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I can't cum when I masturbate

Question Posted Wednesday February 17 2010, 7:22 pm


When I masturbate I cannot ejaculate. It's really embarrassing and I'm not going to go to my parents and say, "Hey, when I masterbate I'm not able to cum out! Should I see a doctor?"

I have masturbated many times now but I never reach orgasm. I've tried different techniques, have tried "cumming" quickly, and have tried jacking off for a long period of time before trying to "cum" but it never happens!

What's more embarrassing is that I urinate instead of cumming, it seems. I've peed on my bed twice now because I was trying to reach climax. I now stand over the toilet to masturbate so when it gets to the point of urination I won't make a mess again. It is most definately urine and not cum.

I haven't gone past kissing a girl because of this. It's SO embarrassing and gross. Yeah, I can get hard and it feels really good to jack off but then the wrong thing happens in the end! I just cannot tell a girl I can't have sex with her because I can't cum but will, instead, pee.

I feel so messed up. Something is seriously wrong with me, obviously, but I don't know what to do about it now. Please, help me!

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CLN answered Wednesday February 17 2010, 11:20 pm:
Hay well I'm a girl just so you know my name is C.L.N and I want to help you.
Your proble thinking your a girl how could you help but I got pretty good advice so lets move on
Do you have a girl friend? If yes then if your age is good try to have phone sex first cause sometimes you can't cum cuz your missing something like.......a girl. Pluse don't think its bad you can't cum cuz from a girls point of veiw the longer you last in bed
If that still don't work again if your age is tight try just haveing sex I'm sure things will pop off

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Karlissa23 answered Wednesday February 17 2010, 10:08 pm:
Your problem may be that your not fully turned on. Your focusing on it too much you should relax and find something or someone that gets you hot and bothered and then try. Just forget about cumming . Let it come natural. Lol

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