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How do I cover up bad skin with makeup!

Question Posted Friday October 22 2010, 2:36 am

I have bad skin and i wanna wear make up to cover the bad parts but i dont kno what kind i should use! They said that its a certain kind that helps clear your skin also but i dont kno what its called! thanks lol

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xokristabelle answered Friday October 22 2010, 5:43 pm:
Mineral makeup is what you're looking for. It's good for your skin and looks a lot more natural than regular foundation.

What brand you get really depends on how much you want to spend.

For around 30 bucks (keep in mind that it will last you forever), you can get Bare Escentuals. It's available at Sephora, Ulta, and Bare Escentuals stores, of course. It's the best stuff out there.

For around 13 bucks, you can get L'oreal Bare Naturale. If you don't have a lot of makeup experience, I wouldn't recommend this product- it can be hard to blend.
For 8 bucks, there's Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation. They also make a liquid if you're more comfortable with that (harder to apply, though.)

Here's how to get perfect-looking skin:
Begin with freshly cleansed, toned, and moisturized skin. Make sure to exfoliate once a week to avoid dry patches, which can make makeup look bad.
- It's always good to start with a primer, to make sure that your makeup looks smooth, natural, and stays on all day. I like Bare Escentuals' primer, especially the one for oily skin- however, if that's not really in your price range, try Palladio. (Available at Ulta)
- Next, you'll want to apply the powder mineral foundation. Most of them come in a pot with a sifter. Tap some (start with a tiny amount, you can always add more) into the cap.
Now, use a kabuki brush (Bare Escentuals makes my favorite- try Revlon or L'oreal makeup brushes for a cheaper option). Swirl the brush in the powder, then tap the side to remove the excess.
Apply all over your face, using a gentle, circular buffing motion.
You are not going to see a huge difference when you look in the mirror. Mineral makeup subtly makes your skin look better, natural, and more glowing. So be careful not to overapply, it will look cakey and gross if you do!

If you find that foundation alone doesn't cover everything::
Next, you'll want to conceal individual blemishes.
Your best option for this is using a stick concealer.
I love the super cheap one that Maybelline makes. Another option, also made by Maybelline, looks like an eyeliner pencil. It has precision application and has acne medication to heal your blemish as it conceals.
When I apply my concealer, I use 3 brushes. You don't necessarily have to do this, you'll find what works best for you as you use it.
I start with Bare Escentuals' large concealer brush. I use a liquid concealer (Maybelline's Mineral Power) on this to conceal large areas, like undereye circles and redness under my nose or on my chin.
Next, I take a smaller concealer brush (the one I use is actually a L'oreal HIP eyeshadow brush, with super stiff bristles) and stick concealer. I cover areas of redness, again under the nose, chin, red spots that aren't tiny.
Now, I use a tiny precision concealer brush for individual blemishes. This brush is great because it gets concealer right on it and not all around it.

The most important final step, whether you use concealer or not, is to set it with a translucent powder. I love L'oreal's Bare Naturale (sometimes called True Match Naturale) translucent powder. Nearly every brand sells it. Use a large powder brush all over your face.

If you want more help, please let me know- I love makeup!
- Krista, 19/f

[ xokristabelle's advice column | Ask xokristabelle A Question

Melody answered Friday October 22 2010, 5:34 pm:
Makeup can only cover up so much. It isn't meant to hide acne, it is meant to even out your skin tone and occasionally hide blemishes. You can use concealer to hide troublesome pimples, but when your entire face is broken out, a lot of the time wearing foundation makes it worse and draws more attention to the problem.

There are types of foundation you can buy that have ingredients in them to help fight acne, however you would be much better off getting a skin cleansing regimen.

There are three key steps to cleaning your face. You need a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. Try Proactiv, the Clinique system, or any other set you think might work for you. If nothing helps, you need to see a dermatologist because it could be a hormonal issue.

As far as foundation goes, check out Sephora and look at the different types, reviews, and formulations. I don't know if you are wanting liquid, pressed powder, mineral foundation, or what. So that would be your best bet.

[ Melody's advice column | Ask Melody A Question

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