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I'm sorry for the innapropriate question, but after searching I couldn't find an answer for my question. What are somethings my boyfriend and I can do for fun? He's fingered me, but unless he gets it just right it doesn't get me all excited and hot. I want to know somethings we can do to each other to turn each other on. (Not going all the way though, thanks)

Also, after he fingers me for a long time, it really starts to hurt. Is this okay? (link)
maybe you guys should start out kissing and go on

hi!my boyfriend and i have been going out for six weeks.i really like him.the problem is that we dont go to the same school and it is a 10minute drive to where he lives but i cant drive.we haven't even kissed yet we were going to but i had to mind my younger sister that day.i do want to kiss him but it is so hard to be able to meet him oh yeah it would be my first kiss im worried about the kiss aswell.
it is such a mess.he has told me he loves me i didnt say it back because i dont what im feeling now.please give me advice i really need a 13year old girl.
well do ur parents know about it if they dont then walk to where he lives if they do then do the same thing

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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