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Question Posted Tuesday December 23 2008, 7:40 pm

Ok I got my ears double pierced in September. About 4-5 weeks after I got them pierced they started bleeding. It wanted to close up I think? I didn't take out the earrings till about 6 weeks after I got them pierced. So I wear earrings regularly. My ears went normal. Now my right ear is normal and my left started bleeding again. But then it was kind of gross that white stuff started coming out of that hole. Is my ear infected? Is this normal? Or should I not worry and it will get better? I cleaned my ears with the ear stuff they give you near the beginning. And another thing is I can't wear fake gold or fake silver because it gives me rashes. So I only wear them every couple days. I don't think that would be the problem since my right ear isn't bleeding or anything. Thanks!

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ThEDaRkEsTSiDe answered Thursday December 25 2008, 2:21 am:
When you get your ears peirced, or anything peirced for that matter, your body's first initial reaction is to reject the peircing. Think about it, where there was once solid flesh, there is now a metal rod going through the center. Plain and simple, it really doesn't belong there! So what does our body do? It bleeds, it creates puss (or white blood cells, aka the gross white stuff) to try to fight off this new introduction to our body. HOWEVER, our body truely is an amazing device.. over time, it will learn to accomidate this new metal rod, and make it, while not directly, but indirectly a part of our body. It's truely incredible! So to answer your question, I would not worry about it at all, it is only normal. :) My only advice is to make sure you keep cleaning your peircings with the stuff they give you at the peircing shop. What this will do is kill any bacteria that could make the "infection" worse, and limit your chances of getting any harm done to your body. I also reccommend that you don't remove your earrings at all, or at least as much as possible. When this peircing first occurs, your body instantly goes into a healing mode and is trying to repair that new fresh hole. Keep the earring in, it simply can't! Annd not to be repeatitive, but once again, our body is an amazing creation. Give it a little time, and it will accomidate for that earring being there, and it will literally, "make it a part of you." Keep it in, and keep up the cleaning! If it means anything, I have both of my ears peirced and when I first got them peirced, they bled and produced puss like no other. That was 5 years ago, and today, i'm still wearing earrings with no problems :) I hope this helped you out! Dave :)

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itdependsonyoux3 answered Tuesday December 23 2008, 11:58 pm:
Sometimes, when you cut the inside of your ear hole, it starts to bleed. That happened to me with my right hole [I have double piercings too] and white stuff did come out. it was gross, but that doesn't mean its infected, it's just trying to heal itself and that's part of the scab. You have to put neosporin on ur ear and then clean your ear again. then put not fake gold in your ears and leave it in for the day and take it out at night. The fake gold and fake silver are also causing your ears to bleed because it's irritating your ears. make sure you get something from a stroe that is made specifically to clean jewlery and clean your earrings and other jewlery with that, because that will help cease some of the irritations and wipe the bacteria off. But if this problem continues to occur, take your earrings out for a while, or go see a doctor and ask him/her to take a look at your ears. good luck! hope I helped xxo.

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