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365 Reasons Why I Love You List

Question Posted Saturday May 26 2012, 6:42 am

My boyfriend and I's 1st anniversary is coming up soon and as a gift I want to come up with 365 reasons why I love him. I currently have a list of 267 reasons but I have writers block. I know there are countless reasons why I love him and I'm probably just not thinking of them. So if you could come up with creative reasons why you love someone(can be your significant other, family member, friend, etc) it may jog my brain to think of others.
These are what I currently have(I can't list them all):
You’re cute
You’re hot
You’re sexy
You’re attractive
You make me smile
You make me happy
You make me laugh
You love me for me
You try your best to make me feel better about myself
You always compliment me
You care about me
You give me back massages
You watch TV shows that you don’t like just because I like them
You’re honest
You’re loyal
You’re trustworthy
You don’t judge me
Your opinion about me never changes
You’re always there for me
You take me mini golfing
You take me to the movies
You take me to Ruby Tuesday
You take me to Dairy Queen
You share things with me
You let me keep clothes of yours you no longer want
You’re my best friend
You spend my birthday showering me with gifts and different things to do
You’re nice
You’re sweet
You watch kids movies with me
Helping me with chores
Chauffeuring me around when I need it
Being patient with me when I get annoying
The way you smell
Cute text messages you send me
Telling me randomly that you love me
Taking care of me in times of need
Your smile
Your eyes
Your hair
For being cuddly
Your big strong arms
Always hugging me even though I ask for one every 2 minutes
The way you make me smile after every kiss
For trusting me
For letting me help you
For forgiving me when I forget things
For remembering when our anniversaries are
For not pressuring me into having sex when I don’t feel like it
For just being a good guy all around
For your sense of humor
For worrying about me even when I don't worry about myself
For helping me clean up
For listening to me
Knowing you’re mine- forever
For cooking for me
How we joke about stuff
For calling me your baby
For calling me honeybee
The gifts you give me that I don’t deserve
Not forgetting my birthday
Making sure I get up to go to class
Your personality
You're respectful
You don’t pressure me to do things you know I don’t want to
Your piercings
Your facial hair
You play with my hair
You sing and play songs for me guitar
You write songs about me
You’re fine with hanging out with your friends with me around
Because you love cats and dogs as much as I do
You accept my relationship with Kona
You treat me well
You’re creative
You’re ability to make up songs on the spot
You’re my soul mate
You bring out the best in me
You’re my everything
You’re the last person I want to see before I fall asleep
You’re the first person I want to see when I wake up
You always reassure me even when you already have a million times before
You love me even despite my flaws
We can have fun doing absolutely nothing
You get me flowers
You’re always on my mind
You’re adventuresome and like to try new things
You have your own opinions
You have a variety of interests
How you randomly dance while cooking
How I feel complete when you hold me in my arms
How we make a great team
Our bodies just seem to fit perfectly together
How you let me accidentally fall asleep on you
You tell me you miss me
How you hold my hand
The way you touch me
Your voice
That you can sing
That you can play guitar
Your confidence
I can’t stay mad at you
Your lips
Your little nose
You’ll drive hours just to come see me
You immediately apologize after you hurt my feelings
Your intelligence
How you randomly kiss me on the cheek or forehead
You know exactly where I’m ticklish
You know more about me than anyone else
Your laugh
You can always cheer me up
You give me advice
Your mine
Even when I’m in a bad mood you still love me
You make me feel like I never have before
You make my heart skip a beat
You’re irresistible
You’re likeable
You’re lovable
You tell me what I say in my sleep the next day
You support me
You’re a great motivator
You encourage me
You correct me grammatically
You’re willing to try new things
You make me feel wanted
You’re my heart
You always say what I need to hear
You have taught me the true meaning of love
You tell me what you really think, even though I may not agree
Your love for me is a natural anti-depressant
You do things to specifically make me happy
You’re my movie buddy
We have our own TV shows we always watch together
You make my days better
You’re my sunshine
You’re my wittle lion king
You sleep with me
You don’t mind that I talk in my sleep
You make me feel safe
You mean the world to me
Your small gestures speak volumes about how much you care
You treasure the gifts that I give you
You’re my little spaceheater

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Additional info, added Monday May 28 2012, 5:58 pm:
I am not putting this in the order it is now. I am going to put the reasons in order later. I just made a list with random things I love about him in no specific order as they came to mind..

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Diamondsare4eva answered Monday June 11 2012, 4:25 am:
Love can't be described in words. It can only be shown by the heart. But if you were to put them into words, look deep into your heart and you'll (hopefully) find the answer.

~ Sarah

[ Diamondsare4eva's advice column | Ask Diamondsare4eva A Question

nascarfan1987 answered Tuesday May 29 2012, 12:14 am:
I don't think ANYONE is going to read all of this; its ALOT.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your idea! I would've never thought of it;

Try looking on google? I scammed through it, and looked at a few of them; and honestly, NO ONE will be able to tell you what to write; because we don't know how amazingly you feel for him, ya know?

I can help you a little bit;

do you guys have an inside jokes? Is there a way he looks at you that drives you wild? how about a favorite place he kisses you? or a certain way he holds you? think back on the FIRST day you laid eyes on him; what ran through your head?

does he surprise you with sweet texts,f lowers, gifts, ect?

does he smell good? his hair? does he shave? does he do certain things to make you giggle?

After 365 days you love how in love you STILL are with him;

that would be cute?

I'm not too sure; I'd scam over google, that ALWAYS helps me remember things about my fiance'.

Good luck! He should feel pretty lucky to have someone like you to go through all this trouble!


Happy Anniversary!

[ nascarfan1987's advice column | Ask nascarfan1987 A Question

mercury answered Monday May 28 2012, 5:12 pm:
First of all,I wouldn't start with you're sexy,hot,attractive...It doesn't sound romantic:(

[ mercury's advice column | Ask mercury A Question

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