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my computer screen has a pink tint, how do i change it back.?

Question Posted Friday December 24 2010, 2:35 pm

okaay, the other day my friend bumped into the computer desk and the screen fell on the keyboard and pressed the keys. and then the color of everything has a pink tint. idk how to change it back. nothing is wrong with the screen. its the computer.what do i do.?

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CynanMachae answered Sunday December 26 2010, 12:38 am:
There are only a couple things that could cause this, UNLESS THE MONITOR WAS PHYSICALLY DAMAGED BY THE FALL.

- Look for a button on the monitor that will bring up the settings menu. Look for something along the lines of 'factory reset' or 'restore defaults.'

- If the computer is a desktop, check the video cable connection at the monitor and at the computer. Make sure that both are securely screwed down.

- If the computer is a laptop on a docking station, make sure that the laptop is firmly docked. You might want to shut it down, remove it from the dock and then re-dock with very firm pressure on both the left and right rear corners.

(Bad docking often causes an all pink or an all blue tint, garbled output from a local printer, bad or no network connectivity, etc.)

- If this is a desktop computer, with the video coming from an expansion card, (not onboard video), then you might want to shutdown the computer, remove the power cable, remove the video cable from the card and pop the cover. Remove and reinstall the video card, making sure that it's firmly seated.

(If the fall of the monitor caused the video cable to stretch out, it may have caused the expansion card to rise up from the slot. Some of the new 'screwless' systems for expansion cards aren't able to provide the stability that the old screw-type can.)

I hope this helps!

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blackbutler666 answered Saturday December 25 2010, 2:58 am:
Maybe the setting were changed? Try going to the menu for the monitor and looking for the tint colors, more red, more blue, more green kind of thing. Hope that helped a little :)

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