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ok so i just started cross country today and it is so hard. ive done track for 3 years but that was nothing compared to this. for 3 hours we just ran! we did about 5 miles. i came in 2nd to last/tied for last every time! ive never been fast but my track coach told me i should give cross country a try. it was SO inspiring and it makes me feel REALLY good but i felt like i was going to throw up the entire time and when we compete against other schools, theres just no way really! should i drop out now before its really a commitment and do winter and/or spring track or should i keep it up and hope/pray to get better?


I think that you shouldn't worry about competing other schools. No matter what, if you try your hardest, you will get better. Getting better is always going past your limit. However, if you do decide to stop cross country, then go ahead and do track. Just remember, the harder you try, the better you'll get. Just try not to go so hard so that you start vomiting. (That could be unhealthy) Good luck!


Hey Everyone..k i have a really weird problem..i can not do a push up. any tips? maybe im not doing it correctly or something? ive tried but like just one pushup takes so much effort, and i can barely do one! please help! thanks!

Hey, I help teach Tae Kwon do, and I got tired of seeing my students not being able to do a proper pushup. I think I found the problem. Your arm mucscles must not be strong enough to lift up your body. To build up arm muscles, you should do girl pushups. Get down on all fours, then bend your arms. Be sure to go down until the tip of your nose touches the floor. Try to do 30 of theses continusiously

To do a proper pushup, laydown straight with your arms out to make a "T" with your body. Next put your toes perpendicular to the floor. Then, put your hands flat on the floor right next to your sholders. Then push up, KEEPING YOUR BACK STRAIGHT. Now that you're up. Bend ONLY your arms (like in the girl pushups). Go down so that the tip of your nose touches the floor and push your body up. Remember, keep your back straight at all times. Try to do 10 straight pushups. I hope this helps! Don't rate until you try this.


i usally do arounf 100 sit-ups everyday( not at once, but like 20-20-20-20-20) and i was wondering, how long will it be untill i see resultes?!

Well, it might take you awhile. However, when you say that you do sets, I really hope your not doing 20, rest for 2 hours, then do anothr 20, 'cause that won't get you anywhere. You should do 20, rest for 10 seconds, then continue. If you're doing them correctly, you should feel a burning sensation in your stomach. That means your stomach muscles are ripping (which is good) Then eat a lot of protein (this will get your muscles to heal faster, therefore geting stronger, faster.) Hope I helped!


I swear I'm not trying to brag, I'm 13 and only like 70 pounds, I sit in front of my computer all day, I eat a bunch of crap food, I go to McDonalds all the time, but you can still see my spine through the front. How can I gain weight? I rate high usually, but smartass answers will just result in me asking "Why do you suck so much?" as one of those personal questions.

You have a fast matabolism. However, it'll be better for you to get in the habit of eating healthier and working out. (you don't have to be fat or old to have a heart attack) You should start running and lift weights to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Good luck! I'm working on the same thing.


i want to go on a diet so that when school starts i will have something to feel good about and not just the torture of school starting but i just cant stop eating im 13 years old and i weight 106 lbs and have a big tummy i have been doing crunches but i just cant stop eating any suggestions i rate 5s help please asap

signed desprete

WHAT?! You don't need to be on a diet! You probably do have a fast matabolism though. What you could do, is start running. And a better workout than situps is by laying down on your back, and lift up your legs 6in. of the ground. your legs should be straight. Then do sissor kicks. Those are helpful


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