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a sin?

Question Posted Wednesday May 16 2007, 8:04 pm

Is it a sin to masterbate?
Does the Bible state anything about it?


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JesusFreak2006 answered Thursday May 17 2007, 12:33 am:
It basically comes down to opinion

The only story in the bible that some scholars believe that refers to masturbation is in Genesis 39:6-9

I will go ahead and give you a brief summary of it but you can always read it if you want: Well the passage tells about Tamar(girl) and Er(boy)and how they were married, Er become wicked and evil so God killed him. Well under jewish law if a wife is becomed windowed, the brother of the husband must marry his brothers wife and perform the regular duties such as support her and of course sex so their tribe could reproduce.
Er's brother was Onan, Onan married his brother's wife. Well if Onan and Tamar concieved the first born son would still be Er's under jewish law, well at their first sexual encounter he was abouut to orgasm in her, and thats when he pulled our and spilled his "seed" on the ground.
God was angry and killed Onan.

Now their are two interpratations: One is that God killed him because he disobeyed jewish law and wouldnt impregnate Tamar. And the Second is that God killed him because he spilled his semen on the ground which wasnt used for reproduction which is technically masturbation...

Now how you interept that, is purely up to you...the bible doesnt come right out and say masturbation is a sin...but nor does it say smoking is wrong...however it does say your body is your temple so keep it it's open to intereptation...

However there has been medical studies that do say that boys and men who masturbate or have sex atleast three times a week are half as likely to go to the doctors as those who don't so what I say to that is why would God make us that way if we weren't supposed to masturbate

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