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hair won't hold hair color, not enough protein?

Question Posted Sunday April 27 2008, 10:17 pm


i dyed my hair about a month ago to dark brown trying to get it back to a normal color because before it was like brassy and orangy. it looked good and now it's fading again. i don't know what to do my hair will not hold color for more than a month and i don't want to damage my hair even more by coloring it because i straighten it too. is there anyway to like strip the color or take the color out? or anything i can do to make it hold the color?

also i don't think i get enough protein, could that be why? because my hair won't grow either. if so do they make like protein pills or anything?

thanks for any advice!

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ellegirl606 answered Monday April 28 2008, 8:26 pm:
Whenever you dye your hair, you can't wash it as often. The more you wash, the more the color is washed out. Make sure you use shampoo and conditioner that is made for colored hair. You should also spray heat protective spray on your hair after you wash it, or before you style it. i use a heat protective spray made by Tresseme.

If you go to a beauty supply, they have a product that strips the color out of hair. Just ask any of the people who work there to help you. They have a product like that at Meijer too, but I believe it's only for semi-permanent dye jobs.

Your hair probably doesn't grow because you damage it by putting too much stress on it, like styling. Besides using protective sprays and shampoos, avoid overbrushing your hair. Foods like protein (meat, beans) and leafy greens also stimulate hair growth.

If you want to buy vitamins, go to GNC, meijer, or a vitamin shop. There are hair-specific vitamins you can take, vitamins that are good for hair and nails, and fish oil vitamins.

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advicexnow answered Monday April 28 2008, 8:06 pm:
Well color will eventually fade out. But if your trying to get it all out use tide. I know it may sound a little strange, but it takes the alot of the color out. For keeping it colored longer. Well if your using a certain brand, I would change the brand. If your hair dresser does it, maybe try a closer color to your hair, where you can tell it's different but it's not to bad.
Hope i helped.
love, advicexnow :]

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litt0lkv answered Monday April 28 2008, 9:38 am:
there might be many reasons why your hair doesnt grow. it might not be just the whole protein thing.
if you straighten your hair ALOT [which you shouldnt by the way] then thats one of the reasons it doesnt grow. another might be you dying your hair. and the other not having enough protein.

first start off by buying a hair damaging shampoo and conditioner. dyed hair shouldnt be washed every day. your suppose to wash your hair every other day but you can condition every day. that way your hair will have natural oils and it will actually look healthy.

secondly- when straightning hair you should only run the iron once throught the hair but really slowly so it will come out perfectly straight. and dont turn the iron all the way up. buy a hair damage control spray for straighting hair so your hair wont get as damaged. and let your hair air dry before straightning it. dont ever blow dry. your just double damaging it

third of all- you can strip your hair to take the color out. maybe your hair is naturally too dark. and the pigment is eally dominant over the color your tryin to get. ask your hairstylist.

fourth of all- if all this does not work then go to the whole protein thing. which i really doubt will be necessary. but these foods aer extra high in protein when eaten properly. dont eat toomuch because too much proteinis worst than not enough.

1. Chicken, duck, turkey - meat only, which is either cooked, stewed, roasted, simmered
2. Fish halibut, salmon, haddock, rockfish, tuna - cooked, dry heat
3. Fast foods like hamburger, hotdog, cheeseburgers, taco, submarine sandwich with tuna salad or roast beef
4. Cottage cheese, ricotta
5. Lamb, veal (lean only)
6. Soybeans, cooked without salt
7. Pork, lean only
8. Beef, separable lean only
9. Crustaceans, cooked
10. Mollusks, scallops cooked
11. Wheat flour
12. Peas 13. Oat bran, raw
14. Beans
15. Cowpeas
16. Spaghetti
17. Beef macaroni
18. Rice, raw enriched
19. Potatoes
20. Milk shakes
21. Yoghurt
22. Corn meal
23. Chickpeas
24. Pie-crust

well hope i helped. =]

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