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I peed the bed the last night but I'm too old to be peeing the bed now!!!

Question Posted Saturday March 13 2010, 11:38 pm

This is embarrassing but I'd like some advice on it, I suppose. I'm an adult, by the way, not some 10 year old.

Three nights ago I was laying in bed. I was VERY, VERY tired and had really had such a long day. I was so incredibly wore out that I drifted off to sleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow. Four hours later, when I was deep into my dreamland, something very unhappy happened.

I was dreaming that I had to pee very badly. I was trying to find a toilet in my dream. I was on a boat, rocking back and forth, and there were so many people around. I felt yucky on the boat but I had to GO! I was afraid I was going to wet myself in front of the crew members but, luckily, I found a restroom in the center of the ship. I sat down and began to urinate. On. Myself!

I felt the warmth of the pee on my legs and got scared and woke up from the dream. I thought at first maybe I just got startling THINKING I had peed myself but...the sheets were wet. It's REALLY embarrassing. I'm a grown adult in my 20s. I shouldn't be peeing the bed any more.

I'm not sick. I don't have any bladder problems or urinary tract infections. I haven't had an accident since I was like 8 years old at the oldest. I don't know why I "went" on myself! I don't know if I should see a doctor about it or not since I can't really figure out what may have caused this. I know adults don't do this and I don't know if I could admit it face-to-face to somebody anyway. :\

I'm mortified and now very afraid it's going to happen again!

So, I had an accident on the bed that night but I'm a grown adult now and shouldn't be having issues like that. What's wrong with me?!?!

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Floater answered Saturday June 25 2011, 3:05 pm:
Every one pees the bed, at some time or another. That does not make you a bedwetter. Kind of like the flu. Your system gets a bit out of sorts and it happens. Now in my case, I suffer from primary nocturnal enuresis. I wet my bed with some regularity. That is bedwetting. But a couple of times a year is like having a cold !

[ Floater's advice column | Ask Floater A Question

Pocahontas06 answered Monday March 15 2010, 2:50 am:
Dreams say things. And boy, yours screamed it! I believe this was just a once in an adult lifetime accident, probably triggered by your dreams which everyone knows can sometimes be very tense and real. I don't think it will happen again or you need to worry! Everyone has accidents.

[ Pocahontas06's advice column | Ask Pocahontas06 A Question

Lola answered Sunday March 14 2010, 3:46 am:
Well... you either drank too much before going to bed, or you either wanted to go to the bathroom but you didn't go before you fell asleep, or it either has to do with you being really really really tired that your dream got to you and instead of waking up and feeling that you want to pee and going to pee, you couldn't wake up cause you were so tired ,so you just peed in your sleep, but most apparently, you really wanted to pee, and what is supposed to happen here, is that you should've woken up and felt that you wanted to go to the bathroom, but you didn't wake up, and why didn't you wake up? you should consult a doctor about this, just to be on the safe side, incase there is anything, any problem,you'd be on track with a doctor from start. But here is the thing, alot of people dream that they pee in their dreams but it doesn't usually happen really outside the dream, except maybe with really old people or with children, so with you it was either something that just happened once in a life time, or its something else and that's what you will consult the doctor about, but really don't worry till you consult someone ,and it was probably nothing, i know how bad this must feel.

If you need anything else, please be free to contact me.Best of luck!

[ Lola's advice column | Ask Lola A Question

One_Whisper answered Sunday March 14 2010, 1:23 am:

If you are drinking to much before bed, I suggest take it easy on the liquid intake.

Try to use the restroom before you go to bed at night

I'm not sure if you are on medications, but some medications can cause this problem.

This is some useful information I found on Wiki..

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

The best thing to do is call the doctor, It could be a medical issue that needs attention. As we cannot give a diagnosis on the site.

[ One_Whisper's advice column | Ask One_Whisper A Question

CLN answered Sunday March 14 2010, 12:13 am:
So yeah nothings wrong with you every one went through that even me like you said you have to go bad in your dream and you wake up and find you went on yourself yea its normal no prob.
But yeah it could be that you jus drunk to much or like me when I drink drank alot and I get realy tipsy some times that happens.
But to help the problem go to the bathroom before you go to sleep.
Hope I helped
Love C.L.N <3

[ CLN's advice column | Ask CLN A Question

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