Hey 'sup ya'll! My name is Anthony. I enjoy giving people advice. I like to help people with their problems or give them suggestions. You can ask me anything. But please type correctly, (no using internet slang, or abbreviations) because a lot of times questions can be misunderstood even by one word.
I will try to answer these questions the best I can. It will help if you inclued AGE, GENDER, and be VERY THOROUGH. I do specialize in topics in Growing up, Relationships, SOME Technology, SOME Religion, Physical Fitness, and Philosophy (if you have anything that you've been wondering or thinking about and you want to tell someone, tell me!)
Basically, I am the male, black/asian, rap fan, non-punk, -emo,or -gothic version of twistedsister17. So you can ask us both for different opinions.
Also, any answer I give, please note that these are merely SUGGESTIONS. You do not have to take my advice. And once again, I will try to answer the best I can.


(Rating: 5) i dont think u play track/cross country cause you always throw up when doing it! it sucks
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 5) Thanks! I'll try girl push ups!
(Rating: 5) WOW!!! ::this made me teary:: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I'll LEt you know how it turns out!!
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 2) Umm...it's not a teacher lol it's another student
(Rating: 4) Thanks
(Rating: 5) i know it isnt right and it is so hard to deal with it but i am sticking right next to my boyfriend if they cant accept it then o well i love him and i wont leave him for people that are stupid like that.
(Rating: 5) =) =) thanks for the advice~ it was so cool!
(Rating: 5) Thanks, unlike others who respond you werent rude! :) *high five*
(Rating: 5) Thanks!! =) that helped a lot!
(Rating: 5) YOU helped! tHanks
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) Thanks :)
(Rating: 5) AHhhh THAT SUckS Balls!!
(Rating: 5) Hey. Sup?? Thnx 4 your advice/ I know that me and him weren't meant to be...I guess I'll wait until the next hott guy rolls around and we'll see what happens. Xo>
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
(Rating: 5) thank you..
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thank you very much
(Rating: 5) um thanks for the advice but not the kind i was looking for hahaha :)
(Rating: 5) I agree!
(Rating: 5) thanks for your advice. - melisa
(Rating: 5) your awesome thanks im a purple belt but my cousin wouldnt believe me when i said the differences
(Rating: 5) Thank you very much! :-)
(Rating: 5) thanks bunches
(Rating: 5) ok thats good lol thanx :)
(Rating: 5) thank you, that was really great advice -"anonymus"
(Rating: 5) lol thanks
(Rating: 4) thanks!
(Rating: 5) yeah thats great! Business has kind of been slow for me lately...lol I put you in my info too. :)
(Rating: 5) thanxs
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) lol i have all those, nigga. thanks tho;;peace

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