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Still Unemployed

Question Posted Saturday June 5 2010, 6:31 am

I'm 18/F
I've been unemployed for months now. I've worked at one job for three weeks but I was dissatisfied with my co workers so I quit. I regret that very much now because it's been 4 months and I still haven't got another job. Before my first job(the three weeks), I was searching for 3 months. Why is it so hard for me to get employed. I'm competent and skilled to do tasks with excellent efficiency. I've applied to over 60 jobs. Walmart passed me over but I thought the scenario questions were hard to answer because I could've think of situations I've experienced that would be relevant to the scenarios and I did my best to answer. I was pressing for answers and what I delivered was weak. Also they thought I was nervous but I wasn't at all. I don't understand why the perceive my struggle for answers as nervousness. I interviewed with Moe's and I believe I did well with what I delivered but I had trouble trying to come back to check back for their feed back on my application status. I never know when to come in and when I come in they tell me to come back again another day when the hire manager is there. One thing that bothers me is that the hire manager and the interviewer are two different people and it makes my position harder. I came back to this mexican restaurant once and the hispanic guy couldn't understand me and the manager came in and I tried to gesture that I acknowledged his presence and the hispanic guy didn't even realize he was there. The manager stood there smiling as I made a fool of myself trying to speak to the hispanic guy. I kept repeating my question and he is like you want an application? And I'm like wtf? That's NOT what I asked you imbecile. I didn't say that but I was thinking it. I blew it. Another time I was interviewed, I was very cold and I shook the whole time and I made the mistake of talking too much about my former employee than about myself. The shorter the interview, the worse it went. The interview with Moe's was long but I haven't been able to get to speak to their hiring manager and for some reason the fear of rejection keeps me from going and visiting to ask about my application status. It's been a week and a half now since I interviewed. Is it too late now? I feel like I keep messing up my opportunities. I did get a job with Vector but the didn't call me to inform me of their relocating so that's now off the list. I would have loved the opportunity of the experience even if I only went to the initial training seminar. Working with them required purchasing their product and I don't have the money for that. I did find my first client. Too bad I won't be selling. I've learned a new technique that is really efficient to my job hunting: The phone Book. Yeah, I go down the list. If the say We're hiring, I get them an application and then I got myself an interview. If they say we're only taking applications, I look over them as a waste of time because that is usually how it is. Is there a place in the state of Georgia that helps the unemployed get employed? Also is there a such thing as unemployed insurance? I have my phone bill and gas bills to pay. I could do temp services but the problem would be that I wouldn't be by the phone at all times because my cell is off and if you don't pick up, they go on to the next person on their list. I'm willing to do any kind of work. Even dirty work or heavy lifting. Anything! I wear the right attire. Different places expect different wardrobe. Walmart made me go home and change into a blouse which I don't own so I had to borrow a friend's. Sorry I'm rambling and all over the place with my words. I need help on when to go back and ask about how my application is doing: got the job or not? I need to learn to phrase a question better to ask about my application status. Just an understandable formation because when I asked of the status of my application, only 1 out of 2 understand what I mean. Also I applied to Outback and they gave me a test. I failed it. It asked scenario questions and what I would do in different positions. Also it had some sort of IQ test. The shapes were hard to make sense(asked which shape didn't fit in or whether a shape went with what shape) but I know I got all the mathematical questions right easy. I'm great with calculus and algebra, and geometry. I believe I took the test too fast; I thought at the time that I was being timed for completion. I know that even though I didn't pass the scantron test, I knew I could perform all the tasks of the job I applied for and I knew I had the wisdom to handle different situations. I learn really well with experience. I also need help on how to answer the most common questions asked in an interview. I probably acquire more help but maybe I can get a job with the help you can give. I hope so. I do keep eye contact and I shake firmly and I try to give them what they are looking for.

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Killamasta answered Saturday June 5 2010, 8:36 pm:
Well your 18 so some places would think of this. Would we rather give this job to some kid, or the 40 year old who got laid off and has a family. Im 15 and im looking for a job as well. Jobs are hard to come by because of the economy you just need to look hard. And when you go to sign up for a job try to talk to the manager or someone and explain your situation and that you like to learn. Walmart probably isnt the best place to work when your young. And the application at Moe's (whatever that is lol) just go back there, if they say no its not bad you just need to work on it better and you need to think about what your going to say before you go to try to get hired. Before i go to the interview im definently going to have to think about what kind of questions theyre going to ask based on what theyre about. Then think about good answers, when you sit there and talk. FOCUS on what your saying so you dont sound like a idiot, just try to talk to them correctly and properly.

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jean_nicole answered Saturday June 5 2010, 8:35 pm:
Oh my god no wonder you can't get a job, did you mean to post in your journal and accidentally post here?
If you ramble this much during an interview I wouldn't hire you. You can't even find the question you are trying to ask in this mess.
Learn to just get to the point someone doesn't want to hire someone if it seems for them to get from point a to b they also need to stop by f q and z.
When asking you scenario questions everyone knows they are scenarios that never happen you just tell them what they want to hear, don't try and think of a time when you had a close experience because that's where you fumble.
If I get to the interview I always get the job here are some pointers:
Show up early,
Dress well even if its for McDonald's (ie black dress slacks and a nice blouse)
Walk in with a bubbly personality and be overly friendly to the staff and managers,
When they ask you a question make it short and straight to the point do not ever ramble,
Look online for sample interview questions to be prepared for answers you don't have to give honest answers and try to always start with 'my previous job/ situation taught me how to (answer question) because it shows you learn and take your knowledge with you.

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