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Target Weight? Is it reasonable? Need Advice!

Question Posted Saturday April 23 2011, 3:27 am

I am about 123 pounds and hate my weight. I eat less than my friends and am partially anorexic but do eat enough to fill me usually. I want to be about 100 or 90 pounds like all my other friends. Plz dont give advice like 'you shouldnt worry about stuff like this' or any crap like that because it's obviously important to me. It has nothing to do with height either because I'm one of the shortest. So...please help???

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adviceman49 answered Saturday April 23 2011, 9:33 am:
Hi, I'm old enough to be your grandfather; hopefully the wisdom that comes with age and life experiences will be helpful.

There is some information missing before any of us can advise if your target weight is reasonable. Your height is important, as is your skeletal frame. Are you athletic? If so you are going to weigh more than a girl of you your same height and frame; for the simple fact that muscle weighs more than fat. Even the size of your breast will have an effect on your weight. If you have big breast and your friends have smaller breasts you will weigh more. Your age is also a factor.

My wife under went a mastectomy and we were both amazed at her before and after weight difference. They only took the breast and not the muscle and still her C cup breast weighed almost 4 pounds.

You have not supplied enough information for me or anyone else to say if you are overweight or underweight. There is someone who can tell you immediately if you are either of these and can offer you immediate help.

This person is your family doctor. If you are overweight and need to diet you should do so under a doctors supervision. If you are underweight and need to gain weight this too should be done under a doctors supervision. You can also enlist the help of a dietitian to help with meal planning and what foods to eat.

Anorexia is not a diet plan; being anorexic can only harm you by depriving your body of the needed nutrients to stay in balance. By not getting the proper nutrients your body's electrolytes get out of balance and you start to suffer organ failure to the point you can die. The same is true of bulimia.

My recommendation: See your doctor, find out where on the weight scale you fall. No two people are alike. Your lifestyle and body make up determine your weight. If you are a dancer or athletic say a gymnast or swimmer, you are going to have more muscle weight than your friends that lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

Your family doctor is truly the only person who can tell you what your target weight is and help you get there and maintain it.

A little grandfatherly advise; don't worry about how other people look or what they say or do. There is only one person in this world that you have to be better than. That person is you. If you can be a better person tomorrow than you are today you will have succeeded where most people have failed.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

NinjaNeer answered Saturday April 23 2011, 7:49 am:
You don't mention your age or height, so we can't tell you what's healthy. 123 lbs may be unhealthy for someone who's 4'6", but would be too little for someone who is 6'3".

I can tell you that all women are different, especially in the teen years. Depending on your build, when you 'blossom' and other factors, you may weigh a lot more than your friends.

I had a friend in high school who weighed about 100 lbs and was the same height as me and a size 00. I weighed 180 and was a size 10. I also had great abs and could lift a 200 lb man with little effort. Both of us were healthy in our own ways. I am naturally stocky and voluptuous, and was training intensely for karate at the time. She had the metabolism of a hummingbird, the build of Kate Moss and absolutely no muscle whatsoever.

Talk to your doctor. They'll be able to help you figure out what your goal weight should be. I know skin-and-bones is the look, but it's not worth forgoing the better things in life like having a healthy mind and developing to your full extent in order to have that look.

Rock whatever you have, and most importantly be healthy! Eat little junk food. Make sure you're following the proper nutritional guidelines. Tons of fruits and veggies, drink water instead of pop or juice, and stay off the drugs and booze. Exercise. Being a couple pounds higher than you'd like, but fit and healthy is better than being thin and unhealthy.

[ NinjaNeer's advice column | Ask NinjaNeer A Question

bewise answered Saturday April 23 2011, 5:40 am:
Hi, I live overseas, so we do weight in kilograms, so I am unsure about the pounds thing, and if it is reasonable.

I do think that you should see a doctor and try to see a dietician too, as it seems odd that you would be heavier than your friends if you eat so little.

One thing I do know is that when you eat only a little, you body holds onto it, and doesn't burn it off. It does this as it doesn't have a reliable regular intake of food to depend upon. If you check out you will find great recipes and interesting articles. You may even find the one that I got this information out of. It is a New Zealand Publication, and they have just started publishing it in Australia as well. Very reputable with everyone who is on the staff being trained dieticians/nutricianists/scientists, etc.
The recipes are delicious and they meet all their stict standards for low sodium, low fat, etc.

It is worth eating a balanced meal 3 times a day, and healthy snacks of a reasonable size 2-3 times a day as well.

Two other things to consider: Your metabolism. This is the thing within your body that 'decides' how fast to process your food, etc. Both of my parents have fast metabolisms. They are both skinny, yet can eat a truck load. My brother and I are both the same. You may have a different metabolism to your friends.

Your food intake needs to be a good size, and so does your exercise!

Eating less will give your body less energy, and trick your body into holding onto the food, instead of processing it.

Eating good size meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced will ensure you are healthy, and will give you energy to exercise. The exersize needs to be regular and needs to get your heart beating fast. When your 'output' is more than your 'input' you start to lose weight. But don't be silly about this. A healthy amount is 30 minutes a day about 4 or 5 times a week. And something like a fast walk will do the trick.
Start out small, maybe 15 min walks for a fortnight, and then up to 20 min, then 25 min, etc.

And drink plenty of water!
You need good sized balanced meals and exercise for this to work. Too much of one and not the other will be counterproductive and can actually harm you.

And definately recommend talking to the doctor first. He/she should be able to answer any questions regarding your metabolism and check for anything odd that could be causing your weight, like kidney issues

I hope this helps! If you would like to contact me again, please go to my page and 'ask bewise a question'.

[ bewise's advice column | Ask bewise A Question

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