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My Boyfriend/ Lover cums too fast in sex... HELP!!!!

Question Posted Thursday May 21 2009, 12:03 am

Im 13/f. Iknow it sounds whorish but im with a guy ive known forever and were having sex. Hes 15 and he lost his virginity to me about 2 months ago. When im giving him blow jobs and/or handjobs it takes him a while to cum. But sex, on the other hand....he cums too fast. He goes slow and hard so he wont 'lose control' too fast, but sometimes i just NEED more than that, and i make him speed up and so snd so....but he doesnt really like condoms, so he ALWAYS pulls out ahead of time, [were safe and careful though.] I just want to know, how I can still get my little extra 'fun/pleasure' and make him last! PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks.
-Kayla. <3

Reply on email if possible!!!!!! PLEASE!

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xkayx22 answered Thursday May 21 2009, 3:14 pm:
If your not using condoms you can't honestly say that your being safe and careful because you can still get pregnant or get STD's. I can relate because my boyfriend sort of has the same problem, but it was worse when he first started having sex. Not many 15 year old boys have the self control that older guys have, especially when they first start having sex. I buy trojan extended pleasure condoms for my boyfriend because they contain climax control lube which makes sex feel less intense for a while so he can go for longer. I know you said he doesn't like condoms but they really do work, otherwise i'm sure they sell the climax control lube separate from the condoms.. but i'm not too sure on that.

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LydiaSorrow answered Thursday May 21 2009, 9:56 am:
I'm afraid Zoey is absolutely right Kayla.

You need to stop using the 'Pulling Out' method.

You see, during sexual arousal the penis leaks a certain ammount of sperm sometimes called 'pre-cum' and not only that but if you use this method while with someone with an STI or an STD, you could get that STD or STI. You really don't want to be pregnant at 13.

Go to your doctors alone or to the hospital even and ask about other contraceptives. The pill is a viable option. Your parents shouldn't have to know, but please sweetie, stop what you are doing.

Secondly, the making him last thing. There are a few things you can try, for starters I would reccommend condoms. Once the man gets used to them, they make sex last a lot lot longer. I would also reccommend different positions. If you are on top for example, then you can use your hips to control the speed and depth of the movements meaning you can do things for your pleasure and it may keep him on his toes enough to last longer.

Hope this helps x

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latinabbyx321 answered Thursday May 21 2009, 9:53 am:
This is normal all guys ejculate quicker when you have sex fast and hard . Just let him ejculate the first time and wait a while then have sex again because all men/ guys ejcualate quick the first ejcualtion . So dont worry its normal but the 2nd time you he goes back in there it will take longer for him to ejcualte !

; * hope i helped !

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Zoey answered Thursday May 21 2009, 8:14 am:
I was going to reply via email but just couldnt resist putting the answer everyone is going to put..

OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Pull out method is NOT in ANY way safe. I just fell pregnant from this method, and I lost my baby a week ago via miscarriage. Its not safe atall, please to god use protection!! Sit and imagine trying to tell your mum your pregnant.

With regards to lasting longer, hes only young, him being able to control his penis is going to be next to none, the only option you have is to use creams and sprays etc, which you can buy on ebay, if you know anyone with an account, that or, visit your local chemist and take a look.

Dont grade low just because I gave an honest answer, my dead baby is proof that the pull out method is just completely crap.

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