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What is your opinion on religion? I've heard about the theory of evolution and it makes a lot of sense.
And right now the theory of god and heaven doesn't seem real. There's no proof.
Can any of you give me your point of view? I want details b/c i'm really troubled with this.
plz help

Well, just keep this in mind. The Bible was NOT MADE TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY! You know where it says that he made man out of clay (well I'm not sure cuz I don't read the Bible... I'm not a very good Catholic...)Who said God can't create evoulution? What if the clay is a symbol of the organisms building up together to form man? Who says that the Earth was made in 7 EARTH DAYS? This is highly unlikely. Maybe God's day last billions of years. What God could've done, was make man out of the organisms that pull together to make a new species and let them be. THEN as the earth changes, Charles Darwin's theroy comes into play, causing evoulution because of the "survival of the fittest"

Heavan on the other hand... Well, isn't it nice to think that when you die (and you've lived a rightous life), you go to a place where you're body is perfict, and you can have anything you want (I'm not sure what that is though...) It kinda makes me want to go to Heaven now.

Well I hope I helped and I hope I didn't confuse you!


Hi. I'm a 16 year old girl and I have a huge problem. I often times wonder about God. I'm sure that I believe in him but at times I have doubts...is that normal? And also, is it true that God has a plan for everyone and some people are bound to go to hell?

Yeah it's normal. A lot of people go through things which causes them to have doubts about the existance of
God. And when they say that God has a plan for everyone... Well I'm not sure, because that's just like saying that you are destined to go to Hell. I would like to think of it more like this:
God knows everything. He knows every move you'll make in your lifetime, so if you make certain bad moves, you will be punished and go to Hell.
Hope I answered your question.


What is the differnece between Catholic, Lutheren and Christian religions? I want to know about the differences befor i pick one.

Well, Christian is both Catholic and Lutheren and more. I can tell you the difference between Catholic and Lutheren. Catholic has been existing longer. A long, LONG time ago, If you were Catholic, you were Christian. Luthern is the first church to break away from the Catholic religion. I suggest Catholic because I'm Catholic, and every other Christian religion came from the Catholic, with a few changes. Anyway, it's your choice.


Hi my name is Bill. Im 15 and I currently attend a christian church. As a baby my parents werent married, my mom ran away, my dad couldnt afford a baby soo he left me with his parents. I grew up with my grandparents till right before my 15th b-day when my grandma died from carcinoid cancer. after that i weant to live with my dad. instead of being distanced from God I feel closer. my pastor said im the strongest person he's met. what does he mean by that? by the way i want to go to olivet collage and become a youth pastor myself.

He probably ment this: Usually, when go though a series of problems such as you, they gradually start to lose their faith. Glad to hear that you're feeling closer to God. Good luck on becoming a youth pastor!


Does the ouija board really work?bb

Well, I'm Catholic, and they say that it does work. I'm not sure because I've never seen one in real life before. The church says its a sin to use it but I say... Well it's your decision.


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