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Me and this boy have been dating for quite a few months now. He's 19 and I'm 18. We started off going very slow, but then things gradually got faster and he told me he defintely has come to care for me so much and trust me (he's been hurt a lot in the past and hasn't had good experiences with relationships). I've met all of his friends and family, and he's constantly talking to them about me as if I'm this amazing person, which, in my opinion is very cute. Anyway, He's mentioned twice already in conversations about the future that he would not mind at all if we lived together when we're ready, etc. He's also asked me about my view on children (if i want them, how many, names, etc) and stuff like that. And, soon, I'm going on vacation for almost 3 months, and he said he's willing to wait for me, which I think is amazing consdiering he's a young guy. I don't know if its just me or does he seem like he's getting really serious? It doesn't bother me or anything, I'm just wondering. (link)
He does sound serious.But thats better than him just wanting to fool around and then find a new girl.He sounds like a real sweet heart =)

I am skinny, yet my face is chubby, Hair cut advice, its looking dull and flat.. and makeup advice? thanks How old do you think i look in this picture? (link)
You look about 16-17.
Very Natual look.

something i am actually stuggling with right now..

Try this website to try on hair and makeup, it is great!|7736617718

Hope i could help.

Two days back,My husband and my friend had sex with me together in the same night. But now I'm worried because In case I get pregnant, Will there be a problem with my baby because they were two peoples indulged in sex with me. (link)
Your husband was ok with you having sex with someone else? Well im only 17, but i don't think having sex with more than one person would harm the baby. People have sex while their pregnant all the time and it is safe, so 2 guys should't make it unsafe...

I’m a 19 year old boy; I started stammering from the age of 5, Everyday my stammering get worst each day. My classmates tease me and I’m very sad. And because of my stammer I never had any good friends and I always sit alone in my house. Sometimes I just feel to suicide because of my miserable life. Is there any cure for my stammer?

Somebody told me that hypnosis therapy would cure my stammer. (link)
People are just mean. Don't let them get to you. that is what they want. If you can find at least one good friend you'll be ok. Im sorry that people tease about something like that, but don't let them tell you they don't have something they do, everyone does. My younger sister used to have a lot of speech problems and every since she took speech classses she has gotten so much better, you wouldn't even know she had a speech issue.

dear columnist :p
i really like this guy...& i think he likes me..
we actually danced together at this dance last week.
but everything fell apart when his ex-gf was crying.
so he went to go see if she was okay..
we dint even get the chance to finish dancingg !
the song wasnt finish & my heart was kindaa confuzzed.
im going to see him this week at this party..
should i go talk to him ? what do i doo ! :( (link)
I would suggest you go up and talk to him. Ask him if he likes you. If not then he doesn't. But if he does and you don't ask you will never know. But you should definatly go talk to him.Boys won't admit it but a lot of them act tuff and like they don't get nervous, but they do. So maybe he would feel more comfortable with you making the first move. Good luck girl!

My mom and I have always had a friend relationship and she has always left me for someother guy and doesn't ask to see me that much and she alway text me about her life and hardly asks about mine and just a few days ago me and her got in a fight and she cused at me calling me a B**** and that I was a spoild little brat and all I said is that I was made cus she left and has non of her kids and she still calls herself a mom and she always lied to me and tryed to play it off and i am feed up with it is it ok to hate your mom for all the shit she has put me in? Please help the more help I get the better.
My mom and i don't agree on almost anything. Even though she has kinda kept me away from my dad for the past 13 years or so i do not hate her. I do get mad about it, but it isn't worth hating her.

both 17/f

My friend L and I have been (best) friends for 5 years. We hung out all the time, I even lived with her for a year. I got pregnant at 15 and we were still hanging out. Shes had the same boyfriend for 3 years, and now she is pregnant with his baby. Unlike me when i was pregnant, she doesnt want to do ANYTHING, even get off her couch!

The problem is that throughout our entire friendship, I was always the one to call her, make plans, listen to all her problems... I was and still am the only one making the effort. (Shes like this with everyone) and im fed up with it! She never listened to my problems or she just kind of brushed them off. Shes a bit selfish.

I took three weeks and didnt call her to see if she'd call me, .and of course she didnt. I called her finally and she was offended because she thought that since she was pregnant and couldnt party, I didnt want to hang out with her -_- i told her the phone works both ways and that i was sick of inviting myself over. I also told her if she wanted me to I would go watch a movie and have a relaxing friday with her. Of course she never called to make plans.

I know it looks bad because she's pregnant and 'im ditching' her, but I am just so fed up with putting 100% into the relationship and getting nothing back. Everytime i try to tell her, i just feel bad and end up not getting my point across. I went to her babyshower and it was almost like we were strangers. Now Im making great friends who actually seem like they want to hang out with me and it feels so good!

Am I in the wrong here? Im just so over it but I feel like I should be there for her like I always am. Could be just be growing up and drifting apart?
Thanks! (link)
I feel ya! There was a girl i was friends with from 3rd grade up till the end of freshman year. We stopped being friends because she was a bit of the jelous type and if i got something so did she. Including a boyfriend. We started dating boys on the same day, her and her bf broke up in like 2 weeks, and my bf and i are still together after 3 years. I am going to be a senior this year and we havnt talked since our last day of school freshman year.And ever since then i have made better friends who are not jelous of what i have. So if your friend wants to act like that and she is still wanting to be friends with you i would be friends, but not really close, because you are making new and better friends, and maybe she will see that and shape up. Hope i could help...friends are a bummer sometimes..

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