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Het whats up everyone... im excited to help you with any questions you may have so keep them coming...
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i am 13 and i went and got blonde higlights on my brown hair and i noe the highlights will start to go away but i was wondering if i striaghten my hair everyday and wash it everyday will it make the color go away faster?? and is there anything i can do to keep my highlight from not letting the color fade away so fast?? can u plz help me!! (link)
from what i know staightining your hair does not make the dye go away faster.... but get a shampoo ment to help the dye stay in longer... any drugstore will have one

i've had this cough for about a month long. at the beginning it was from a severe cold or something. but i've been around my sister a lot who smokes and i have asthma. could it be from second hand smoke getting into me? any ideas? i rate *HiGH* (link)
the smoke is really not helping the cough and might be making it worse... second hand smoke can sometimes be even worse then smoking itself. i hope you feel better soon if it keeps up i would see a doctor....

I dont mean to have a blonde moment here, what what the heck is a stick shift???

--Clueless (link)
it means a car shift to switch gears...

xoxo tinks

I think I'm anorexic. But I might not be because everyone says that the first quality of an anorexic is denial. I don't know. My friends say that I am, because I don't eat much for lunch and most of the time don't eat lunch at all. I never considered myself underweight, but I guess I would be in like, the 10th percentile. What do you guys think?
anorexia is when you do not eat AT ALL... if you are not hungry then ypu dont need to eat but if you see a problem with you not eating much at all at least have an orange or apple... i was anorexic for a while about a year... my friends and parents had gotten really concerned and i got really sick.. it is not worth it at all!! now i love food and eat alot!! lol... just slowly pace yourself but dont not eat for whatever reason...if you skip lunch make sure you have a nice big dinner ..

xoxo tinks

where is the best place to buy a fancy dress not formal or semi formal casual-fancy (link)
they have nice dresses at forever 21 , charlotte russe and contempo casuals.. nice and not to expensive.. oh also winsor

what is a birthday suit? (link)
it is when you are completly nakey!!!

xoxx tinks

can anyone tell me a good site to put digital pictures on besides picture trail because thats not working for me!! thank you (link)
you can download your pics at community webshots or shutterfly ...

xoxo Tinks

i have a sore on the inside of my lip is there any way to make it go away of do i just have to put up with it until it goes away itself? (link)
you can go to cvs or any type of drug store and get something called cankaid.. it helps ALOT!! you can find it near the toothpaste isle

xoxo Tinks

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