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I am the Turc, formally known as Kristin. I helped start this website, what seems like many years ago! Woo!

I'm a college sophomore, music ed major (all of the academics-relationship-extracurriculars-applying to college-switching your major-stuff), a musician, and a hardcore music fanatic. I am very quirky. I love Disney movies. I love giving advice. I also love reading, writing, movies, music, computers, piano, etc etc. I'm very honest, up front, and even blunt about some things. I'm pretty opinionated, but I know when to shut up. I like playing football and watching PSU football, as well as basketball, volleyball, and baseball in general. I know lots of stuff and like sharing my knowledge, and I tutor, so I'm all for the helping people with homework thing. :)

Go ahead and ask me questions... I'll do my best!
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i am a 8th grade boy and im going out with a girl who i can only see at our school and her parents are strict and we can only talk through e-mail at home, we are really in love and i cant see her enough because of her parents what should i do? (link)
Give it time. If you're really in love you can wait it out. Your hormones are talking to you right now.

I am 12 years old. I really want my period but i havent gotten it yet? Lately though i have been cranky and tired and stomch pains. I have " Hair down there" and under arm hair. Please Help! :( (link)
No, you don't really want your period... it's not that great, believe me. Crankiness, fatigue, and stomach pains are definitely signs of PMS. If you have occasional white discharge chances are your period isn't far away.

When the time comes, I recommend Pamprin or Midol for cramps; ThermoCare heating pads are super as well. Hot baths often relieve cramps, so does exercise. If you decide to use tampons-- they're not that bad, really-- remember NOT TO SLEEP WITH THEM IN or leave them in for longer than 6 hours.

You're still young, so if you don't have your period yet, don't stress it. If you get to 16 or 18 and still don't have it, then talk to your mom, trusted adult figure, or doctor.

Our school has a talent show coming up, and almost every year its monotonous singing and bad dancing, with the ocasional gymnastics routine or guitar player. I and a friend were trying to think of something fun and different to do, to get the crowd interested and laughing. We're not afraid to be silly in front of people - but we can't think of what to do that isn't OVERLY stupid.

Any insight on this? Details would be great...not something just like "Do a skit." (link)
Last year, my friends and I all dressed up as different kinds of zombies and monsters, and one of them dressed up as Michael Jackson. We all learned the Thriller dance and performed it... we didn't really win anything, but it was a ton of fun and people still talk about it all the time. Also, the winners of the talent show at my college did the Spartan cheerleader skit from SNL. Look to things that people are familiar with and parodize them. Best of luck to you, I bet you will be memorable :)

my friend's boyfriend has been harassing me since last year. He keeps doing things to my locker such as smashing a banana on it, putting tape all over, writing all over it, leaving long notes, putting signs with names such as boob girl or b***h etc. He would also spread all these rumors about me and call me all of these names. when my friend tells him to stop he refuses and he said that he wants to hurt me. she wants to protect her boyfriend from being suspended and she is trying to stop me from telling the GLC. He has been doing the same things to other people but they are too afraid of him to speak up. I really want to tell the GLC and take action but would I be doing the right thing by doing that even if I probably won't be friends with her anymore? also, I know that the GLC won't believe me since I don't have enough evidence to prove what he is doing to me. what should I do in this situation? (link)
Get all of the people together who this guy has been picking on, and confront the GLC together. Power, and safety, in numbers. The next time your locker is vandalized, grab a teacher to witness it so that you have someone else's word to back you up before you clean it up or take care of it. Your friend has obviously turned a blind eye on the situation, and clearly does not have your best interests at heart. This kid deserves to be suspended for what he's doing, by the sounds of it; there is no excuse for bullying.

Hi! My ex and I aren't really exes...we went out for like 2 days two times...but that's not wh I'm writing. Two days ago, my ex told me he liked my best friend who recently moved upstate...and I told my bff and she said she's known tha for 2 months, and my friend who doesn't really know him has also known for two months...and my bff hasn't really been telling me thinngs either and i can't honestly say we're best friends anymore, but then again i wouldn't wanna be cuz she ditchs me so much but again, another story. So basically, I was wondering if you knew why there was a breach in trust all of a sudden...btw, i'm 13/f and he's 14 or 15/m! Thank you! (link)
I would say that she's moved, you haven't, and you've simply grown apart. Distance seems to be detrimental to your friendship.

I really like this guy but he's my best friend's(who happens to be a guy)friend. They are really close, almost like brothers...I really don't think Travis (my best friend) would be too thrilled with me dating Tyler ( his friend). Tyler has already told me he likes me too...I'm lost on what to do, help?
*Brea* (link)
Ask Travis how he would feel about it. Maybe he wouldn't be upset about it, and would think it was cool. If you do go out with his friend, make sure you and Travis still hang out, so he doesn't feel left out. Hey, if he's cool about it, then go out with Tyler, and life is good. :)

hey i need help i like this guy he likes me to and he was about to ask me but my brother interuptid what do i do? please help (link)
Ask him what he was going to ask/tell you earlier.

i just want yalls opinions. do u thing black and black and white and white and mexican and mexican ect. should only get married? or should they mix. ok thanks. (link)
I think you should be able to marry whomever you love.

I was really good friends with this girl named madeline.... today she came up to me and punched me in the face in school(i still am in school right now) for no reason at all! I fell on the ground and didn't hit her back! I should of (well i think so at least) And i didn't! Should i of went after her or did i do the right thing by not hitting her back? (link)
Violence is not the answer. :-P

Hey!! I'm 14 andI wear my hair in a low pony tail EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! im not kidding!! I do this because it is always sticking up somewhere. I can't get a straightener ( im not allowed to) and i can't blowdry it straight. I have brown hair, below the shoulders and it curls alot at the ends. Does anybody have any suggestions on ANYTHING i can do with my hair!!?!?!??!?! Thanks so much!! I'll rate you high:):)
Thanks! (link)
Use a little mousse and take advantage of your natural curl :) Turn it into a good thing!

ok im like really white all my friends are way darker then me. anyways you know those different lotions that give you a tan what one works the best and doesnt turn you orange and really dark but gives you a beach tan. i dont want to go to a tanning bed because that can give you skin cancer or something. thanks. (link)
I have a friend that uses Neutrogena and it seems to work well for her.

I tried Sally Hansen once and it was orangey, so I wouldn't recommend that. :-P

can someone tell me a sight to get surveys to fill in about my self besides or w/e plz help! i rate good! (link)

Ok.. Im 14.. and I really love my boyfriend.. well.. last night.. we were talkin for a REALLY long time on the phone.. and he proposed to me. Its was really cute the way he did it. I of course said yes cause im so much in love with him.

What im wondering tho is: Do u think it can work out.. hes 16 and im 14... and also... do u think im too young to be engaged? (link)
Yes. You have your whole life ahead of you. How can you know that he's the only one for you?!

I have to play the piano in front of about 100 people in like, three hours, and I'm leaving in twenty minutes because I have to be there early. Anyway, I've done it before, but I was like ten so I didn't care what I sounded like. I have the song memorized and I'll still have the music in front of me, I've played it a zillion times, but I am INCREDIBLY nervous. I'm naturally a nervous person. My stomach is already in knots and when I think about it my palms sweat. The last time I played, I tried to be loud and my fingers and hands were so sweaty they slipped off the keys. Any experiances or help?

~Laura~ (link)
OH! I can give good advice about this. I used to get terrible stage fright and then, as dumb as it sounds, I read a book. It's called "The Inner Game of Music," and it's actually really good. What always calms me down is giving myself permission to be nervous, as stupid as it seems. Like, if your hands are sweaty, tell yourself (mentally) that they have PERMISSION to be sweaty, and then you won't worry about it anymore. There's a lot more stuff about breathing and crap, but it's a good book. Read it.

ok well ive liked this guy for awhile and apparently a while ago my ex friend **but she WAS my friend at the time this happened** told him that i liked him and i DID NOT tell her to do this for me and it pissed me off but now we rnt friends **for other reasons** and i dont exactly know what happened like if he said anythign or anything...the same friend told me that last year he liked me a little...but im not sure how to find out if he likes me if he hates me or what....any suggestions are greatly greatly appreciated! (link)
Find a new guy and make your life easier.

all of my friends have sex now, im 14! and i dunno i can't ever have sex with anybody if they ever ask me, and i know many people are going to tell me to wait n stuff, but i love my boyfriend and i really want to have sex with him!! but i can't im too afraid, or im just uncomfortable w/ my body, how can i do it??! please gimme sum help! (link)
If you're uncomfortable or afraid you ARE NOT READY. So don't do it. Der.

ok im 12 and i have a 36c cup and my breasts hang down real low(not like an old ladies though) and sumtimes i have lumps that r felt from the i have breast cancer???? and is the hanging a sign????? im so! (link)
Go to the Gyno and get a mammogram. Quick and easy way to find out.

I have a boyfriend who i see every other weekend.i just saw this kid who i havent seen in three years and i still like him. wat do i do? do i stay with my boyfriend who ive known for a month and have been together a week or do i break up with my boyfriend for the kid ive liked for three years? some1 help please (link)
Stick with your boyfriend. Even if you still "like" the kid, it's probably just physical attraction, and you never even mentioned if HE likes YOU or not. Don't throw away something you have before you know if this other guy's for real or you'll make a really big mess out of yourself.

does anyone know how to delete an aim screen name
or sign off aim from a sprint phone my girlfriend signed on aim with her phone and now it wont let her sign off and its rising up the bill and shes loosing minets and all that stuff so if anyone could help if they no how to dlete the sn its signed on to or sign off the cell phone i could use sum thanks ill rate ya if it works (link)
To sign off the cell phone, go to "Setup" or click on the window at the top of the AIM screen that says "Mobile messaging/IM Forwarding is ON/ENABLED" and turn it off/disable it.

I went to see a voice recital that my friend was performing in. I sat in the balcony with her family and in comes one of her other friends. We'll call this other friend "Tristen Kurcovsky". Anyways, she sat next to me and not only did she hit on me all night, she made fun of all these innocent children that were performing. She encouraged me to do the same thing (pick on the best efforts of hopeful children). I did because I hoped it would take her mind off of flirting with me all night. The trouble is now I feel really guilty for breaking down to "Tristen's" pressure. Should I confront "Tristen" or just go ahead and kill her? Your thoughts? (link)
I think you should just kill her, because anyone that spells "Tristen" with an "e" should just be shot. Period.

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