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Suicide: someone please help me!

Question Posted Sunday April 22 2012, 8:32 am

Hi im a 23 year old guy, I used to be life and soul of the party, always out, always one of the jokers of the pack etc. The last 3 or 4 years things have been slowly going down hill, sometime i work like 15 hours a day, and dont get overtime for it but i do it to help out family, im currently off work due to depression, and im really scared i wont be able to provide for my fiance and 6 month old son. Things are really bad for me at the moment, and I feel so useless and worthless, I dont even like being around people anymore, and am a compete mess, twice this week ive picked up a knife and gone to slice my wrists and bottled it at the last minute, I have coucelling in the next few weeks, but if that doesn't work then I dont think ill be able to get through this, someone please help me

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alexisgirlie answered Friday May 18 2012, 12:21 am:
First of all I really admire you strength, and your ability to overcome your urges to harm yourself. That takes a lot of courage. You are in a really awful situation right now, and there is a way to overcome the unbearable despair. I strongly urge you to go see a psychiatrist. You won't believe how the right medication can change you completely from feeling suicidal to feeling happy again and enjoying life. Therapy is also a big factor in healing. I know it as a fact, because those things saved my life many times over. You were born with the strength to survive this, so I know you will. You're life sucks right now, but remember that it's temporary. One day this awful predicament will be over, and aside from feeling happy again, you'll also be a better daddy to your son. You owe to yourself to get the right treatment. As for the feelings of worthlessness, that's a big part of depression, and can be combatted as well. Start working on your self esteem by writing a list of 10 good things about yourself. It may sound foolish, but it really helps! Write a separate list of reasons you need to take care of yourself, and read it whenever you feel down. Writing poems and songs about your feelings really helps as well, or simply take some time out. Try to laugh often, push yourself to get out of the house, and listen to your favorite songs. Remember that there are so many dreams you still need to pursue, and you're not ever going to give up on yourself or your dreams. Constantly repeat in your mind that when it comes to battling challenges, you're a natural, and whenever any negative or despairing thoughts come to your mind, tell those thoughts that they have no place in your brain. You're a fighter, and taken from the way you phrased your question, there's no doubt in my mind that you're going to emerge triumphant! Always believe in yourself, your uniqueness, and your ability to make this world a more beautiful place just by being here! Good luck :)

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xkatiex answered Tuesday April 24 2012, 9:02 pm:
You need to see someone now to get yourself sorted out. I have experienced feelings of depression and contemplated suicide a few times myself and looking back, im so glad i didnt. You WILL come through this and you will look back and be grateful that you got help. Take things one day at a time and remember that this is only temporary. There is currently a chemical imbalance in your brain and you will most likely need to be medicated for a period of time. Your son needs a father. My father took his own like when i was 10 years old and i feel like i have been robbed of so many experiences. My children will never know their grandfather, and i wont have him be at my wedding all because he wouldnt wait for help... this is something that can be fixed.

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NinjaNeer answered Sunday April 22 2012, 11:21 pm:
Wait it out. See your counselor. See what they have to say. I know this feels like forever, but things can and do turn around.

Those feelings of being useless and not wanting to be around people? They're caused by your depression. They aren't you. You are still the life and soul of the party, you're just sort of hidden for now. Counselling will help you to bring yourself out from hibernation.

Don't expect counselling to work overnight. It might take some time. It might not be all that you need. Be open to taking medication that's prescribed to you. If you are prescribed antidepressants, know that they do take up to a few months to really kick in, but once they do you might not need to be on them forever.

The best advice I can give you is to try to force yourself into a routine. Goodness knows that the first thing I want to do when I'm in a depressive phase is to sit around in my underpants on the couch playing Mass Effect and eating Ben and Jerry's. Something valuable I was taught during my counselling is that I need to maintain a schedule. Set an alarm and get out of bed every day at the same time, so you don't spend the whole day in bed. Get at least an hour of exercise a day, because it's proven to help lift your mood. Eat healthy and at regular times. Celebrate the little things you accomplish, like showering or weeding the garden. Force yourself out of the house every day, even just to do some grocery shopping. Things like that will help you get back on track.

Your fiancee and your little guy need you. They'll still be there for you when you get out of the fog. If anything was to happen to you, they'd be missing you forever. Take comfort in that, because not everybody has someone to miss them. And you always have us on Advicenators :)

Lots of people go through this in their lifetime. You will make it through too!

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