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The right love?

Question Posted Wednesday November 25 2009, 8:51 am

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 11 months now. And I love him. I don't doubt that. What I'm wondering is if this is "the" love... so to speak. He had his doubts in the beginning. But now I'm having mine. The main thing is that I'm becomming attracted to another guy. It was getting worse for quite sometime up to when this new guy and I kissed. We discussed the kiss and decided it was a bad idea and should just be friends. Now I can't get it out of my head. If I truly love my boyfriend, why did I kiss this guy? Why am I still attracted to him? I might merely be infatuated temporarily with this guy but it also could mean that I am not emotionally there for my boyfriend anymore... I don't want to lose him... I just want to find myself more.

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icey0990 answered Wednesday November 25 2009, 7:05 pm:
Take time to analyze your feelings. If you spend tons of time with your boyfriend, cut that time down a bit. Take time to sit in a quiet spot and write down your feelings in a journal,write poems, anything you want to get your feelings down. Have some time to think things through. Imagine not being with your bf anymore. Would you look forward to being "free" to explore other options, not be tied down, etc? Would you be miserable? There is no seeing the future, but to try and sort what you want out is the best thing for you right now.
You dont have to hate your bf to break up with him,. You may really care for him, but discover it is time for you to do your own thing, branch off and move on . You are young, there are lots of opportunity out there. I am not giving you advice to go one way or the other, my advice is to try and figure out what you want. If you cannot commit to your bf and be happy with only him and not wanting others, you should break up with him.

After some talking out loud to yourself, writing, thinking, etc you will have the answer figured out.

Good luck!

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