firends in that class, so its like.. 'oh my friends are watching me, no big deal'
4.) just htink to yourself.. HALF those people, honestly, probably are not even paying attention.

#1&4 helped me the most!

just calm down, dont get nervous before hand, everyone else is doing it.

goodluck! message me if you have any more questions.

out of nowhere my ex texted me last. i didn't even know he still had my number because i surely didn't have his. it's been 2 years since we broke up and it was a mutual decision after he found someone else. he's still with that other person. how do i respond to this? is he just trying to catch up as friends? (link)
awkward turtle...

just text back play it cool. its not a big deal. but dont start liking him again!.. anddd since thats kinda freaky, maybe ask how he got your number lol.

15/f i'm inexperienced at dating guys or even getting asked out and 2 days ago, this guy professed his love to me online and said that he wants me to go out with him. and he kept on flattering me and i was like whoahh, you know? too much attention.

i don't like him. he's sweet but just not my type.

i didn't know what to answer him when he asked me out, so I said i'll think about it. and now he's assuming that i meant that its a maybe. that he has every right to hug me or do stuff.
its not a maybe. its a no.
i just dont want to break his heart. he told me the last girl who rejected him broke his heart. and he gave me all this bs about how im the right one, and how he can't live without me.

and i'm like : you're kidding right?
he wasn't.
i'm really confused. how do i go about getting 'rid' of him in a nice way? i'm so new to this..

and i'm beginning to think maybe i led him on :/ (link)
ehh if you feel bad about him, then your hopeless. you CANT feel bad lol!! if you do then youll give in to some guy you really DONT wanna even touch. just straight up tell him hes sweet, but your really not interested in dating anyone right now..

or you can tell him hes sweet, but not your type. its not that hard. just make sure you tell him kinda exactly how you feel.. and make it clear that he has NO chance or else he will keep bothering you..

and about breaking his heart.. wont happen. hes a boy.. he'll heal lol!

messageme if you have any other questions!

I Always Wanted To Do My Hair Like This:

I Have Long Hair (Past My Shoulders.)
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Go To 'Step-By-Step' To Make My Hair Look Like This?

Thanks! (link)
its really not that hard. depending on what your natural hair is like. if its thick & curly/wavy you will need to blow dry it with a big rounded brush.. if you do it the right way it will automatically flip like that.. but surprisingly a lot of people dont know how to blow dry their hair with a rounded brush. if your one of those people, then just get your hair dry and straighten it. as you are straightening it use the straightener and make a slight curling motion towards the bottom to flip in inwards... depending on how much you want it to flip in is how drastic you are going to need to make the curl movements. once your hair is semi-flipped like hers get a few bobby pins and pull the top 1/4 of your hair up.. look at the pic and decide how much you want to go up.. if you want as much hair up as she had then your going to need about 4 bobby pins. once you get it brushed back in place, and kind of puffed put one bobby pin on each side... they should easily slide in and the mouths of the pins should be 'kissing' if thats not enough hold do the exact same thing with the other two bobby pins. once the hair is up you can flip it even more at the botton if you want to.. LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY..

but not too much!!

hope this helped you.. message me if you have naymore questions, good luck.

are they bad for you? is there an age limit to buy them? do you need a credit card or adult permission? and where can you get them? how much do they cost? haha i know that was a lot of questions! thanks in advance for you help! (link)
okay first of all im 16/f and i took diet pills.

you just hafta 'look' 18 or flirt to get them. but i would suggest you DONT get on them. they dont work unless you are overweight. and unless you are the 30 or so pounds overweight.. then they will just make you gain weight. you will also have the worse bathroom issues.. and once you get off of them. expect to gain SO much weight bc it screws up your metabolism.


ok for gym, i mean i suck. like im so confused. i have no idea what i'm doing half the time. i just suck. i freak out if i break a nail. i mean, i guess i say omg alot. thats just who i am. and i like it like that. i dont like sports. i never have. but everyone in gym like freaks out when i like miss the ball or something. & some people can be really mean. i mean its gym. its not like were going to some championship game.

what can i do? or say to them? (link)
tell them to fuck off. and thats its just gym.. and if they WANTED to take it seriously to go try out for a sport [if they could make it!].

hah thats actually a good/bitchy comeback:]


i've never had sex before, i haven't even made out that much, but i have an issue. i think i have genital herpes.

i've learned that genital herpes symptoms are pimply, reddish, puss-y marks in the genital area. once in a while i'll get a few gross, zitty white-head looking things near my vagina. they're itchy and sometimes pussy, and clear up usually within 2 weeks. it's been happening for about 3 years now. what IS this? please help! (link)
if you shave your vagina, then its probably just ingrown hairs.. there isnt really a need to worry. ingrown hairs are exactly what you described. red, with a puss head.. and sometimes they are irritated... just go to the gyno and see whats up. i highly doubt its herpes.

Thanks your a life saver!
How do i ask him out? (link)
well the way i did it, was i just talked to him about his past. and i told him that i wasnt like any other girl.. & that i wouldnt hurt him, i also mentioned that he was a pretty amazing guy. [they are suckers for that] then i kinda hinted that i wanted to be with him.. and it all worked out. just dont be pushy. give him time. they ARE emotional regardless of what people say. oh and if yall break up.. its going to be hell bc he'll be all attached.. but its worth it bc they are amazing guys... one of the best ive ever dated lol. okay if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.. bc i have a lot of answers on things like that!

well im 14 and for some reason i just think its totally pointless to have a relationship before you can drive. dont get me wrong i have nothing against people who do have relationships but is this like totally wrong? i feel weird cause my friends are all like OMG he is sooooooo hot! and im just like whatever doesnt matter to me (link)
no thats perfectly fine. it is kinda lame to go out with someone when neither of yall can drive [and you are way to young to be with someone who can drive] just take it slow.. seriously your a kid, all the guys will still be available.. and the 'omg so hott' guys.. might end up being ass ugly by the time yall are in high school.. it happened to A LOT of guys where im from.

well there this really sweet guy whos kinda shy, whos 18 and totally hot.
but he blazes,
and i dont really know what he expects of girls to do with him when they're together, or even just chillen.
so i asked him if hes just looking to fool around with girls or a gf, and he said neither really im just single,
now what does that mean ?
and, he always txts me saying babe and cutie and stuff :)
so idk what to do.
i dont want to come on too strong,
but i want to know lmao.
all my friends say i can get whoever i want,
but idk ! :P (link)
okay first of all, if you are 15 & under. dont bother.. if your 16+ then thats fine. if your friends say you an get anyone you want then that means your hott, right? so flirt with him, talk to him.. maybe even do stuff with him.. BUT NO SEX! dont give him that unless yall are together. you can tease him, just dont give it to him.. no matter how bad you wanna. the babe/cutie thing.. every guy does that who wants a hookup.. go ahead feel special about it.. but dont let it get to you. just flirt flirt flirt.. and talk to him. eventually he'll see that your the girl thats there with him for the time being.. and that will be when yall get together. [if you wanna speed it up then tell him you wanna be exclusive] hope that helped!

Okay i really like this guy, but i think hes emo. He talks to me and crap, but i cant imagine him dating ANYONE. I need help as to like get through that barrior. You know? Ive gotten to know him and hes really funny, people judge him, and hes misunderstood. But i cant help feel that he likes the attention of being "emo". Which he denies that he is, people just assume. So, i need help talking to him! (link)
who cares if he's "emo" my ex bf was as "emo" as they got.. and he swore up and down that he would never have another gf after what some girl did to him.. but keep talking to him/flirting.. if he's as "emo" as you are saying, then tell him your feelings. he'll understand, and if yall really are as good of friends as you claim.. then he will like you and want to be with you.. trust me if i got the most "emo" guy in my school to go out with me.. i think youll be able to do it! good luck, and feel free to ask me a question if you have one.

if you are not on birth control and you have sex with a guy wearing a condom what is the chance of getting pregnant? (link)
there is no chance of you being pregnant unless the condom broke, dont stress.. bc if you do your period will be delayed and thats when it gets scary

ok im turning 16 in may. and i want to start planning. or at least get some ideas for a party. like what me and my friends can do. im inviting like 13 people. no drinking, no drugs. and at my house. maybe a bomfire. is that stupid considering its in may?? (link)
noo way bonfires are funnn. i go to at least 2 bonfires a week during the summer. just make sure you have smores.. and if ANYONE says they are on i diet melt a marshmellow and smear it in their face... some fun things you can do at a bonfire... FIREWORKS.. just be careful bc they tend to get a little crazy.. also some kind of camping.. just if no one is into sleeping outside. then scratch that idea.. there are sooo many things you can do. hope i helped. if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

My boyfriend and I have been thinking about having sex. I told him I was going to find out any possible thing that could happen first. I was wondering how long sex generally hurts girls after. If you have any answers that would be great. Thanks. (link)
usually it hurts a lot the first time. so your bf needs to go slow. the second time it shouldnt hurt as much.. and by the third time its going to feel so good.

i have a problem, well actually two. so i need some advice asap.

one: with my skin i am prone to get ingrown hairs, VERY easily. it scars and doesn't look very appealing. i dont want this guy to get the wrong idea, its just on my bikini line though. im afraid to shave cus if i do everything ill have ingrown hairs all over down there. so i dont know what to do?!

two: i've been with a two guys before just fingering, and it was abosulutely unpleasurable. i got nothing out of it. and i want to get wiht the guy i like, but i dont want nothing to happen, again..

so if anyone has any ideas on what to do//whats wrong. please let me know.. (link)
one: i had the exact same problem as you... laser hair removal. its a miracle.

two: if you really dont want anything to happen, tell him straight up. or be honest ab the last time you did shit it sucked, so he has to be better.

ok me and my girlfiend have been dating for 5 months now so the other day me and her had sex and she was giving me head and stopped so i put my dick in her and we was getting it on well i forgot to take it out and i cumed in her and it was alot i told her like right after i did it and i told her if she got pregnant that i wud b there every step of the way i just want to know if she is pregnant or not this was writtin 10-21-2007 and we had sex 10-20-1007 also im 16 and she is 15 does that effect anything and it was alot of cum because i felt it like shoot out 4 timees while i was fucking her but she stoped and put her pants back on n stuff and we kinda talked but then we both noticed that it was a lil wet in her pants by her vagina area does that mean all the cum came out since that night her stomach been hurting and she been getting tired alot im nervous please tell me if she is pregnant or not
well right now its too late for the morning after pill. she is most likely pregnant, sorry. wait about one more week then take the pregnancy test. if its positive then you have options. go through with it and tell your parents. tell your parents, and get an abortion [best idea]. or just do the abortion yourself. there are a lot of ways to do an at home abortion, if you need to know just message me.

My boyfriend & I had sex on friday. Thing is, he didn't put on a condom at first for like maybe the first minute and then he put one on. We've had sex about 3 times before that this month, all with a condom. I have no way of getting the morning after pill because I'm 17 and all my friends that are 18 are all busy now. I know I shouldn't have waited till the last minute but I wasn't worried and now I am quite worried and panicking. Should I even bother taking it? You have to take two, one lets say I take now and the next pill 12 hours later... which would be after the timerange of the effectiveness of the pill anyway? What are the chances because I'm supposed to get my period at the end of this month?

Thanks so much. (link)
i doubt your pregnant. i do that all the time to get a guy super hard, then make it safe. its too late to take the morning after pill.. and you deff dont hafta be 18 to get the pill bc im 16 and i got it before. if your seriously freaking out about being pregnant CALM DOWN. there are so many ways to have a home abortion. one example. take 500mg of vitamin C every hour for a week or so... but dont try anything like that until you have taken a prego test. if you need anymore help just message me.

Okay. So this probably sounds really dumb or lame but I’m worried... but okay.
Me and my boyfriend went to this party, and I ended sleeping over, as did he, so we shared a bed. I stayed fully clothed, well he was just in his boxers. We were kissing alot, and eventually he was on top of me (i was still fully clothes, and he was still in his boxers)..he was pressing up against me, and I don't know he came or not. Is it possible if he did, to get pregnant? I’m suppose to get my period around tomorrow or so and my breasts feel tender and hurting, which is how I can usually tell when I get my period, but could worrying about this change when I’ll get my period, can my body play tricks?

Please help! (link)
there is no way you are pregnant, and if your period is late.. its just because your stressed.. and your stressed out bc you think your pregnant. its all one crazy circle.

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