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What are the fastest and quickest ways to commit suicide at home?

Question Posted Saturday October 23 2010, 12:35 am

Nobody understands me. Nobody understands how it feels to be all alone like I am. Nobody understands how it feels to feel so lost all of the time. Nobody understands how it feels when nobody cares or loves you. Nobody ever listens to me when I tell them these things and I feel like I'm such a hopeless cause in the world and like I'm just taking up space. I'm not happy. I don't fit in with anyone.

I don't want to live any more and have decided to kill myself. I want to commit suicide soon. What are the quickest ways to commit suicide? Preferably I want to do this at home for ease.

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blackbutler666 answered Saturday October 23 2010, 7:27 pm:
Don't even waste your time trying. Suicide is pointless and the only place it'll get you is in the ground, which trust me, isn't all that fun. More people will step on you that way.
Yea, I know life is tough. Everyone may think it once or twice before realizing how WRONG it is. Don't do it. I know life seems terrible, not worth living, but it is. Do as much as you can, make your dreams come true so your life is blossoming. I know things are hard and you just wanna give up, fall down under the feet of trouble, but you need to get back up.
Never say someone doesn't care about you because somewhere out there, there IS someone who cares about you and would be devestated if you left this world in such a manner. Would you really be so selfish as to torment them, as well as yourself? If you want someone to listen to you, make them listen. Sometimes you need to get a little aggressive. If you want someone to chat it up with, go ahead and use my email! I'll gladly listen to anything you have to say. It's best to reach me at I'm ALWAYS online, every day.

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LisaSavage answered Saturday October 23 2010, 11:55 am:
i no how you feel i have been throu the same thing as you i hade no one who would isten to me or even give me a bit of time till i met my bf i wasnt used to it he was ther for me. i dont know how old you are or anythink but i am shure life will start to improve for you and you will find somebody who cares for you, you just have to give it time and life will start to get better i remeber when i whanted to kill myself i was so deprest and nothiing seemd to help me so i now what you meen and i feel for you ther is people you will meet in your life that will help you and get yoou throu your problems, just take a step back think about somethink that you could do to get you throu this time. it will get better belive me.
best of luck x :)

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bigunored1 answered Saturday October 23 2010, 9:02 am:
Hey !!!!!
Life sometimes sucks for everyone ! Look at me for instance I had a controling father who always thought the worst of me he bused to beat me grab my hair and bang my head on the counter if I ddnt get a math qestion rght on my homework .my family disowend me . My ex wife told lies about me took my daughter away from me who I haven't see in 10 years .I work 2 crapy jobs just to make ends meet but guess what life goes on ! And iv been there n your shoes where I wanted to just give up on life .but I asked this one question .s realy worth it .I don't think I want to burn in hell cause my life sucks .NO I try to finde happyness somewhere .you see life isn't fair but you just got to keep moving forward .people do care at least some do .and for what its worth .I care my friend .don't do it!!!

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venesaw10 answered Saturday October 23 2010, 8:21 am:

Everybody goes through a stage, where they don't want to live anymore. Life isn't always smooth all the time you'll will definately have some cross roads. Suicide isn't the answer. Maybe you have a void in your life, that needs to be filled. I would suggest you talking to someone, please don't tell the person that you don't fit in or nobody understands you. Everybody is different before people are friends they don't know anything about anybody so its a growing process.

Take it easy.

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