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hair extensions

Question Posted Wednesday January 17 2007, 6:33 pm

I'm thinking about getting hair extensions
but I have a couple questions first.
how long do they last?
do the hurt?
how much do they cost?

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uresweetie16 answered Saturday January 20 2007, 10:26 am:
a1:it depends where you get them & if you keep them in good condition.
a2:sometimes they hurt but some people are tender headed so it hurts more for others
A3:it sometimes cost really cheap but if you go to a professionla place it will last longer and cost more.


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queenhearts answered Wednesday January 17 2007, 10:35 pm:
I don't know anything about getting extensions done by a professional.

They are really expensive though. Around $800 and those usually last up for a couple of months.
I never heard about it hurting though. Maybe if you weren't taking care of it and they got tangled.

You could always try doing extensions yourself. A lot cheaper. :]

Go to a Sallys. Buy some human hair extensions/tracks ($30)
and you can either clip them in or glue.

They have all you need there. There's certain clips/glue to buy but I'm sure someone can help you find it.

You can do the side extensions yourself and get a friend to do the back of your head. Then you or someone else can cut layers to make it look more real.

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loveismurderbabyyy answered Wednesday January 17 2007, 8:36 pm:
they last for only a few months. after a while, your hair starts growing out, and your hair starts to rat and tangle where the extensions are put in. when they start doing this you have to go in and get them taken out.

they might hurt when you are getting them put in, but they wont hurt forever. unless of corse you don't take care of them, and brush them the way you're supposed to. if you don't take care of them, etc., they will start tangling where the base is and it'll be VERY uncomfurtable.

they cost between 800-1,000+ dollars, depending on how you get them put in, who does it, and how good their service is.

extensions are VERY expensive. but, just call around your local hair salons and see how much they charge. they'll most likely tell you how much they charge an hour, but i'm sure you can figure out the total cost from there if you ask how long it will take. :]

hope this helps!


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xY0M0MMAx answered Wednesday January 17 2007, 8:21 pm:
first question -- only about a few months .. not a long time.
second question -- it depends. if you're tender headed, then yes.
third question -- they're normally pretty expensive. i think if you go to a professional hair place they are about eight hundred dollars, though.

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