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I'm a teenager,i can relate to most problems because either i or my friends have been through them. My best friend at the moment is my medical book so if you need to know if you have anything wrong with you..ask me! Smile because things can always get worse.- Aragorn lover, Ithielden
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what kind of gift do u get ur bf for ur one year aniversary?.. were only 15 but its styll a big deal for me... thanxs :O)
**emmy** (link)
O?O OUOUH! Something he considers special. What does he like? Think about that. How about 2 pieces of choclate that resemble people. One could be you one could be him. Then put them on a heart shaped sounds yummy....i mean fun.

i need the toilet all the time, but when i go for a wee nothing comes out. why is this? (link)
When you go do you have to wait a few mintues ? If so you might have Narrowing of the uretha, mostly in women, or enlargement of the prostate gland especially in men oveer 50 is a possiblity.

Treatment: If you have any one of those an operation is recommened.

Umm..hoped it helped...Ithielden

For 4 years i have had a condition that that always ends up in the "its Psychological bin" some of the content is, however much of it is reactive to the Physical, "psychologist refered me back to the Doctor"
initially there was severe spins, followed by a migraine, "this was diagnosed as inflamed tonsils"
next came the twitching upper lip,
two months after this, i was under some stress, i noticed a heavy sensation in the left side of the head, after a week i started to feel anxious, a close friend noticed that i was not behaving as normal, though she had no specific reason for thinking this at the time.
the sensation continued, as did the anxiety,
about two weeks after this sensation arose, there was a shooting feeling from the mid spine, this shot to the head where the sensation was,
the effects of this incl, loss of balance, difficulty moving the left eye, and pain to the left eye and above, sight seemed unaligned,
mental consentration impaired, visual residual, hearing imbalance,
temporal spasms "left side"
later, a lump would appear under the left ear, and also on the roof of the mouth
mental processing of information seems slow,as in the logic has gone out of everything,
painful neck, though not stiff "left"
the reactive "anxiety etc" or if i do anything physical or mentally concentrated makes the problem worse,at these times it seems to follow a line across head outside of this line the feeling is near numbness
i get migraines however these are over the top of the sensation, and i would assume these migraines are stress related
it is difficult to accept that it is all Psychological,
i was a pretty normal Being up till this, probably excessively laid back and A type in my working environment,
anyone got any idea's, suggestions (link)
I looked up your syptoms and came up with:

A transient ischemic attack-
If you felt dizzy then had some of these syptoms: tempoary total or partial loss of vision in one or both eyes, diffculty speaking, weakness in your arms or legs or numbness and/or tingling in any part of your body and now the syptoms have dissapeared.

A Transient ischemic attack- A temporary interruption in the blood supply to the brain sometimes linked to the narrowing of the arteries.

Treatment: If your physician suspects that this is the problem, you will probably be reffered to a specialist for tests, including electrocardinary. At a later stage, you may need to undergo angiography and/or ultra sounding of the arteries. Treatment consists of taking steps to reduce factors that may contribute to the narrowung of the arteries. You may also be prescribedmedication to control high blood pressure, if you have it, and further medication to prevent the formation of blood clots. Surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Any questions or more syptoms contact me. Hope it helped,

ok im an african american girl. i go to a prodominatly white school. and im not racist but some of the kids think like all the black people that go to my school are racist. im not racist against white people i like everybody n if i hate you its not because your race its because i hate you. or if i like you.. yea you get it but anyways im not racist but the white kids at my school say some racist comments and they have a lot of sterotypes about black people and then they watch to much tv. they think that all black men are in jail which is not true because i know alot of wealthy successful black men n then they think that all black women are video hoes.. n that aint true because i know alot of successful black women. and alot of their comments are just stupid and unnecessary and it pisses me off. like to the point where im ready to just beat them down. because they go by what they hear and not what they know. so i need a different way to over come there lil racists comments because if i do beat one of them down i already kno its gonna be shame on me and not shame on them because thats how my school is. and like i said i dont have anythin against white people but at my school if somethin happens they go to the black kids before they even try and think about anybody else. I NEED SOME HELP! (link)
I really do hate people like that. It's good you know NOT to beat them up. If you have any friends you can always hang out with them because these people aren't *worth* getting in trouble over. Just remember it will come back to them '3' times WORSE.


Hi, it's my 15th birthday coming up soon, and I want to do something really good, like have a big party or something. The problem is, I want to invite all my friends (which span over a WIDE area - i have friends from loads of schools), but they don't all know each other, and some don't get along that well. Also, my best friend is a year younger and at a different school, but absolutely NONE of my other friends know her. I really want to invite all of them but I don't think they'll all enjoy it - especially my best friend as the only person she'll know is me. What shall I do? (link)
You could tell your younger friend that she can invite a friend to come with her. So she can have someone to hang out and you can meet someone new. She won't feel lonely and you can roam around and say hi to everyone else without feeling bad.

Hope it helps

have you ever been fingered? (link)
No, but my friend has...though i think she was messed up at the time...sometimes i wonder....*sigh*


ive been with my bf for 3 1/2 months and well...i used to be so INTO him.. but soemhow the luv has just FADED away... i DO care about him and love him alot, its just that im not IN love with him anymore. he told me a few days ago that if he ever lost me, he would kill himself. i know he wouldnt really do it, but i still need to worry. ANYWAY, he has NO CLUE about how im feeling. He thinks that i LUV him alot, and i dont know how i can get him not to be into be anymore.
hes just so into me and tells me so many things that he luvs about me... it creeps me out...

what should i do?! can anyone gimme any ideas on how i can get him to STOP LIKING ME... at least bit by bit.... i just want him to get , well, TIRED of being with me... i jstu want him to DUMP ME!!!! (link)
Ugh! I know just how you feel. My friend got rid of her annoying b/f by walking past him with another boy and said that she was with HIM. It was a bit mean but it worked.

Hope it helps a bit

oookkk i need major advice lol cause my friends def. dont give me any. i really like this guy, but he does a lot of stuff i dont like. he smokes a lot, drinks to much (i like to drink but he drinks all the time) and hes just kinda known as a "bad boy". a lot of people tell me i could do a lot better. he gets into trouble a lot and starts fights with people, but im really comfortable with him and i like the way he makes me feel. i dont know what balances out more or if its worth going through stuff he does... and if i should keep being with him cause i really like him but i really dont wanna get stuck in his drama and the stuff he does. i dont want to lead him on either... so if i should get away from him i need to. hes a really nice guy and he has a lot of friends and i know he would never hurt me... but the things he does really bothers me... and i dont like to see him get hurt or get in fights. I NEED MAJOR ADVICE!!!
-kelly (link)
There must be a reason why he smokes and drinks alot and gets into fights. U said not many people like him. Maybe he's just not happy. So u don't HAVE to get rid of him because you can try to talk to him and see if there's something wrong that you can help him with. If you can get him to smoke less and drink less that might also help because drinking and smoking are ways people use to 'get away from life' and he can never face his problems if he runs away from them. It sounds like he needs to get his life together.

But if he doesn't seem to want any help maybe he just has to figure this out on his own and you might have you leave him.

The man I'm about to tell you about is a friend that's married. We were co-employees in the same building. Our relationship started out from insults, literially! He's 6'7" and I'm 5'2" so you can imagine the short and tall insults we through at one another. The insults turned into jokes and jokes changed into long conversations as we appeared to be on the same level in so many things. The conversations turned into unexplained feelings that couldn't be denied by either but we were friends and he got engaged.

He's now married (about 2 months)but still wants to keep our friendship knowing there are underlying feelings that neither of us seem to have a firm grip on. We tell ourselves that we can be friends but who's kidding who? He got genuine feelings for me and I know this! We've talked about it but he's decided to let these feelings, out of nowhere, take him wherever they might lead! He's (we've) had these feelings before he got married and at first I thought it was going to be okay, but it seems they've gotten strong since then.

I've tried to put him out of my mind by substituting him with work, other friends and family but it doesn't help when he calls just wanting to talk or ask me to meet him. Nothing's happened between us physically but I'm feelings that's only a matter of time as there's a lot of chemistry and sexual tension between us whenever we're together. I've always prided myself in not getting involved with married men but in this case we're a little different since we started out unattracted to one another and it's grown into feelings that won't seem to go away for either of us. He's tried, or so he's says, not to think about me and concentrate on his marriage, but he can only for a few days before he calls me. I can't explain what I feel for him in words as I've never felt this way for anyone! I've always been able to turn my feelings off and on when it came to men as my first and only love saw to that. My girlfriend thinks we're falling in love (the real thing) with one another. Our relationship has grown over the past 2 years but I don't know if I can control what might happen between us. He's the first to make me feel anxious. The first man I've longed to be with in over 20 years. I've only been in love once in my life but this feels so different! He invades my dreams, for God's sake!

I need someone to put this in prospective for me. Confirm that it's wrong to feel this way about a married man, especially when I can't act upon those feelings. Is this really love or are we all a victim of circumstance? How can you be married to one but have strong feelings for another? Okay, there's much more to this story but this is the jest of it. Is there someone out there that can help? This time it's the advisor that's needs the help . . . . how ironic???? (link)
Be careful before you do anything because this 'feeling' may either ruin or make your friends better. I would think about three people in this situation. The wife, your friend and yourself. Balance out the problem and think what would happen to all of you if someting 'did' happen and then think what would happen to all of you if something didn't.

Hope it helps a bit

is it just me, or is everyone getting really annoyed with people asking alicia questions. please someone ask a question or put a comment that doesn't involve 'alicia you're so pretty' or 'i want to be just like you'. it's soooo annoying me now, please if you want to ask her questions use email, don't clutter up the site's space with this rubbish!
P.S if you're alicia, please answer because i would like to know what you think of all this. thanx. (link)
I agree with you. These people are pathetic. They need to stop with this obsession with Alica because they DO have a life of there own. I just found out about this web-stie today and this stuff is already annoying me.


ok ive ben hiliting my hair for about a year now and i really just want to dye it but my mom wont let me till im 18 do u have any suggestions that she will let me dye my hair be4 im 18?! THANKS!!! (link)
Try to see if she'll let you dye your hair a color similiar to yours. Later on, if she lets you, she'll become a bit more sympathetic and let you dye it another color.

Well, good luck either way.

does anybody know any FREE! psychic readings i need to nkow what my future is gonna look like cuz i have these dreams that seemm like they show my future but i cant tell i need someone to tell me... please help me find someone to help me... asap i really need to find out.. help! make sure it is free (link)

dreams are so complex that this dream could just be your mind telling you something you don't yet relize. A desire? A warning to yourself? A feeling? It might be showing you what you fear might happen or what you want to happen. But good luck anyway.


These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life its really tur i fell like im somewhere else and everymorning whne i wake up i feell like im going to that place i dont know where it is but its kinda like dayshaview and if i go somewhere and see something its like i already saw it and its really weird i just need help. theres something out therei cant resist it Every moment I'm asleep the further I'm away!! help
these dreams fell very real and i have this feeling that they are going to come true please help im 13 !! (link)
Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. Dreams are very complexed, they can be showing you a deep desire or they can be warning you of something. If you further explain i might be able to help you more.

I hope this helps

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