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Horrible body odor when deodorant doesn't work! Rotten onion smelly odor!!!

Question Posted Tuesday February 2 2010, 3:47 am

I have some terrible armpit odor and I don't know why. It started about two months ago or more and it just will not go away! I was using ivory bar soap and I switched to Tom's of Maine Natural deodorant bar soap (unscented) and it helped for, literally, two days. When I realized that the soap was no longer helping my body odor (and it seemed to get stronger and more rancid) I tried switching to the Dial antibacterial soap (the gold bar). It worked for about a week and then no longer did it's job either but did help some.

During this time I tried a few different deodorants to help keep the bacteria under my arms in control (what I assume the problem actually is). I tried Naturally Fresh Roll On Deodorant Crystal, Tom's of Maine Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick (Apricot scented), Home Health Deodorant Herbal Magic Roll On(unscented), and Alvera All Natural Roll-On Deodorant Aloe (unscented). I wanted to try to stay away from the aluminum in other deodorants so that's why I choose the more natural kinds.

Anyway, nothing will cut this onion odor! I am trying not to eat smelly foods, especially onion, and it doesn't seem to make a difference at all. It's embarrassing and I am afraid to go out in public like this. What can I do? It smells within 10 minutes after I get out of the shower even if I apply deodorant right away and it only gets worse during the day. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Peeps answered Tuesday February 9 2010, 10:28 pm:
I suffer from this exact same problem, which has occurred almost overnight quite suddenly. I understand the torment of trying to not have such a strange, strong odor about you.

I've searched the internet on various ways to remove stinky body odor. I, too, suffer from an odd onion-like odor, only mine also smells as if it is rotting potatoes at the same time. It's very, very unpleasant.

It's good you're trying to stay clear of the aluminum in other deodorants, by the way. I wouldn't "switch back" to the "bad" deodorants just yet though. Try this out:

In the shower use a washcloth and wash your armpits separately from the rest of your body. Wash them with an antibacterial soap (yellow bar Dial if you must) twice at least.

Purchase a small spray bottle like they sell in Wal-Mart for $.97 and fill it with distilled water. Take Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE):

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

...and drop about 20 drops in there, shake well and mist-spray a few times, and then pour it out. You've just 'cleaned' the bottle.

Now, refill the bottle with distilled water and add 15 drops of GSE. Shake well, again.

When you get out of the shower (as soon as you dry off), spray this mixture under your arms a few times with the misting action. Do not apply deodorant. Get dressed and have a nice day at home.

At the end of the day, check your odor by smelling under your arms. If you smell the "onion" smell then increase the amount of drops of GSE in the container by 5. Some people are treated with the 15 drops while others are needing 30 drops per container. Make sure to always shake the bottle before each use though.

Use this product daily and add it to your wash each time you do a load of laundry. Make sure you're washing socks with socks and underwear with underwear in case any of those nasty bacteria tries to make it to your shirts. I suggest adding about 25 drops of GSE per washer load.

In time, the odor will lessen and you will be able to only smell the 'natural armpit' odor of your body just slightly. When you reach this you can begin applying deodorant after spraying GSE on the armpits (you may want to spray over the deodorant too, just for extra precaution).

Ta-da...a safe way to be odor free :)

Need a more natural alternative?

Try this out, if you can...

Wash your body with tea-tree body wash, PH balanced. I prefer Desert Essence Castile Liquid Soap with Organic Tea Tree Oil:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Wash your armpits TWICE in the shower, as well as the rest of your body, of course.

When you exit the shower, take two cotton balls and soak them with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the alcohol under each armpit, covering the area, and then lower your arm onto the cotton ball and hold for two minutes while you go about your other things (moisturizing face, getting your lower half clothed, etc).

Remove cotton balls. Take a hair dryer and dry the armpit area gently. Then spray the above GSE mixture onto your armpits and re-dry with the hairdryer (gently!). Apply your preferred deodorant.

If your armpits get too dry then lay off of the alcohol for a couple of days and apply lotion after washing your armpits well before bedtime.

Take a chlorella supplement each and every single day as directed on the bottle/bag. It's preferably to get Yaeyama Chlorella which have broken cell walls so that your body can absorb and process it better.

Also, take a probiotics before each meal so that you can replenish good bacteria in the intestines. Much, much body odor really comes from this area, believe it or not! If you can do an enema then it is suggested you take one to help clear your system out--but remember to take those probiotics so that your colon can be replenished with good bacteria.

Don't give up.
There will be a remedy that will solve it.
I am certain of it! :)

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

lozzytee answered Wednesday February 3 2010, 5:11 pm:
well i use 2 deodrants at the sme time...dont use a cheap brand make sure you spend a fair amount on a good brand..use rollon deodrant first then spray on your antiperspirent...if this doesnt work then i would go to a chinese remedy shop and they will make you something that will really help!...also you could look on the net for natural remedies..or buy the ingredients and make it yourself...if this still doesnt work then go to your doctors and they will give you somehitng to help x

[ lozzytee's advice column | Ask lozzytee A Question

Sweet_LiL_Angel answered Tuesday February 2 2010, 9:01 pm:
Okay I am not sure if you are male or female. I tried to tell by the type of deodarant and soap but Im not sure so Ill answer for both

Female: I used to sweat really bad growing up like under my arms it was nasty. So finally i us Scent deodarant. it works wonders. I dont use the gel. Body wash i use like just the cheap stuff liqud soap.

Male: My husband uses Ax.

[ Sweet_LiL_Angel's advice column | Ask Sweet_LiL_Angel A Question

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