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Tanning with coldsores.

Question Posted Wednesday March 23 2005, 5:37 pm

My roommate is prone to cold sores. She is afraid to go to a tanning bed because they have triggered a cold sore for her in the past. But, we are planning a trip to Florida in May, and we want to get a tan before going there. Since we live in northern US, the only way to get a tan right now would be to go to a tanning salon.

She is saying that she won't go, and instead will go to Florida pale. I do not want that to happen because she will end up getting majorly sunburned the first day and will end up having a horrible time. I want her to have fun so I can have my fun roommate to hang out with, instead of my miserable cranky roommate to bum me out.

Can anyone explain to me some "safe" ways to get a tan without burning or triggering a cold sore. Or, does anyone know of any products that will help prevent cold sores. If you are prone to getting them, and have experience with things that have helped you, that would be very helpful.

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x0xdReAmEr answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 6:33 pm:
um . . if oyu go to like the tanning salons or liek a beauty shop they should have this spray on or rub on tanning kit! he could try that! good lluck! =)x0x

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XxAxFxIxX answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 6:15 pm:
Ohkay, my dear, it is acually healthier for your skin if you tan before you go. You are closer to the equater and if you get prone to tanning/sunburn your skin wont get as damaged.

However, I think fake baking is awful and horrible. Do you know the damage that can do to your skin? Instead of skin cancer, I'll just stick with my pale Iowan and Irish skin!

For tanning in a bed, cold sores can be triggered by anything. And some coldsore preventors can't be worn in a bed. I think she should go to a dermatologist. He/she would say the tanning is the safest thing to do for your skin, and reccomend stuff.

No problem.


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jbdreamer answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 6:11 pm:
I live in Minnesota, and frequently visit Florida. I have never once been to a tanning salon. What your friend needs is a good sun block. I recommend a SPF 30 spray lotion. It works great, I never get burned (even in Mexico). And I still manage to come home tan.

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zapreth answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 5:54 pm:
I live in the South. I know nothing about handling coldsores, but I do know a great deal about sunburn. Tell your roomate to use Bullfrog Sport sunscreen. It's like being in the shade,smells good and doesn't need reaplication more than once a day. Follow the directions though, you must brush it up five minutes after application. Luck and have fun!

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