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hey y'all, i need some help figuring out what to get my best guy friend, he's awesome and i want to make sure to get him something just as awesome for christmas! (link)
get him a '55 corvette... he wouild love you forever

-okay i am 14 years old and i have a b/f that 15 years old nut see i kno this guy that 21 years old he really nice fun to be around and we did stuff with each otha and i like him and all and he says he likes me too and stuff . . . i dont kno what i should do becuz i like both of them but it like the 21 year old it like betta plus he can drive and he very sweet and i get to go to colleges party while i am at it and he got hott firend and i hook up with the 21 year old all the time my parnts even kno i like hima dn he likes me they dont care what should id o who should i pikc \??????? (link)
ummmm.....hun.....go w/ the 15 year one of those partys....ur gonna get dtuged....and ur probly gonna get raped or sumthin' i was u i would go w/ the 15 year old

What's a polite way to get off the phone with someone. I'm not annoyed with this person, in fact I'm completely in love with her, but I just don't want to turn into one of those 4 hour conversations every day kind of couples. (link)
be like...."HEY! BITCH! SHUT UP!! I GOTTA GO!! GODDAMN!" lol.....joking...dont say that....just say...hey i gotta go...ill call ya later...or tomorrow"

Wellllll.......I have a boyfriend, and I love him with ALLLLLLLLL my heart, and trust me, I do...I'm not just some girl saying 'i love you' and not meaning it, he's everything to me. But...I'm 15, and I have never had a serious relationship until now...I'm the type of girl who goes out and does spontaneous stuff.....well ok a few weeks ago I started feeling REALLY tied down. It got to be the end of summer ya know and I just wanted to be FREEEE....and i ended up telling him i wanted to go on a break...while we were 'on a break' i kissed another guy. well that's what made me realize how much he REALLY meant to me, and the next day i talked to him and told him how much i really loved him and everything....but i left the part about kissing another guy out. i have a guilty conscious about it, and i really want to tell him, but at the same time i have this feeling it would only break us up.... n that's the LAST thing i want.... even if it didn't break us up he would totally lose my trust for obvious reasons, but we go to different schools and that's one of the things we HAVE to have....I dono what to do......there's no way he could find out but i dono if i should tell him or not...I know everyone would say 'just tell him it's better' and all that...but put urself in my position and think about what u'd really do, cuz it's a lot harder then to just tell him because it's the right thing to do...thanks in advance! (link)
hey girly....really....the best thing u can do is tell him the truth....thats what i'd want to hear

Last question today i swear ..
Well whenever my best friend is around her boyfriend she id relly mean to me and starts like changing what do i do? (link)
u talk to her....and see y she's like that...and its probly says sum shit like..."if u dont act this way...were gonna break up" or sum bullshit thing like that.

i have 3 brothers and my dad...(my mom too but she isnt the prob.) well anyway..they ALWAYS piss on the seat..sometimes its a lot and i HATE that! im always the one to have to spray disinfectant and wipe it off. One time i was dumb enough not to look before i sat down..and i sat in piss! how sick is that..o man. i tried telling them how mad i am about that..i even tried leaving the seat up so they have more space to aim..but its not working. Should i try all this again only more seriously this time? Please help..i just wanna be able to feel that my own bathroom is so grossed out!

any help is great thank u so much!!!!!! (link) a dude.....but what u should do id put saran wrap on the toilet boul and when they go to take a will hit the sran wrap and get all on there pants and shit....try that...its great..(and u get a good laugh outta it 2)

i was out with my ex boyfriend last night. we still hang out and all that crap. basically, we still act as if we are still girlfriend and boyfriend. well, while we were having dinner, i said to him, "im a good girlfriend, youre just to dumb to realize that you should be with me." i watched his reaction, which he didnt really have one, and a couple seconds later he replied "its better that were just friends.." he seemed sort of unhappy when he said that. well, after that being said, the rest of the night, he was holding me, laughing, all the good stuff.. and he tells me that he loves me. he bought me a painting to have it say [his name] loves [my name]. so right now, im feeling sort of confused. he always tells me that he loves and that were going to get back together when he gets his head together.. but then, he says that whole thing with us being "friends." how should i feel right now?
btw.. im very much in love with him, and so he says that he is with me. we are both 18 (link)
give him some going through the same thing....ur in love w/ him....and he is but he hasnt really noticed it yet....give him a lil while....thats what i've been doing....and i think she's starting to relize she loves me.

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