Hey, it's Kristen. I'm 17. I'm here to give you advice honestly and straight forward so ask!


(Rating: 5) Oh my gosh..thank you so much.This was the best advice i've ever gotton..
(Rating: 5) Hey-All cool names!!Amazing!Thanks for your help!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much =D.
(Rating: 5) =)
(Rating: 5) wow i thought shes the blade was by sugarcult. well ne ways thanks! i dont know what im going with yet though
(Rating: 5) thanks so much
(Rating: 5) THOSE ARE SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! :) Thanks X 2,000! lol BTW- i know this kid and his 1st name is Andrew, and his LAST name is Scott! Lol! but i<3 the name Andrew! THANKS AGAIN!
(Rating: 5) i told my best friend coz she lives close. if it happens again i'm leaving. thanks.
(Rating: 5) Thanks..good point.
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much!! That really helped, rainbowcherrie. xx
(Rating: 4) hmm, that's pretty good advice.. but.. my friend begs me not to get my parents to talk to hers because well.. that would just create more problems for her..
(Rating: 5) thnx 4 the advice!!! youre great! xoxoxo ~~~Kayla~~~
(Rating: 5) thanx this helped
(Rating: 5) i told a teacher but he just shruggs off her warning. thanks anyways
(Rating: 4) hi..i told him, he doesnt like me like that and told me that next time just to keep things like that to myself. what an ass
(Rating: 4) Thanx a bunch!!
(Rating: 5) SHOOKREN
(Rating: 5) lol thanks, yeah i was surprised buy his name, too......, lol +=)))))))))))))))0
(Rating: 5) thanks, you're amazing
(Rating: 5) thank you soooo much for that advice. i will DEFINATELY try that. thnx so much
(Rating: 5) chya! haha i love that word..chya!
(Rating: 5) lezbionic action..me and u
(Rating: 3) You seem like the type of kid that is easily aggrivated. And I'm only rude to rude people.
(Rating: 5) thanksss;)
(Rating: 5) Thanks, I'll IM u sometime!!!
(Rating: 5) thnx i guess i wont go out wit him..
(Rating: 5) Thanks sooo much!
(Rating: 5) thank you so much! is it ok if i add u to my favorites list?
(Rating: 5) tHaNk YoO sOo mUcH aNd YeA iT aCtUaLLy HeLpEd aLoT!
(Rating: 5) Lol thanks
(Rating: 5) Wow --> thank you very much for the sites.. super cool!
(Rating: 5) thanxs u soo muchh <3 !!!!!!!!!
(Rating: 5) thank u for that wonderful advice,i mean i have been keeping this a secret my whole life.except i told my three best friends, my two cousins(there boys)and one friend and also my brother.they always call me lil mo and i had nothin to say bcuz i always liked him. but all this time friends and family also the boy that is his friend always kept it a secret for me. THANKZ.

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