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How big is TOO big for a rollercoaster?

Question Posted Wednesday March 11 2009, 11:59 pm

Hello! So, in two weeks I am going to Universal Studios in Orlando with a group of students from my school. I really want to have a good time on the trip but I'm scared because I know everyone is going to want to ride rollercoasters and things but I might be too big to ride anything. I mean, 2/3 years ago at our county fair, the bars on rides fit me tightly and I've gained 100 + pounds since then so I can almost guarantee I won't be fitting on any rides. I don't know what to do!! If I try to get on a ride and am told to get off, I'll be humiliated. If I don't get on any rides with my friends I'll look like an idiot cause I'll be the only one that didn't get on anything and again, I'll be HUMILIATED. :'( What am I going to do????

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Peeps answered Friday March 13 2009, 11:02 pm:
Believe it or not, what you see in the mirror is what your peers see too. Everyone is probably well-aware of your size and won't mock you or be offended if you cannot fit into a ride. It may FEEL embarrassing to you, but your peers probably suspect this may be a problem anyway. If anything, expect someone to try to console you for not being able to ride the ride--not laugh at you for it. Everyone is probably thinking the same thing when they see that you're going to be going with them, "I hope she can fit into the seats to spare her embarrassment..."

This being said, many parks offer "test seats" to allow a person to see if they are able to fit comfortably, that way patrons avoid the embarrassment of being turned away because of their size/proportions. "Test seats" are usually available near the line to go into the specific ride in question. Personally, I think if you're going to attempt the ride you should try the seat out first--even if it LOOKS like a bigger seat. Your peers will know what you're doing but you will feel better than getting all the way up there and having to leave.

If you are in the middle of the line and finally get to a "test seat" and find out that you're too large then don't worry, continue through the line with your friends. When you get to the ride itself, just walk through the seating instead of sitting down. I went to quite a few theme parks and have walked through the PLENTY of seating to wait at the end for friends to finish up. This wasn't actually because of my size though--I just simply did not want to ride that specific ride (in some cases I had a headache) but they wanted me to tag along with them in line. Lots of people walk through the seating--it's VERY common--and the next person in line will be thrilled they don't have to wait for the next set of carts to come for them.

That also applies to getting to the actual ride and seeing the seats up close (say you're next in line to be seated). If you can visually SEE that you're simply not going to fit then walk through like it's no big deal. Like I said, it's very common for people to not ride the ride after waiting in line with their friends.

If you can fit into the test seat and "buckle" yourself in to where the bar/latch actually "clicks" then you're good to go. Nobody is going to kick you off the ride if you can secure yourself in. The only reason they make people leave is for safety reasons--you can't just let a large man or woman "hope" they don't fall out simply because the safety belt/bar wouldn't latch properly, you know? If the bar/belt latches--you fit and can ride.

However, to much surprise, theme parks are now creating larger seats for larger people on certain rides. They aren't exceptionally common though so you could probably only expect one or two rides in the entire park to POSSIBLY have accommodating-size seating. [RECENT EDIT: I just read that Universal Studios in Orlando Florida actually offers (in majority of their rides) special seats for larger sized guests. // ANOTHER EDIT: I have contacted Universal Studios of Orlando, Florida in regards to their attraction seating PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE WITHIN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. I WILL POST THE INFORMATION THEY SUPPLY ME WITH SO THAT YOU MAY HAVE AN EASED MIND ON WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIT THE ACCOMMODATIONS!]

Your weight itself is not the actual issue. Sizing is where this may become problematic. Most roller coaster seats don't accommodate people over size 16 or 18, on average.

You're not going to look like an idiot because you cannot fit into a ride. MANY people cannot fit into rides now.

A good suggestion here is to start a good diet and exercising program right now. You won't lose much in two weeks but you'll be able to keep up with the group during the trip. There's nothing fun about having to lag behind or having the entire group lag behind because you're too large to keep up with the smaller, more-fit students. In the process you may lose a few inches, which may end up making it possible for you to fit into a ride or two.

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hollister_lover09 answered Friday March 13 2009, 12:29 am:
depending on what side of Universal you go on, you'll have fun. The Hollywood side I say would be a lot of fun for non riders, but the adventure side has a lot of rides. Just see what side your friends were planning to go on also!

[ hollister_lover09's advice column | Ask hollister_lover09 A Question

triquetra answered Thursday March 12 2009, 12:32 pm:
Talk to you teacher privately about it and see what he or she says because for the day to be good for everyone, then need to ensure that you will be happy as well. Don't forget, even though others say they want to go on the rollercoasters, others may not want to for other reasons, so you won't be alone in that respect.

I went to Orlando quite recently in fact and there is a huge variety of things which you can do there apart from the rollercoasters. If I remember correctly, there was only like one or two major rollercoasters to go on (Hulk and Dragon something). Plus, most the ride bars go over you and the seats are pretty deep so I don't think that it should be a problem. I don't know whether the rides in the county fair rides' bars come forward or not like they do over here but overall, it shouldn't be a problem. If in doubt, go and ask somebody.

Ask around and see how people feel about the rollercoasters and get a general view as to who wants or doesn't want to go on them. Even if there is only one person, that makes a huge difference. I understand that you want to go on them, but if you can't (God forbid!) then at least you can go with somebody else.

I hope this helped,

[ triquetra's advice column | Ask triquetra A Question

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