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All these boys saw me naked

Question Posted Monday July 16 2007, 10:53 am

This made me cry sooooooooo hard ok here is the story. We were at my colleage and in the girls bathroom every one just walks around naked and we dont care and some girls have like huge boobs but anyways the mean girls at our school were being flirty to the boys and the boys had a crazy and mean and pretty much illgal plan. They were going to put a camera in the girls bathroom. and the worst part is all of the boys caught me naked ok this is going to be a long story. theboys were going to hide in the showers because it was lateand time for us to goback to our doorms and anyways there is a time limit to take showers so anyways when we werent there all of the guys hid in the showers and the othere two guys were hooking up the camera and it was a really tiny camera so none of us can see it so anyways....all i had was my robe on and nothing else i told my freind after i take my shower i will meet you back at the dorm.and she said ok now no one was there and i took off my robe and opened the shower curtain and there he was..i screamed my head off and ran out the door nto the hall where all the dorms are and i wasnt even coverd up with my robe i left it n the bathroom and then when i ran out all the other boys came running out into the hall.and i was so shocked i didnt even run or cover myself with my hands and the boys laughed at me and after they laughed at me i waited five seconds while they were just staring at my vagina and my boobs i ran into the bathroom and the boy was still there and he was try to touch my vagina and boobs so i kikked him out. it was the worst day of mylife.after that i called my boy freind.and he was helpfull.the next day i went over to there rental house and started to tell them off and they said they were sorry and they sort of chuckled and then they left to the school. Then i saw something on the table and it was a recorded video tape of last night and even more. They had a video tape of all of us naked on there and they were after all just hazing. i was so angry i didnt even pick up the tape and the tape was really high teck so it told you how many time you watched it and at the end of the day so i went there when they had just left there dorm lughing and then i saw that the tape was watched 12 times!!i didnt take it the second time i was so upset and the next morning it was on the morning news!!!so the whole entire school saw it even the teachers the boy teachers so i was the laughing stock of the century and i never got that tape back i need a way to setle this its ongoing!!Have any advice?

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KisaKiss19 answered Monday July 16 2007, 3:11 pm:
OMFG. those boys are fckin perverted,twisted,and will NEVER get a girlfriend.All of the girls are with you in this. you could tell them that they will never get a girlfriend with they're perverted sick joke. you should slap them. seriously, GO TO THE PRINCIPLE, take it up with all of the councelers tell them what they did,give them names,everything. bust theres asses. You have a boyfriend, and he's there for you. forget what all the other boys think,because karma is going to be one bitch to them,trust me. Never look at any of the boys,they aren't worth any of your time. what they did was illegal,violating,and perverted. don't let this just pass,you have to do something about it. Try to take it up with the highest person in the school. and really,i wouldn't use the showers there. go to the closest YMCA,or gym were they have showers. if it was on the news and the teachers didn't stop it,they would get in trouble too. no one should be humiliated like that. you really have to be strong,show that it DID NOT affect you,no matter how much it did. Stick with what you came to do there,learn and make it far in your career. im so sorry, this is just so wrong. If it happend to all the girls, they can deffinatly back you up. take immidiate action. i really wish you good luck and hope i helped some what,well,i tried. <3


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christina answered Monday July 16 2007, 1:47 pm:
Report it to the school. What they did was illegal, immoral & wrong. If you report it, they can get expelled & arrested.

Not only did they humiliate you, but they humiliated other girls too. So tell the school & pray for the best.

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sweetipie205 answered Monday July 16 2007, 1:46 pm:
Ok, one: wow that was really long. This is what you do, go to the school councler and talk to him/her about it. Tell the councler what happened and get the boys that did it kiked out of school. It would work. Plus if you just pretend that you dont know what ppl are talking about then they will forget about it sooner. So dont worry about it. Just pretend that it doesnt work, and talk to the councler, it will work.

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hollister_lover09 answered Monday July 16 2007, 1:43 pm:
Hunny, Go to the school about this. They are not allowed to do this to the girls. Really, go to the school its the only way you will feel better. They might do it again, but if you go and tel soemone they wont!...

[ hollister_lover09's advice column | Ask hollister_lover09 A Question

orphans answered Monday July 16 2007, 11:05 am:

wow, i'm REALLY sorry about what happened to you! that sounds awful.

but you know, it's in the past & you can't change the past. as soon as you forget what happened, everyone else will.

it wasn't just you that was seen naked, it was all your other dorm roommates as well, right? that's not so bad. you weren't the center of attention.

that was exTREMELY immature of those guys to have done that to you girls. just forget about them. they'll never get girlfriends cause no girl would date them & they'll suffer a long, lonely life for what they did :]

sorry i didn't help much. but seriously, if you want everyone else to forget about it, you need to forget about it first.

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