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bf tkes forever to cum- perferablly guys only

Question Posted Wednesday April 25 2012, 5:43 pm

Okie this is really embrassing but how do u make a guy cme faster when we have sex my bf tkes like 20 min to cum which idk but i havent got him to cum when i give him a blowjob i mean after a while my neck and mouth hurt and i want to make him cum faster how i have tried nibbling using my teeth putting ice in my mouth nothing worked i need help fast!!!

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Daniel779 answered Thursday February 28 2013, 3:24 am:
Ok girls here is the big secret to not only helping your guy cum but owning him.

Just think abou the dynamics in his life. The dynamics in your relationship and make a list of all his possible kinks then check them off one by one.

I had a mate who would melt as soon as his GF put her hair in pony tails. Sometimes she would walk around the house making a whole production of it - walking around in a towel and talking about puting her hair up and calling her freinds and asking them about hair. he would blow very quickly.

Remeber hiskink may change from time to time. And it will turn him on if he is thinking he is filling your kink too. I had a GF who used to complain that i did not 'honey her up' I took about two years to figure this out she ment; Such up to me, ask me for sex, beg me for sex then ''take her'' ''against her will''. She wanted me to ''force'' her and she wanted me to ''force her'' to talk about it. It wasn't really my thing but it made me hot to think that I was meating her needs.

You probaly know if he is a talking / feeling or looking guy. for example if he is a looking / visual person take a picture of your lips and send it to him with a cheekyk text. Send it as soon as he gets to work so he is thinking about it all day.

I call this stuff ''brand management''. Manage your brand girls.

Be a bit outragouse. What guy does not want to get the following message ''I am talking to the girl at the lingere shop about if she wants to join us in a three some I have to get back to you. just going to try somthing on :)'' That is how you get a guy ''pre loaded''.

Tell him a story ( it is OK to make it up) sometimes when I am not really in the mood my GF tells me about her first time (which is actually a really sweet story) but she tells me about how she FELT with this older guy and his cock being so bigg and it was her first time and she was so sweet and........... point is tell a story.

Last but not least is he on drugs?? he might be taking a quick somthing to last so long to try to please you..

[ Daniel779's advice column | Ask Daniel779 A Question

Juana002 answered Thursday April 26 2012, 3:43 am:
Hi i have experienced this problem with my bf. SPICE UP YOUR SEX ROUTINE! Blow jobs ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THAT GETS GUYS TO EJACULATE! There are lots of things that would get the guy to ejaculate faster such as:
-WATCHING PORN DURING SEX. This puts him in competition with the male on the screen in which he races to the finish line.
-VIDEO RECORD SEX WITH HIM. Im not telling you to make a porno and you don't have to show it to no one. Recording sex somehow makes a guy want to perform his best.
-ROLE-PLAY. Try dressing up and playing out his fantasy.
-HOW WELL IS YOUR BLOW JOB TECHNIQUES? Sometimes it's best to step outside the book with this. At first my guy would take forever to ejaculate becuase he hated my blow job service becuase i would'nt let him have fun with it i refused to let him ejaculate in my mouth,face,hair etc, but now that i do he gets so excited and just squirts it out at me.Just try to explore new tricks with this.
-LET HIM HAVE CONTROL. Men reach their peak when they starting to feel that they are the master of that pussy! if you just throw it at him and let him have it it would really make a difference.
-FAKING ORGASMS! If you moan, scream,yell more it would make a difference men love to hear us moan! This lets them know they are doing their job!

[ Juana002's advice column | Ask Juana002 A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Wednesday April 25 2012, 9:40 pm:
Do you know if he's on any kind of medication for an illness of any severity? A lot of medications carry sexual side-effects making it harder for climax. Also, certain illnesses like diabetes for instance can cause it. If this appears to be why have him talk to a doctor.

The other thing is nerves and fear be it irrational or not associated with the act itself. In some cases it could be certain positions even that make it difficult for him. Whatever you do stick in there with him as it's not his fault.

We can't give anything bordering on technique or how-to for obvious reasons but if you know how to seek out answers there are different things you can do that don't result in the jaw pain you mentioned.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

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