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HI, im your answer to your problems.if you got troubles ask me and youll get answers. I am 12 and willing to help with the love life music and sports.will im helping every Monday at5:00-7:00
Wensday at 5:00-7:00 Friday at 5:00-7:00
and saterday- sunday at 2:00-8:00.

Great see you then!
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Okay, I have a boyfriend who goes to my church (on wednesday nights) but i never see him because he never goes anymore and he doesn't go to my school. i want to dump him because i have this other boyfriend who i want to dump because he never sees me or calls me and i don't have his number and he doesn't go to my school. Okay, I want to dump both of them because I like this other boy who DOES go to my school and i know he likes me. If i ask him out though then ill have 3 boyfriends. i consider myself as if i don't have a boyfriend but i know i have to and soon will have 3. What to do? (link)
you should break up with both of them and then go for that guy that will probably reach your satisfactoy.
good luck

I've had this best friend for about 11 years now.. but I'm so sick of her. She's always lying to me, deceiving me, hurting me, so much stuff that I'm so pissed off. I talk to her about it all the time but she just comes up with more excuses, then expects me to forgive her. She's pretty much friends with all my friends, and you could even say she's "stolen" some from me and now they're better friends with her then me, so I can't hang out with them anymore. What should I do? (link)
tell her everything that shes done wrong and tell her that she either changes her way or you arnt going to be her friend no more. she isnt your friend if she stiil lies to you after you tell here should find the friends that are still loyal to you and hang out with them.
hope i helped you

Why do boys have ask girls out and why cant girls ask boys out. It make it so much more complicated for the boys. And the boys will never have a girlfriend if they are to shy to ask out the girl they like. (link)
they dont have to ask girls out. you can do are an independent woman. you dont need a boy to make the first move. you do it!

I am a fast runner you see and I got asked to run this thing called the turkeytrot, but Iave to run in front of the whole school. I am araid of getting lastplace should I still run? (link)
you will never know until you try. be brave.

Tecnically i need no help in the hmwrk feild. BUT. what do you think about me droppin spanish and persuiting my carrer in movies. (link)
you should finsh spanish class and then persu your movie should finsh what you start.

Hello I want to know how you make out. Like what do you do? I know you french kiss by using your tounge but how exactly do you use it? Can you please help me!
PS my friend wanted to know so I told him I knew where to ask and that I would ask for him that is why I am asking. (link)
well making out comes very naturlly.first you feel the vibe betwen you and the person.then you do the rest on your own. you can stick your toughnge in and move it around or you can feel around. or you can even do creative!


How can I get my plastic glow in the dark stars to stay on my ceiling? That puddy stuff they give you just doesn't seem to be working and if I don't do something fast someone could lose an eye. (link)
will you can try taping them on .

you can glue it on

the last thing i can give you advice on is to use the stickest thing you can find.

I've known this boy since the 4th grade. We are two years apart. We were together for 2 years. He was normal but now he is a total freak and disaster! Recently he's been stalking me, and my friends. Like he'll talk to my friends and tell them lies that I don't like. And he almost punched me and grabbed my arm so hard it had red marks on it. Durring our relationship he called me a slut for going to a dance with one of my good friends which is now my boyfriend. But yet, durring our relationship, on his b-day he played spin the bottle with all of my friends and kissed all of them, and my best friend, and my best friends mom. So, all together he's cheated on me, abused me, and stalked me, lied to me, used me, and ruined my life and my dignity. What should I do?
Tears =( (link)
will you should go to your parents AND the cops. you should stay as far as possible frome him. if he bothers you again then you do what ever it takes to get him away from you.nothing is more important then you!

Good Luck!

I hate you guys. You gave me terrible advice and now i am stuck in spanish and failing. THANKS (link)
will if you hate us so much don't use it!

At my school there are some kids who think being Jewish is a bad thing. I am half Jewish and one of my friends is too. We always get mad when we hear kids saying it. Some kids say things like- You Jew- as if its bad. They dont even care who they say it to they will say it to christians catholics or jews. It really make me mad but I dont know what to do. Plus most of the kids who say it are in the popular group witch me and my friends are not it. What should I do? (link)
this is very troubling. you should sand up for your sel and what you beleive. but dont get into a fight.
take care

I like this girl at my school but she is 1 year older than me and in 1 grade ahead of me. She is on my bus and lives really close to me. I dont think she is very popular or has a boyfriend witch is good because im not very popular I mean I have a lot of friends but we are not in the popular group. How should I ask this girl out, do you think its even worth asking her out? Its so hard for me to think of what to say plus I dont know when to asker her out. (link)
frist you got to figure out if she is dateing someone.then you have to find out if she likes you.if she doesn't like you theres no reason to ask her out. if she does like you you should ask her out on a daythat is ramantic to her,like valentis day or here birthday.ask here on a holiday.maybe you should start it out by telling here how much and how long you've liked here.then pop the ? in a sudle and yet ramantice.
your advicer

So here's the deal. I have never had a g/f. But I have a very nice personality and I am very very funny. Whats wrong. HELP (link)
Maybe you need to flirt alittle pick someone you like and let them get to know you.Be the real you and not the person she wishes you to be.

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