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Will My feelings change?

Question Posted Saturday June 9 2007, 12:10 pm

I was recently madly in love with this girl, Jess,..and i got to accept tha me and her aint gunna happen...
I stated going out with another girl, becky, recently..yet whenever we talk about the "future" i just think about how i want my future to be with jess..even though i really like jess, i want things to work out with becky..
do you think my feelings for jess will change with time?

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summer_is_love258963 answered Saturday June 9 2007, 10:35 pm:
okkay well i cant say if your feelings are going to change for jess. in time you might start to get over her...but you may not. i really think you should see if jess likes you back because if you really do love her nothing is gonna change that and you'll always have feelings for her. this happened to me with this guy i really like and even though i knew things with me and him would never work out i still loved him and my feelings for him still havent changed for over 2 years. its screwed up so many relationships for me because i couldnt stop thinking about how i wanted to be with him and not the guy i was make sure things arent gonna work out with jess before you give up on her. <33 hope i helped.

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xomegaroni answered Saturday June 9 2007, 3:15 pm:
They could, but it really isn't fair to Becky. She is your girlfriend & she probably thinks you're dating her because you really like her. You might like her, but your feelings are obviously stronger for Jess. It would only be fair if you told her. Even though you may want to be with Becky, If you still have feelings for Jess & Jess were to start liking you, you would most likely leave Becky for Jess, causing her to be upset. Talk to her about it. Maybe you should just be friends with her until you decide how you really feel about each girl. Feelings do change over time though.

-hope that helped!&hearts;

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