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Can a doctor figure out if somebody masturbates?

Question Posted Thursday January 6 2011, 4:46 pm

I'm 14/f and I masturbate a few times every week (like IDK 3 or 4 times). Well, I noticed a weird smell from my vagina and told my mom and so she made me an appointment with a doctor to get things looked at. My mom doesn't know I finger myself. Will the doctor be able to tell that I do that? I won't give you TMI but I will say that I know I made myself bigger down there from doing it. So, will the doctor say something to my mom IF he can find out I masturbate? And what do I say to my mom if he tells on me?

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julie75 answered Friday January 7 2011, 11:34 am:
Whatever you say is between you and the doc. The only thing he will ask. is if you're sexually active and you can just say no. Even if he happens to ask if you've masturbated, you can fib a little and say only a few times. I've never had my gyno ask me about masturbation before so I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. Hope this helps and food luck.

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solidadvice4teens answered Thursday January 6 2011, 5:12 pm:
He legally cannot give any medical information about you to anyone including your mother. The only time they can with a minor or someone else is when that person A) can't speak for themselves or make decisions and B) are in crisis or endangered.

The doctor really doesn't care if you masturbate or not. He/she won't judge you as most of his/her clients do it frequently and it's viewed as normal. Nothing to be embarrassed over. They can't tell unless you say something about it and even if they did they wouldn't care and can't tell on you.

Your mom's no fool and even though she may never have told you anything about the subject or asked about it she knows it's universal with both sexes your age and probably suspects it and won't care as much as you think.

You have to be brutally honest with this doctor about your sexual history but seeing as you are a virgin all's fine. They'll do their routine exam and treat your infection and that's all. They aren't concerned with masturbation but rather with any infections, STD or reproductive issues, or sexual history.

Even if he/she knew you did this and told mom which they certainly won't it's not a big deal as she knows the bulk of people your age do it and that adults do it as well. She was your age once and probably dealt with the same issue. It's not a problem and you would see that if it's ever discussed. Best to relax.

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