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Does baking soda really help get rid of acne and acne scars?

Question Posted Tuesday August 23 2011, 10:35 pm

Its burned the hell out of my face , my face was throbbing but I heard it helps with acne. It made my face a little red, but I heard that happens sometimes. Does it get rid of scars and acne?

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solidadvice4teens answered Tuesday August 23 2011, 11:48 pm:
I'm reasonably sure it won't do a thing for severe acne and scars and nor will anything bought on TV or over the counter.

Despite never hearing about this baking soda remedy I know for a fact nothing will work on severe acne or scars but strong medication and a visit from a dermatologist who will prescribe it for your face. That works to eat away what clogs your pores and results in severe acne.

Anything else won't due the trick on severe acne because there won't be anything prescription strength in it. A dermatologist will know exactly what to do about the scars as skin problems like that and more severe are all they deal with.

I would cease this baking soda thing all together. If something burns your face, makes it that red than it goes without saying to never do that again. If that's what happens than definitely stop. Your causing harm to yourself by continuing it.

There's a lot of myths and remedies about acne that don't work and are BS in some cases. While I've never heard the baking soda remedy before I think judging from the state of your face after doing it that it's a bad idea and doesn't do anything but make your face blood raw. See a dermatologist it will greatly help.

You might need to have your family doctor set up appointment with one for you because they are specialists with tons of patients as you can imagine. In fact, some family doctors might even have sample prescription acne creams on hand to try or in some cases might be able to prescribe that to you themselves but can't handle the scars and other skin problems you mentioned if severe enough that requires a specialist as mentioned above.

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Katlyn answered Tuesday August 23 2011, 11:32 pm:
I dont know where you heard that but its not true baking soda is an acid and just like any other acid it will ruin your skin not help it i suggest you put some ice on your face for now and hopefully you havent done to much damage the truth is you cant actually get rid of acne scaring any product that says otherwise is just a fake any product made out there for acne scaring is just going to make the scars less visiable but not going to help them go away never try anything on your skin without doing full research on it first or consulting a doctor because you could seriously ruin your skin.

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