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ok, this is my hair:


and this is what I want my hair to look like:

any advice on how to get my hair like that? I know it's a model and all but some ppl at my school get their hair like that everyday. Are there any straightner or hair products that I could use? thanks in advance!

well, it depends on the money you're going to spend to get the hair. you can go to a salon, and ask what they reccomend you get for your hair, but its probably going to be a bit pricey.

if not, I suggest that you get "garnier fructis sleek and shine hair serum". use a little drop after you get out of the shower, and try the sleek and shine shampoo & conditioner too.

hope I helped [:


I really like these 2 guys and they like me but I can't decide which one to go out with:

A: Athletic, popular, preppy, my neighbor, REALLY funny, nice, his mom is friends with my mom, and really cute.

B: respectful, nice, anti-prep, into hunting, trucks, and violence, gets into a LOT of fights, "tough guy", and also really cute.

I know it's my choice but I want some input from others. Please try not to put just boy a or boy b. Give me your thoughts on them.

I totally agree with the person below me. Like it is your decision but id go with A. Just because he seems like a better guy. Yeah b might be cute and "respectful" but that could be his way to getting you to like him. He might drag you into his fights and drag you down with him. so im leaning towards a. hope it helped.


if your boyfriend calls you at least once a day but then he doesnt does he not like you anymore

its not that he might not like you anymore it might be thefact that he always calls you. Maybe try calling him instead of him having to call you. Hope it helps.


The song is called "Without You"

I don`t know the artist && i`d really love to find it because my boyfriend said it reminds me of him.

it r&b sounding && is by a guy.

it is a new song.

i`m usually good at knowing the artist but i forgot. he has like a high pitch voice in the song.

please help.
i asked before && got one anser && they gave me artist that were females.

it is a guyyy!!

it sounds to me like you`re talking about the Clay Aiken song. but I`m really not sure, it fits the description though.

take a listen & let me know if its the song.
[first song] [=


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