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My Mom Stole My Identity

Question Posted Thursday April 4 2013, 12:21 pm

And that's only part of it. I'm 22 years old. I'm about to finish school on my way to become a teacher. I've been very excited about my life and the direction that it's going. I was so excited that I had minimal school debt due to several scholarships that I have. The only time I've had to take out loans was for summer classes, because scholarships don't cover summer. The money I was going to start making as a teacher was for me. I was excited that I would be moving out of my house into my little apartment with my dog and just ready to begin my life.

A few years ago, my mom took my checkbook and wrote a bad check in my name. I received a phone call saying that I would be under arrest for writing those bad checks. As it turns out, at the time the check was written, I was a minor (only by a couple of weeks before turning 18). My mom admitted to the crimes, got a slap on the wrist, and was sent to the equivalent of traffic school for checks. I thought this was the last time that my mom had played with my finances.

I was on vacation this past weekend when I get a call from AT&T saying that I have delinquent account from 2011. I had to set up a payment arrangement with them. In 2011, I was on my mom's account. I didn't have a phone line of my own. I confronted her about it and she said that she isn't going to pay a dime to those annoying people. Obviously, it's going on MY credit, so I had to pay for it. I then decided that since I had no idea about this, AND it wasn't the first time either... that I needed to check my credit. So, I went to to find out she has done this SEVERAL times. It's not quite as bad as I thought it was... but it's enough to worry. She's racked up close to $3000 in debt. The only charges there that were MINE were my student loans and my little credit card for students that has a really small limit. I wanted to get a new car now that I was graduating and had a job lined up for me. I was going to rent my little apartment. These were my high hopes. I was going to save up all my extra money and travel during the summer to Europe. I have never been out of the country. I am so sad that this debt has piled up and that it's not even mine.

My parents are divorced and my dad needs to grow a pair. He is so scared of my mom and refuses to confront her about it. I'm sorry. But no divorce would stop me from having a serious talk with the other parent who about STEALING OUR CHILD'S IDENTITY. To make matters more ironic, my dad is a cop!!! He could seriously scare her by talking to her about the very serious consequences that could arise. I would take my dad seriously if he was talking about jail because of his profession. But, he's too scared of her. My grandma is WAY to passive. My grandparents live with us. But, my grandmother just asks me not to turn her in. She says that I am an adult and that I need to take care of these problems myself. That what is mine is hers and that I have no right to protect my credit from HER, because she is my mom.

The only person that could probably do something is either my grandmother or my great aunt (which is her aunt.. my grandmother's sister). She has gotten my mom out of debt multiple times. She has financed for her and co-signed several times. She is the only person that my mom listens to. Or my grandfather... because we live in his house... and if he kicks her out... she has no place to go. Maybe my aunt could talk to her.

What do I do? If I pay this all off... am I going to be held responsible? Is it going to stay on my credit report if I don't turn her in? For as angry as I am... I don't want her in prison. But, all of this needs to be paid off before December. How long will it take for my credit to improve? This can't stay on my record for 7 years. Before then, I need to get a job and this could affect me. I need to move out! There's no way I can stay here any longer. Please please please give me some advice. Thank yoiu!

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adviceman49 answered Friday April 5 2013, 11:31 am:
I believe you need to consult a lawyer. Depending on when these charges where incurred, if you were still a minor, you may not be responsible for them and any negative credit information will have to be removed from your credit report.

Even though your mother is the person who has stolen your identity she has still committed a crime. A lawyer can best advise you on what your responsibilities are and how quickly your credit scores can be repaired.

You may have to report moms stealing of your ID and take her to court to get the funds needed to settle any outstanding balances. Your lawyer can then negotiate with the creditors she incurred the debt with to voluntarily remove the bad credit information from your credit report.

I here you saying mom has no money. If you are awarded damages by the court your lawyer will seek the right to seize and sell any and all things of value owned by your mother until the award is settled. The Sheriff then goes and seizes the what property they feel is needed will bring the value needed at auction. This would include her car, jewelry and even her home.

Don't feel bad for your mom. She has broken the law, harmed you in one of the worst ways a parent can and left you holding the bag. She has only herself to blame now.

See a lawyer, file charges against mom and do what is needed to be done to correct the mess your mom made. You may also want to talk to Social Security about a new Social Security number so mom cannot do this again. This is something your lawyer might be able to help with also. Most importantly is to see a lawyer and do whatever he/she advices.

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