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HIV: How easy is it to get HIV?

Question Posted Tuesday May 29 2012, 5:43 am

Hi. so long story short, about a month ago a guy who had always been chasing after me convinced me to sleep with him (I was drunk, and it was a terrible mistake as he had his way with me and deleted me from his life) anyway, I pointed out I didn't want to do anything as he didn't have a condom and offered instead I'd give him a blowjob since he threatened to never speak to me again. That escalated to sex but I made him stop fairly soon. The same thing happened again about a week later unfortunately.

Anyway, I got told I had Chlamydia after getting checked about 2 weeks ago and I took the treatment for that so that SHOULD be gone now.
My concern is HIV, as I know he sleeps around and presumably he never uses a condom :/

So the question is:
How easy is it to get HIV?
He never actually came inside my vagina and I only swallowed once.

I plan on getting checked when the 3 months have passed, but I'd like to know if its as easy to catch as chlamydia??

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adviceman49 answered Tuesday May 29 2012, 9:26 am:
I can only add on thing to what has already been said. If there is any possibility the person you slept with has HIV you should get a blood test now and talk to a doctor about early treatment for this disease.

You can contact you local health department if you fear he is infected. They will investigate and see that he is tested. In the mean time you get tested and if the doctor feels it is proper to start you on antivirals they will.

The probability that he is infected is low and even lower that he infected you. HIV is treatable with early detection so I suggest you start with the base line blood test and a discussion with a doctor on whether antivirals are appropriate now. Antiviral treatment would depend on how confident you are that your partner is HIV positive.

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Razhie answered Tuesday May 29 2012, 8:30 am:
HIV isn't as common as Chlamydia. HIV also requires blood or semen from an infected party to come in contact with your blood stream in order to catch it. Chlamydia can be transfer from skin contact.

HIV can enter the blood stream through the vagina, or through the mouth. Both are possible.

So... there is no easy answer to to your question. We can't pull numbers out of the air. If he had HIV, the sexual activity you engaged in could have spread it to you. If he is HIV positive - the risk exists. If he doesn't have HIV, then there is no risk of you getting it from him.

The best thing you can do right now is try to relax. It's done. You can't change anything that happened. Get the HIV test at the 3 month mark and the 6 month mark to be certain you are clean.

I know it's scary to even have the risk exist - but the truth is the HIV is not death sentence anymore. It's a life changer but it's quite manageable. And in the end, it's still more likely that you don't have, then that you do.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

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