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IS masturbation bad??

Nah. A lot of people do that. They don't tell people cuz some people think it's gross but yeah. It's fine and normal.


how is it possible to have your period while pregnant? is it even possible at all?

It's rair but a woman can have her period throughout her entire pregnancy.


if i made out with a girl on a dare... does that make me a lesbian????

Depends, did you want to do it? Like, did you have the desire? Most girls at some point have the thought cross their mind. But if you were dared to, that doesn't make you a les. That just makes you a dare devil more or less. Lol. No harm


can sperm swim in the air and can you get pregnant from oral sex jus wonderin?

You can't get pregnant from oral sex. Once the sperm gets into your stomach, your stomach acids and such in a way rid of it. That will not make you pregnant. Sperm doesn't swim in the air. They say sperm dies when it hits air but that does not always happen. If a male had sperm on his hand or if sperm somehow got into your vagina region, if still alive, you could get pregnant. Very unlikely, but it happens.


I was reading seventeen or teen people or cosmogirl...i forget which one. anyway, they talk about not doucheing and i was wondering what that is! Thanks in advance and I'll totally rate ya high if you help me!

A douche is something women use to clean the vagina. Usually when they have a yeast infect, or after sex. It removes germs and such. Too much douching can be bad for it can rid of some of the important vagina bacterias that naturally clean your vagina. A douche has a possibly 4 inch long end, normally slender (like a tampon) and plastic bottle attached to the bottom. You insert it 3 inches in the vagina and clean it out (normally while taking a shower) with the stuff in the plastic bottle. You can find them in the area of a store where pads and tampons are found along with other hygene things of the sort, if you need more information about them. Hope I helped.


People are always saying not to do anything until you're totally and fully ready. Well, my boyfriend is ready to finger me and I want him to and i want to be ready but like..how can i become ready?

There is no way to really "become" ready. If you're comfortable with it, and he is too than do it. If you don't think you are, then don't. And it all depends on the girl and the guy. Do you want your boyfriend to cum on your hand? If not tell him, so he can tell you before he cums. If you don't mind then just let him go ahead and do it.


Everytime i talk on the phine with my boyfriend and we discuss sexual stuff, like maybe taking our relationship to the next step, i start to shake and i shake like i'm really cold, but i'm not..and even hours afterwards i keep shaking. What's going on?

I would have to say this is nerves. It probably makes you nervous which knowing this it should tell you that you aren't ready to go to the next step. It's nothing to worry about but I wouldn't try going to that next step as it seems you aren't ready.


I heard that early signs of pregnancy dont occur until after a missed period. Is this true? If not, what signs are there that you might be pregnant in the few weeks before your next period. Thanx

One sign is that you may get morning sickness. That can occur before your missed period. I heard that you find yourself eating more althouh you aren't too far along on pregnancy. Also, you may notice your breast getting sore and big, such as when you get your period. It's hard to tell. I would suggest seeing a doctor for a test or buying one of those test that can detect pregnancy a couple days before your missed period. If I were you, I'd just wait to see if I missed my period first. Good luck


me and my boyfriend have been going out for like a week now. and the other day he asked me if i wanted sex.
we r madly in love, but im not sure if its the right time in the relationship?

what should i do?
luv nicki xxxxx

Question for you. You have been dating a week and you are alread madly in love? Did you all get close and then start dating? But anywho, a week is a little early to be having sex no matter how much you love each other, ya know? I don't think it's the right time for you two. You just started dating. You have other things you could focus on besides having sex. Perhaps after a couple of months or maybe a month you could think about sex. I don't know how old you are so I can't judge among that. Just make sure YOU are ready and YOU feel comfortable about doing it. Wait until YOU feel like YOU want to. Don't jump into sex if you aren't ready to. It's only been a week afterall. I can't tell you what to do, I can only recomend.


this question pertains mostly to girls

alright f/15 here i was just wondering about how long can u masterbate without totally exploding? like for me im usually only masterbating for like 10-30 seconds and i want it to last longer!please answer back@

Alright, while you're masturbating, try not to jump right into it. Slowly start masturbating. Use fingers and clitoral stimulation. Just as you think you are about to "explode" slow down. That way you won't "explode" so quickly. If you do this you should be able to last longer. Do this until you finally want to have the "big explosion" and you'll find it more enjoyable.


Can anyone tell me the right way to shave down there? I shave down there, but after shaving I still feel hair, especially on the lips. I have a really hard time shaving the lips, is there an easier way to shave them?

Ok, first off, do not shave without anything on it. Use either soap or shaving cream. At first, shave in the direction the hair is growing so you get the big parts off. Then shave the opposite way that it grows. For the lips, shave down on your lips to get the most part of the hair off and then shave across them. That's the best I can suggest for that cause that's what I do and I have no problems. I noticed too that lips were a challenge, haha. And just a tip, put lotion on after you're done shaving.


Alright me and my ex are really close and we talk about having sex alot...I mean all the time..I feel ready and I think Im ready...I'm only 14...He is 15...I have never hasd sex before and I'm not sure if I should wait or what I should do??? I mean he doesnt push me into anything and never has and never will... Will someone give me some advice on what to do???

Welp, like many other people are going to tell you, you are a bit young to be having sex. I myself as a person am trying to wait until I am atleast 18 to take this big leap. Just because you feel ready doesn't mean you always are. You have to think: Am I physically ready? Am I mentally ready?. Ask yourself these questions over and over again to be sure. You are only 14 and he is 15. You have your whole life ahead to start worrying about the challenges of being sexually active. Why start so young?! What happens if you accidently get pregnant? Condoms and birth control do not always work. And you've never had sex. If you have sex with him you have lost your innocence better known as virginity. Are you sure this guy is someone that you can see yourself losing this to and not regretting it? What happens if you break up and such and there he is, with your virginity? Think about it.


ok my boyfriend and i had oral sex. i fell like i have betrayed everyone and now i dont know if i was ready. is this normal?

It's normal. When you do things like that in relationships it's a big step and sometimes it gets to you because that's sometimes frowned apon by people. But that was his and your decision and no one elses. That is all between him and you. No one else really needs to know. Just talk to your boyfriend about it. Perhaps you weren't ready. If you weren't.. just don't do it again, right? You'll get over it with time. Trust me. xoxo


ok so i have had my period for almost three years now and the first two were regular. But i had surgery in the begining of july and i had my period at the end of july. But after that i havent had it, its been 5 months and i know tis sounds crazy but i want it. It sso annoying not noing wen ur gonna get it. Is this normal after having surgery? if it is then y did i get it in july and not after?

You should tell your parent/guardian about it. And probably see a doctor about it. I haven't known this to be very common. Mine has been odd too.. so perhaps its mother nature being weird but I'd get assured by a doctor. xo


Is oral sex considered sex? Do you loose your virginity if you have oral sex?

Oral sex is a form of sex but if you do it you're still a virgin... but your mouth isnt. Hah


Ok, I am 14 and turning 15 in a couple of months. I have not started my period and I wear a size B bra so I'm not sure why i haven't started yet. My sister and mom started when they were 12-13 years old, is there something wrong? Thanks Alot!

Nothing is wrong yet. You still have time for that to come along. If you haven't started by the time you are 16, then you should be worried and you'll need to go to the doctor and find out what's wrong.


Ok, well, right now, i'm in 7th grade. Well, a couple of weeks ago, i got bored and well, i fingered myself...i kno pretty desprit, eh? Well, anyway, me and my boyfriend r ready to go to the next step, and he wants to finger me. Well, see the only thing that's stopping me is that I don't know if there is any transmitted disease i can get. Id there any transmitted disease i can get or can i get hurt in any kind of way?

thnx for the help>> roxy

7th grade? And you want to do this? Hah.. you're going to regret that one but that is besides the point. I wouldn't think you all would have any disease at this age. The only way you could would to be if the guy had jacked off and still had cum/sperm on his hand and it got in you. Or if he had jacked or fingered someone else who had one which is unlikely. But he would HAVE to have an std for you to get one so I don't think you have any worries. Beings you are young, your vagina isn't fully developed so fingering could hurt if he tries to put in too many. xo


'i'm being sexually harrassed by this guy i know, and so is every other girl in myclass except for two. His sexual harrassment is getting me in troubel with some of my teachers. It's cometothe point that i'm afarid to be alone with him because i'm afaird of what he'll do to me. He's grabbed by breast slappmy ass, rubbed on my crotch and other things. he's messedwith other girls in my class but he seems to dothst tome the most.Lately he's stop but i'm afarid he might start up and do it again. I tell him what he's doingis wrong but he doesn't care.Iused to think of himas my friend untill it all started.Now i don'tknow what to do.

You need to inform someone. Rather it be your parents, or people at school or the police (police would really get him in trouble though). That isn't right at all. Huge invasion of your personal space and really disrespectful towards females. For your sake and all of these other girls, you should probably tell someone of high power. Especially if this is making you so uncomfortable. That'd be best or else I don't think he's going to stop especially if you've told him so. If you don't want to get him in trouble then I don't know what to tell you. Because I don't know what you think on that standard. Something needs to be done though or nothing will happen to change this. I'd tell someone at school so all that happens is they talk to him and perhaps suspend him or something and put him on some sort of probation so he'll stop. And if after that he doesn't, perhaps you should consider reporting him to the police. That's a sexual offense... I wouldn't try and hit him or anything to make him stop. That would in a way make you seem as ignorant as him... Anywho, good luck. xo

Edit***Tell the police then sweetie. It'd be best really. They can def* do something about it if your teachers are too stupid to realize how wrong this is. :)


Ok, there is this boy I want to have sex with but I dont know what he will say, and I dont know how I should ask...I trust him, all tho me and him arent realy like best of friends or anything, I dunno, I am so comfused, what should I do and if I ask how should I ask??

Ok, if you guys aren't really best friends and such are you sure it's wise to do this? Sex isn't usually something you just do, ya know? I wouldn't really tell him if you aren't that close. It might weird him out also. How old are ya? Depending how old you are can determine if you should have sex with him. I think you really need to sit and think about if you just want to have sex with this boy because he is attractive or if you really like him. And if you do like him, perhaps you should work on becoming closer with him first. Throwing away sex like that could be regretted in this situation. I can't tell you what to do but maybe you should think about that stuff...xo:)


what is masturbating?

That's an interesting thing you have left in my inbox. Well, both males and females can masturbate. Masturbattion is something people do when they feel sexual desire but don't want to have sex. Girls often take their fingers and put them into their vagina and many other things you can look into for yourself. Guys usually put their hand around their penis and rub up and down on it. Although, there are many other ways to masturbate. Such as using toys. And no I don't mean toys you buy from the children section of Wal-mart. These type of toys are found in "adult shops". But I'll let you look into that for yourself. xo*


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