Hey! Well I'm about to turn that SWEET 16!
I was looking into presents that I might want, and I stumbled upon this bag...


do you like it?
I want to make sure my presents are very special and will be chique for a very long time. Thanks!

omg i love that bag it can really go with anything like leggings, jeans, and almost every color.


I'm 15/f and I guess you could say that I love emo clothes. Like emo hoodies and stuff..well my question is, what are some stores I could shop at that are emo looking but not that expensive. And preferably stores that have bigger sizes cuz I like my hoodies a bit bigger than what I normally wear...and besides hot topic.


well delias has some emoish clothes sometimes, urban outfitters has some emo clothes like bright colored skinny jeans and some hoodies, but hottopic really is your best choice, but there is also spencers which is somewhat like hottopic.


i've had boyfriends before, but this boy, is my world. he loved me when i didn't even love myself.
we have been going out for a year && a few months, but suddenly his grandma has cancer and there are other reasons, but hes moving to Ecuador. He told me he'll come back for me in two years. [He's moving in two weeks] I spent last night crying till i threw up and only got an hour a sleep. 2 years though!? what am i suppose to do? im only 14. his parents asked for me to come with him, but i said no. i can't, im too young and even i know that. advice or opinons are appreciated =/

Ohh my god I am so sorry !! okay if you really loved him and he feels the same way you should keep your relationship if he has a computer you can talk threw emails or webcams and maybe once in a while you can visit eachother but sorry to bum you out long distance relationship don't work sometimes because one might cheat on the other so you could leave your relationship on a hold until he comes back but still talk to eachother but follow your heart (i know that sounds cheasy but it's true)god bless to his grandma!


My name is Amy. I need a new myspace name. And I want something with my name in it.

Something like: amyABNORMAL.

But I want something a bit emoish. Not something like amyAMAZING.

thanks so much.

amydactyle or amysaurus[dinosaur names]

well i hope i helped you


Ah help, I saw this movie on tv like 2 years ago and it's my favoriteee movie but I can't think of the name to go by it! I know it has Adam Sandler in it and his hair's long, and I think he's a singer for parties or something? Thanks! I love this movie!

The wedding singer!!! i love that movie also


okay well i talked to my b/f today. and he did the normal hey i gotta go. and i told him to wait. i asked him what was wrong. and i wanted the truth. at the same time i heard his dad ask if is was well lest call her lily. my b/f said no it was megs. and i asked who "lily" was. and he said listen we need to talk. and all of a sudden my heart sunk. he goes megs ive been cheating on you with "lily" and i started crying and i asked him for how long. and he said a month ago. i asked him how. and i asked him if he still was. he said he broke up with her. and that it would never happen again! so my question is....should i break up with him?!
cause i kno im only 14 but i feel like i love him. and he told me he loved me.
so should i?

To tell you the honest truth i think you should break up with him because if he really loved you he would not hurt you like that and plus how do you know he will not hurt you agian although he said "i love you" he could be b.s.ing it. But if you really do care for him and you trust him enough then i say stick with him but really it's up to you if you trust him or you don't want to get hurt agian.

hope i helped


yeah so my friend gave this kidd head can she get preguant from that?

NOOOO you can't get pregnet from giving head!!!


ok theres this guy named jake and hes like one of those popular and hot guys.
im like anormal girl who hangs out with normal fun people and ive never even talked to him before

okay so i was on AIM and he imed me and asked who i was. i told him my name and he said " oh shit ur hot. i saw you on facebook and see u at school sometimes" and we started talking and i felt a little awkward.

and he was like "your picture made me horny, i jacked off".and started asking me like "do you think im hot"

and today im talking to him right NOW. and was like "what have you done sexually. or like yeah

but i dont wanna block him or anything.
and dont worry, im not gonna like fall in love with him or anything.

What do his IMs mean?

Ok this is what most pervertive guys are like.. but if you want him to stop why don't you say to him " I feel more confortable if you talked to me in person instead of im's" because maybe he will not act like that; or you can say "if you really respected me you wouldn't say that stuff" because basically he is harassing you and if he does not talk to you in school you should ask him "well why don't you talk to me in school you only talk to me online". And to tell you the truth he is not respecting you if all he says is " your hot & you make me horny".. hope i helped and i really hope he stops bothering you


Okay well today i got my braces tightened/ajusted.... and they gave me the elastic (rubberband) things.... and i have no clue what they are supposed to do to your teeth... Can someone explain to me what they are supposed to do...??

Well to start off those elastic ruberbands help the way your teeth line up and helps your jaw in a weird way..

hope i helped


I need help on how to wear leg warmers like these:


What exactly do I wear it with?
Shirt, pants, shoes, etc.


Those are really cute ones but anyways, they look really cute with skinny jeans and flats because if you wear them with sneakers they look somewhat weird. I would definatly wear flats with them. Skirts look cute with them too... shirts really don't matter when it comes to legwarmers just make sure it matchs lol..

hope I helped


What are some symptoms of diabetes?

I know that it has something to do with your sugar levels but thats about it.

Also is it hereditary?

Thanks :)

My grandmother & bestfriend has diabetes so I know the symptoms; Usaully the symptoms urinating alot, Drinking alot of liquids because you are thirsty, being tired alot, losing alot of weight, being irratible, and excessive hungry.

Usually it is hereditary

Hope I helped


I am 13/f all i think about is sex, when i see i guy im like i wanna have sex with him, for example chris brown. But is it normal i feel weird and when its time for me to do it im so scared, so why do i wanna have sex so badly but scared of having sex? is that normal? or good? or bad?

Yes; you are normal it's your harmones. THis does not mean nessiarly it is good or bad it is just normal no need to be scared.

hope I helped


Okay so last year i messed around with this guy and we only talked here and there since. but for the last couple of months hes been messaging me on myspace but when we see eachother other places its awkward sometimes he makes a comment to me but rarely. any ideas on how to talk to him when i see him?

Maybe you should tell him if you want him to talk to you it can't be on myspace it has to be face to face because you want to get to know him better. I suggest you talk normally around him and try to act confortable around him and have casual conversations to make it less akward maybe you should talk to him in a group of friends rather than alone so it is less akward.

hope I helped


i recently came out and the girl i like is on my basketball team. weve flirted and become rele close. she doesnt know im gay but i think she gets it. i dont know if i shud tell her or shud i just keep going.

OK, I suggest you find out if she is one ..maybe you should hangout more and like go to the movies or something before asking her out.

hope i helped


I straighten my hair almost every day, because it is like just a little wavy, but its usually not even waves if that makes any sense haha. anyways, i straighten in really good in the mornings, and by the time i get to school its all a little wavy again. it isnt the straightener, its like just my hair or something. any ideas on what to do to make it stay straight the whole day (or atleast through like 1st period!) thanks!

To keep it straight use frizz-ease hair lotion by John frieda to keep it straight and during the day at school put some in also. Also you can use any hair lotion that will garuntee to keep your hair straight!

hope I helped


Well, I know what TSS Is, but how do you get It? It says the symptons of it on the instruction thing. My friend said you can get TSS from having the tampon in for too long, because the blood just sits there and it drys up...But then again my friend who said It Is a Guy. He might be right, I don't know.

Can anyone tell me how people get TSS?

here is all the stuff to know about tss:



I'm thinking about getting bangs. I'm just scared I won't like them. Has that happened to any of you? I wan't to do something diffrent to my hair. Any ideas?

I have side bangs there super cute!! most side bangs are for people you have a heart shaped head or an oval head.


this may sound weird, and gross, but its a question

well around my butt, like where people poop out of from, it the pink stuff around it swelled up

any ideas?
this ranodmly happens to me
everywhere in my privete areas stuff swells.
Any clue?

It can possibly be an std or from shaving...

I can't help u that much b/c this never happened to me


where are some good places to get bikinis

im 14 so i don't want a SUPER SEXY one ha.

don't say


and hot topic has cute ones not only gothic ones so go check it out!


i know this is really common, but i have no idea what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. hes gonna be 17. he loves hockey, and i know he shops at hollister. i wanna get him like, a shirt or something with a few other things, but are guys weirded out when their girlfriends buy them clothes? haha. i know he just bought new cologne today, so thats out of the question too. any help would be really appreciated thank youu

You know what would be heaps cool if you got him a gift basket sorta thing like get a laundry basket and put in his favorite foods,colonage,some tee's from holister [considering you said he likes that store],maybe hockey tickets[b/c he likes hockey]... and then when your finish buying him stuff put it in a basket and wrap it cute and everything... :0)

hope we helped


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