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Why do a lot of white people hate immigrants coming into their countries?

Question Posted Tuesday May 29 2012, 12:51 pm

1. Immigrants coming into their country illegally

Was it right for white people in the past to claim ownership of land from Native Americans, Africans, Australian Aborgines, Indians, etc? If you're white and live in the Americas, Australia, or any other colonized country, do you see that as okay, as those other groups didn't have immigration laws, even though land was forcefully taken away from them? Even if you live in Europe, many European countries benefited from their colonies, so it has affected you positively.

Also, what made Europeans move out of Europe in the first place? In a country like America, many Europeans came who were facing persecution in Europe, to pursue a better life. If you can be sympathetic to that, why can't you be sympathetic to Mexicans coming here, because their life is so horrible in Mexico they have to resort to coming here illegally, because it takes too long and/or is too expensive for them to get a visa/citizenship, and they want to make a better life for themselves and their children? We don't hear about Canadians coming here illegally, and that is because Canada's economy is much better. Don't hate the immigrants, hate what led them to make that decision, Mexico being in a wreck. It doesn't matter how hard we try to secure the border, it will just make people more inventive. It's similar to the drug war, and the prohibition = failures. with such a huge demand for something, no matter how much work is done to stop it, it will still happen. Instead of wasting all this money on the border, we should be trying to fix Mexico if we truly care about illegal immigrants in America. It's also important to America because it's right next to us, not far away, across the Atlantic. Improve Mexico, and America gets directly improved

2. Immigrants come and don't try to learn to speak the official language

Did Europeans try to learn the languages of the places they colonized, or did they continue speaking their European languages that were natural to them? Why is English Nigeria's national language? Why is Portuguese Brazil's national language? Why does most of South America in general speak Spanish, when Native American languages were original? Why isn't the Australian national language an Aboriginal language?

3. Immigrants don't try to join our culture, they just stick with theirs

Is it wrong for white South Africans to still be influenced by European culture, even though that's how they were brought up? No. People often move to different countries for economic purposes, not because they want to completely abandon everything about the way they lived in the past, essentially, their very nature. And as long as you have a marketable skill, you will be successful, whether you adopt the culture of the nation you live in or not. In America, that is called freedom of choice, and if you're proud to be an American, you respect one of America's founding ideals. If someone only chooses to know Spanish and can't find a job because of it, that is their choice. But at the same time, there are people who want to learn English but can't afford it, but come to America anyways, because they still want to find a way to put food on the table

4.They choose come here, and yet complain about the country

Maybe because as a whole, minorities don't get the same benefits that people of the majority get. The law may say so, but in reality there is still a lot of inequality in this world. Why should they, or anyone else, be okay with that? And, using America as an example again, since when is it un American to complain about the status quo? America was founded by people who hated the status quo, and wanted to separate from England. The American ideal is to pursue a more perfect union, even if it means breaking the status quo. It's one of the reasons why America has so many entrepreneurs, so many inventors patenting their original ideas. The only way to make a more perfect union is by challenging the status quo

5. I hate race mixing. I think everyone should only mate with others with similar physical characteristics

Good for you. Marry whomever you want. But don't impose that on others, that is called fascism. Again, if you're an American, you should value individuals' rights to having the freedom of choice. If it's very important for you to have children with specifically blonde hair and blue eyes, then go have them. But don't criticize other people for not having the same viewpoint, for loving their spouse and children no matter what they look like. At the end of the day, we're all just humans. The Human Genome Project, the largest study of DNA ever conducted, says that different races, like white, black, etc. scientically don't exist; they're just social terms. Freedom of choice means you support other people living happy lives. Even though I personally think that people shouldn't consider skin tone when choosing their mate, that doesn't mean I think someone should get criticized for specifically choosing to only marry someone else with the same skin tone. That is their choice. It's only a problem when they try to impose what they view as an "ideal mate" to others, and try to take away their freedoms, because of their superficial fears that certain physical characteristics will die out. there are children of all colors dying everyday, and yet your worried about something so trivial, so shallow? seriously?

IN CONCLUSION, why should white people expect new immigrants to do things that their ancestors didn't? Why do they even get mad that other people want to move to their country, when their ancestors thought it would be better to immigrate to a different country as well? Even if they didn't and you still live in Europe, there's a good chance your country has benefited from colonization. So unless you think colonization as a whole was wrong, and think white people shouldn't have moved to the Americas, Australia, etc. in the past, you can't truly say you hate immigration. Heck, technically, nobody can even say they hate immigration unless they and all of their ancestors have lived in the same place since the beginning of human existence. THIS IS NOBODY. Unless they hate this aspect of humans, and want to return back to their true homeland, wherever humans first originated in Africa.

We should work to fix immigration problem issues at their root causes. Don't hate immigrants as a whole, or you're hating a part of yourself, cause everyone's ancestors traveled at one point and did bad things at some point or another, because we're humans

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TheLonelySoul answered Thursday May 31 2012, 2:31 am:
In current reality it's not only whites who tend to hate immigrants. Many colored Americans (Whose families have been here for generations) also hate immigrants, this is a fact. But the white man is the reason why a Native american continent is filled with non native Americans. Many hate immigrants because they hate the truth that the immigrant is usually a lot less lazy than the citizen. It's racism, in history, we learn about Hitler and Stalin & others who were behind the killing of about 40 million other Europeans. But they don't mention the fact that Europeans, over time, eliminated over 60 million natives throughout the Americas. I think that a lot of the hatred has to do with lack of education and the way their raised. I go to a ghetto school, but my history teachers were really great, they changed the way I saw things. My history teacher hates the history textbooks. Like religion, they technically have a choice, but are forced to think that way at a young age.

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NinjaNeer answered Tuesday May 29 2012, 11:22 pm:
Ooh, interesting one!

1. Immigrants coming into their country illegally

Well, it's really hard to make a comparison between the conquering of a nation in the 1700s and illegally entering a country today. Different laws, different societies. It's not just white people who have conquered other races... leaders of every race have been guilty of leading movements to conquer others for thousands of years.

As for Mexicans entering America illegally, technically, it's every bit as illegal for an American to forcibly enter Canada without presenting their ID at the border. That's the problem that people have... it's the idea that people are coming into the country and getting (some of) the benefits of citizenship, like schooling for their children and the like, without any of the responsibilities that citizenship entails. It's also a slap in the face to refugees, who do make the move from a bad place to a better place legally, and legal immigrants too.

Yes, it sucks that they live in a bad country, and the best thing would be to help with the situation in Mexico. Unfortunately, the US is having some serious problems on home turf, and they really need to sort that out first. There's no helping other countries when your own citizens are suffering from terrible conditions.

2. Immigrants come and don't try to learn to speak the official language

Again, the difference between immigration today and conquering of a nation. Immigration implies that you're willingly joining a new country with the goal of being a citizen. When hordes of Europeans swarmed North America, they didn't exactly do it with the idea of peaceful unity in mind. It was all about ownership. Not saying it was a good thing, but just because it was done back then doesn't mean it should be done now... racial segregation was considered perfectly okay and legal in some states as recently as 50 years ago, right? Doesn't mean it's okay today! Unfortunately, the conquering European nations had a nasty habit of not considering the aboriginal people they encountered as human beings, let alone equals. Hopefully nobody's entering the US thinking that today.

I'm guilty of being offended when people don't learn one of the national languages when they come to Canada. Hey, if they make a reasonable effort to speak a little, or if they're brand spankin' new here, I'll give them full credit. If they speak French but not English, no biggie. I can make do, even though I don't live in Quebec. But there are areas in large urban centres where people don't speak either language. That bugs me. If our country is so fantastic that you want to live here, should you not try to make it so that you can communicate with your fellow citizens? We don't demand that you give up your culture, we just ask that you try to pick up a little of ours. Makes sense, right? So that's why people get angry when immigrants don't speak any English.

3. Immigrants don't try to join our culture, they just stick with theirs

That's a tricky one. I'm answering this one from an outsider's perspective here, so give me the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever heard of the phrase "melting pot" with regards to American culture? Since the beginning of the country, the US has valued a sort of cultural blend. The ideal is that no matter where you're from, how you were raised or whatever, you are now an American. So to see someone who totally rejects American culture, but wants the benefits of being an American is kind of annoying.

That's where I really appreciate the cultural mix here. Rather than a melting pot, Canada prides itself on being a cultural mosaic. Instead of one homogeneous blend, we're made up of tons of tiny bits of other cultures. Everyone preserves their own cultural heritage while simultaneously being a part of a bigger picture as Canadians. It's pretty cool :)

4.They choose come here, and yet complain about the country

Yeah, I don't get this complaint either. How many Americans complain about their country? How many hate their president or his policies? How many threatened to leave the country (but didn't) when Bush was re-elected? The great thing about living in a country that's free is that you have the freedom to dislike things about it. You have the right to challenge authority and make waves without fear of being repressed. It's one of those weird things where it's a fundamental American right protected by the constitution, but a lot of Americans resent it when their fellow countrymen take advantage of that. Makes no sense to me.

5. I hate race mixing. I think everyone should only mate with others with similar physical characteristics

Also absurd. I don't get why anyone shouldn't be able to marry anyone they like, so long as nobody gets hurt. People are people, no matter what colour. That goes for sexual orientation as well. I really can't fathom that people are struggling to accept gay marriage at this point in time, just like only 50 years ago they were protesting interracial marriage becoming legal. To be against anyone making a lifelong commitment to love and cherish someone else is ridiculous.

In conclusion?

We expect PEOPLE (not just immigrants) to do things that our ancestors didn't do because we've progressed as a society. Lots of things went on in the past that weren't good, but got us to where we are now. How many revolutionary inventions came from war? I live where I do because of a long chain of events. My ancestors didn't colonize Canada, they migrated here about a hundred years ago from Europe. I live here because the French and the English had the nation-conquering bug, treated some people terribly, and planted their feet. Then they fought each other continuously and brutally. Then my ancestors decided that a better life was awaiting them in Canada. Do I condone bloody civil war and mistreatment of aboriginal people? Of course not. So even though I did benefit from actions that would be inappropriate by today's standards, I have to judge the actions of others by today's standards.

I can't stand when people go hating on immigrants. It is trashy and ignorant. The problem comes when people fail to separate the problems associated with illegal immigrants from the legal ones. Jobs are taken, yes, but they're awful jobs where the workers don't get the protection of minimum wage and working standards because of their status as illegals. Especially in this climate, where many will take whatever job they can, that stings for a lot of people. As for legal immigrants, if they get a job over a born citizen it just means they're more qualified for the position. Fair game as far as I'm concerned, and nothing that anyone can grumble about. Illegal immigrants are using community resources that are taxpayer-funded, like schools, etc. There are legal immigrants who pay taxes and born Americans who don't! Thing is, being a citizen gets you the right to those services.

What it boils down to is racism. You're talking about people who are racist, and that is wrong. We pretty much established that 50+ years back. Thing is, there are always going to be intolerant bigots out there. There are people who think that women belong in the home, and that when we work we're taking away jobs from men. There are people who think that atheists are raging psychopaths who must be stopped at all costs. You name the prejudice, someone adheres to it. The only thing we can do about it is to continue to educate ourselves and future generations. Unfortunately, you can't teach out ingrained hatred. It's not based on logic or reason. The best we can hope is that our children, and their children after them learn that hate isn't okay.

As for fixing immigration issues, I sort of touched on that earlier. It would be great if every first world country could bring every other country up to speed. We just don't have the resources to help any but the worst cases, and then only when the country asks for assistance. It sounds easier than it is to fix the problems that Mexico is facing right now. Corrupt officials, poverty, drug cartel armies, those aren't easy to deal with. It's just easier for the moment to defend the border and hold on for a while.

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