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Any ideas....on places to go with boyfriend

Question Posted Sunday October 10 2004, 7:27 pm

Hey ..
I was just wondering..
does anyone have any ideas on places my boyfriend and I can go to just hang out? We just like to hang out and spend time together....I'm 15 by the way. Also..what are some good jobs to get at this age? I heard Culver's hires at this age, but I'm not positive. Does anyone know of any work places to help earn money towards college? Thanks so much!:)

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alisonmarie answered Monday October 11 2004, 4:28 am:
Hanging out places: local parks (except that's probably better in summer!), his house, your house, parties, mutual friends' houses, join an extracurricular thing together, etc.

At 15, you can work anywhere once you get a work permit. These are issued by your high school, and basically outline the hours per week you are allowed to work - when I was in high school, it was 15 hours per week.

You aren't limited in where you can work. Some ideas: a fast food place, a library, a video store, a vetrinary assistant, etc. If you have any ideas about possible future careers, it might be interesting to see if you can get a job in a related field - you'll obviously be starting at the very bottom, but at least you can get a chance to observe and see if it's a field you really are interested in.

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lil_blondie123 answered Monday October 11 2004, 3:42 am:
I am a 17 year old girl and my parents are goin
to put me in law school.Maybe you should work at like a doctors office and be a phone helper or somethin like that.If you like the phones you should do that or work at a near by store that you could get a lot of buisness at.As far as the boyfriend thing i think that you guys should hit a dinner and a movie,then when the movie is done go on a carrage ride.Thats what i do with my boyfriend all the time.Or your other option is go dinner and then rent a movie and go back to one of your guys's place.

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UnluckyWishes answered Sunday October 10 2004, 8:31 pm:
I know the obvious places are the movies and mall.Maybe go to the park if its just you two.I know these arn't great jobs but cashiers at a grocery store or department store.I know summer is far away but if you play a sport you could ref. for your town or cities teams.My brother does it and he's 15 and started at 13.He makes between 12-20$ a game.Maybe even babysit.Put up flyers around your neighborhood and see if people respond.Thats always an easy and sometimes fun way to make a good amount of money to start putting away.Hope i helped.

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K3587 answered Sunday October 10 2004, 8:19 pm:
An arcade is a nice social spot. You can play the games together and even have a little competition.

Of course, I work in an arcade, so I'm a little biased.

At your age, your best bet is at a supermarket, or a resturant. Waitress would be good. They get paid very well if they provide good service. With tips, you could make up to $30-45 an HOUR.

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