Hey! Well I'm about to turn that SWEET 16!
I was looking into presents that I might want, and I stumbled upon this bag...


do you like it?
I want to make sure my presents are very special and will be chique for a very long time. Thanks!

omg i love that bag it can really go with anything like leggings, jeans, and almost every color.


I'm 15/f and I guess you could say that I love emo clothes. Like emo hoodies and stuff..well my question is, what are some stores I could shop at that are emo looking but not that expensive. And preferably stores that have bigger sizes cuz I like my hoodies a bit bigger than what I normally wear...and besides hot topic.


well delias has some emoish clothes sometimes, urban outfitters has some emo clothes like bright colored skinny jeans and some hoodies, but hottopic really is your best choice, but there is also spencers which is somewhat like hottopic.


I need help on how to wear leg warmers like these:


What exactly do I wear it with?
Shirt, pants, shoes, etc.


Those are really cute ones but anyways, they look really cute with skinny jeans and flats because if you wear them with sneakers they look somewhat weird. I would definatly wear flats with them. Skirts look cute with them too... shirts really don't matter when it comes to legwarmers just make sure it matchs lol..

hope I helped


I straighten my hair almost every day, because it is like just a little wavy, but its usually not even waves if that makes any sense haha. anyways, i straighten in really good in the mornings, and by the time i get to school its all a little wavy again. it isnt the straightener, its like just my hair or something. any ideas on what to do to make it stay straight the whole day (or atleast through like 1st period!) thanks!

To keep it straight use frizz-ease hair lotion by John frieda to keep it straight and during the day at school put some in also. Also you can use any hair lotion that will garuntee to keep your hair straight!

hope I helped


I'm thinking about getting bangs. I'm just scared I won't like them. Has that happened to any of you? I wan't to do something diffrent to my hair. Any ideas?

I have side bangs there super cute!! most side bangs are for people you have a heart shaped head or an oval head.


where are some good places to get bikinis

im 14 so i don't want a SUPER SEXY one ha.

don't say


and hot topic has cute ones not only gothic ones so go check it out!


im looking for a cut-out one piece or just a really cute one piece. i usually wear bikinis but i dont feel comfortable wearing one in gym. any where i can look?? i looked at victorias secret and american eagle. any ideas?? thanks

ok well there are a lot of cute bathing suits you can find!


1) if you wanna a funky cute pattern i suggest you get this one:


2)if you want something more plain i suggest this one yet it is still cute:


3)this one is also plain yet cute:


well i hope i helped happy swim suit chosing lol


what is the best/prettiest brand of foundation to use...please dont reply unless you can give me an example such as a picture of you wearing that specific brand so i can see what it looks like

There are many brands of makeup that are brillant i sugest to go to sephora or mac but i will show the ones i use; but the problem is i don't have pics of me wearing a certain faondation but i will show pics of the best:

1)well there is bare minerals that will give you that natural looking glow the problem is that it is somewhat expensive at sephora:


2)and there is benefit whoch is one of my favorites it really looks nice this is also at sephora:


3) then there is high beam by the benefit brand also found at sephora i think anything by benefit is pretty good on anyones skin:



Hey, well im gettnig a hair cut tomarrow! i want something REALLY cute, but i dont know what to get! i have long bangs and long hair,so anything goes. i like the hair cuts that,well,i dont mean to label,but the "preps" have,[only saying this because thats the label style,sry sry sry,hah] but i dont know how to tell the hair dresser. I would REALLY love pictures,like normal people pictures,no celebs,please. Thank you!

considering you have long bang you can get layers like these: http://www.hothair.co.uk/xcart353/files/detailed_images/beverly.jpg


or for short hair:



or make it wavish like this:


Okay, I have some of the thinest hair ever. When I don't blow dry or strigthen it is gets kind of curly but not much. But that isn't the point, my question is, is there any way to make my hair into ringlets? Don't say use a curling iron because even with some of the best it still ends up terrible. Is there any alternative ways? Or is my hair hopeless?

get mouse or those sunsilk products they have special stuff for people with flat thin hair, i hope i helped!


hey guys do any of you happen to know about any stores that sell JUST flats.You know all kind of flats,especially ballet flats.i love those kinds of shoes but im very picky so id like to see some that i actually like.yah this question is pretty weird but i got to know.thanks :)-gabi

well i don't know a place where they sell jus falts but hottopic has really cute flats.


hi im a girl and im in the 8th grade. at the end of the year theres this dance for everyone in our grade and we all get dressed up and the girls wear dresses. they arent too fancy or anything though. does anyone know where to get a cute dress for that? i would like it to be around knee length a little longer, basically anything just not as long as floor length. it would have to fit me too im a 14/16 girls or xs and a 00 at the biggest. and does anyone know some good makeup or hair ideas for something like this? my hair is about shoulder length and blonde.thanks soooo much!

delias,forever21,and american apparel have some cute dresses..



Hi everyone!
Anyone know any websites or stores where I can get a cute, affordable-ish (under $100) tankini swimsuit?

Thanks in advance :)

if you go to www.delias.com they have super cute bathing suits and american apperl has some plain cute ones.


I'm thinking about getting hair extensions
but I have a couple questions first.
how long do they last?
do the hurt?
how much do they cost?

a1:it depends where you get them & if you keep them in good condition.
a2:sometimes they hurt but some people are tender headed so it hurts more for others
A3:it sometimes cost really cheap but if you go to a professionla place it will last longer and cost more.


What is a real good hair conditioner that is sold?

you can buy a really good hair conditionir at Lush it is called american cream it makes hair have a really nice texture the garnier frutis are really good too but it really depends on your hair type i suggest you go to a drugstore and look at the different products on the shelfs!


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