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Yeah. I was worried about the ackwardness more than anything. Im thinkin it may just be a phase. Thanks for your advice :)

thats not it sorry

thanks... and im sorry you had to move. i definatly know how much it sucks :))

oooh good thinking

i don't quite understand but thank you anyways!!

Thank you, And im sorry that you are going through this, its very hard,may god be with you always.

Thank you so much! That's perfect! That is just perfect! Now, I can continue! Thank you!

thanks!! YA i should probably find the right blend for my eyes (grayish light blue) =) i just go with like pinks, and whites ( i like it light)

nah, it was samurai champloo, thanks though

That you so much. That was some GREAT advice. I forgot to add something in the question though.,.. lol He has liked me and I have liked him but we have not liked each other at the same time:( Although he is going skating with me at my party so hopefulyl something will work out. Although I think he may feel weird becuase he is a teen in aug. but has not gone out with anyone... and i would really like to be the first

thanks alot

thanks. my name is sumemr_is_love258963 if you wanna talk.

hey great advice i guess i was overreacting a bit lol thanks for your advice it helped alot!

hahah thanks

thanks. but yeah i already tried it with a balloon and it didn't work out.

thanks :)

Hey. thay dont call me back? thnx :)


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