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Parents and College

Question Posted Thursday October 9 2003, 1:45 am

My parents want me to go to a state college just because it's cheaper. I want to go to a private university because I like the opportunities they have better and it provides a more Christian atmosphere. My parents don't seem to understand that idea, they just think it's all about the money. I'm willing to pay everything, loans included, and I'm going to get a crapload of scholarships because I'm fairly intelligent. But my parents don't understand that. What should I do?

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Trueflight answered Saturday October 18 2003, 9:37 pm:
Private colleges generally provide much better financial aid... I would look into that, as well as the scholarships. If you can get a decent amount, you may well end up with almost the same cost as that of a state school.

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Turc answered Friday October 10 2003, 12:33 am:
There was a Dear Abby letter like this in the paper the other day; her advice was to talk to your guidance counselor. This is excellent advice. Talk to your guidance counselor about financial aid and all of that shiznat. Go to and start looking up scholarship information NOW. If you start getting help with money now, it'll be easier for you to convince your parents that yes, you CAN accomplish whatever you set your heart to. I wish you the best of luck.

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zoe. answered Thursday October 9 2003, 10:06 pm:
if youre willing to work hard to get all the scholarships just go for it. if you pay the application fees by yourself, they dont really have any control over where you apply. if you get enough money through scholarships and grants and you get accepted to the private school you want, what are they gonna do, say no?

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Valdis answered Thursday October 9 2003, 2:51 am:
When my parents aren't listening to me on important subjects (as adults tend to do) i write them a letter. It sounds odd but it actually works. write it very professionally and include all points that you want them to see. if possible include pictures or graphs, make it look like you put a lot of work into it, even if you didn't. also include compromises you can come up with. after they read they will probably come talk to you about it and actually listen to what you're saying.

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