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ask me anything you fuckers... im very sensitive..
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota
Occupation: dealer... what?
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How do you know if a guy likes you and if he/you does like him how do you get him to notcie you?? (link)
This question has been asked a million times b4... get your head out of your ass and look for it.

OK im the only gurl i swear in my 9th grade class that likes cars and i sumtimes get made fun of 4 it
should i find sumthin else to be interested in or dont kare wut they say? (link)
Who cares! God what the hell pansy question is this? What do you like about the cars? The back seat? God you little slut go fuck someone. Maybe youll get some guys to like cars to if you end up fucking alot of them in the backseat. Be interested in sex. Its bound to happen eventually you little whore.

ok so i want to host a murder mystery party thing but i dont know how it works please help me ill take any suggestiong ill gladly take them thanks love mimi (link)
Heres how you do that shit. Pretend that one of the people has AIDs right? Then they drop dead and you fuck em while there 'deceased'. I see no problem with that so fuck off you little shits who give me the bad ratings. And who does that fucking murder mystery partys anyways? Every one knows that the new trend is the household orgy!?! Go fuck someone and stop raping the rest of us.

Okay, one of my best friends (a guy) is going out with one of my old friends who i dont really hang out with anymore but we're still nice and evrythng 2 each othr. But my best friend seems like he doesn't like her as much anymore but shes in love. I recently discovered that i really like him a lot but when they break up shes going to be soo upset but i really wana make a move. What should i do? (link)
Fuck her. You aint friends no more. Or I guess you could compromise with her ass! Have a threesome. Fun Fun For Everyone. God and what the hell is your problem? You vein little shit maybe they wont break up.

Come and slurp my cum.

i want to get my belly button pierced but my mom wont let me i've tryed before butgot like half way threw and just sorta stoped how should i do it i mean i dont wanna kill myself or anythang haha thanks I RATE WELL (link)
Get skinny. Go to the mall with out her. Get it pierced? A five year old could think of that you fuck face. Dont do it yourself. You know you want other people touching your body you little slut.

top of the mournin to ya.

Hi!!! I need your help, Im baby sitting this boy for almost a year now before her mom paying a fare salary but now I kinda don't like the way she pays me, I let her do that twice but now I don't think it's fare for me her mom paying me $5.00 for at least 4 hours, and I think that is so unfair. The boy is fine but he kinda eat a a lot so I need to fed him, because I dont want him to starve you know.
Im afraid at talkiing to people, because maybe she will get mad.
What should I say to her.
Help me!!
thanks! (link)
Quit. You deserve to get more money. Or talk to her? Hmmm money for sex? I dont know what your thinking here? Trying going to my street corner for word. =D Wanna bang? God you little dip shit be the whore that you know you are. Who cares if she gets mad? You know you onlly want the job so you can bone her kid....

Glad to be of service you little shit fuck.

what is a good way to get a guy to like you? i need girls and boys advice. PLEASE HELP ME! (link)
You hump them until they give in and then you rape there asses? What did you expect me to say? Fuck em till it bleeds.

Fun in the sack. Fun in a tight space. Spankin in the pussy.

I've been having troubles with making friends. I had a lot before. But now they've all turned on me since I started going out with this one guy. They call me a #### ... and they think I "sleep around" .. Which I most certainley dont. And I can't seem to understand why they would say all of these mean things to me. I just want it to all end. What should I do?
Truly Confused. (link)
You should just forget about what they say. Trust me if you dont give a shit about what the think than your life will be SO much better. Try hanging out with a different croud. You dont need them anyways. Call them pansy ass fuckers. Thats some good shit.

Is it safe to cook with pans if they're getting rust spots in them? (link)
hmmm you could take that a few ways.... rust on them? in my pants what? uhm idk... i know the way like i mean it but thats prolly not the same way you do....


I'll start from the beginning....
When I was little, i used to live in washington state, but then we moved when i was 8 years old.
this other family with this boy that had been in my 2nd and 3rd grade class moved to the same part of florida the same time we did, and we ended up going to the same school.
our families became close friends(my sister is about the same age as his little brother)
and we'd go over to each others houses a lot, and when we were little we used to come up w/ these little plays (some romantic, we'd "marry" each other...), and well, we got a little older. last year, he moved to orlando, and we spread apart a little. we saw them, and we were playing around and like fake kissing each other in this little "play" we made up (my little sister is only 8, and she really wanted to do a "play")
and now he's moving back to where we live. i dont kno if he likes me, but i kind of think i like him. what should i do?
confused love (link)
OK! easy one.... i say use the guy you kinda like for some booty... if its good stick with him and during all this you can fuck his little brother... or you could let your sister in on the action to and it would be like one big party! GANG BANG!

See i liek this girl but she lieks another guy and i always try to tell her but she never liek answers wat do I do?
confused (link)
u could turn gay.... maybe then you would get a date!!


I had it good for a while. I guess most of us dont realize when to appreciate what you have. I had it so good id do just anything to back on the past. But lets forget me... my sister used to be average wieght.. NOT fat at all just not as skinny as everyone else. I used to call her fat tho just in spite of her when i wanted something and she wouldnt give me something or if we were fighting. I regret that in every way shape or form. PLEASE if you've been calling some1 fat dont do it, you will hospitilize some1 no joke it gets to people. So anyway shes been away at camp for 5 weeks.. and shes not the same. She wont let herself touch a hamburger, or anything besides salad and yogurts and rice cakes and such. She wont let herself have even a rootbeer float.. its so wierd. But worst of all shes not anything like she used to be. She used to be happy. Shes really homesick right now and she admits when she comes back shes going to need therapy because she even KNOWS that her lifestyles are messed up. Its not that she doesnt want to eat all those foods she CANT. She always feels so compared her whole life she has and now im fearing for her and wishing things were back to normal. Nothing has ever been this screwed up in my life i have never been asked to handle this 1nce before in my life and now its my own sister... and i just dont know what to do. Its like no1 cares... my aunt only has mean things to say like shes starving herself and she yells at my sister. Yelling wont help her any! My mom understands and so does my dad and they care but it hurts to see them so worried. I cant take it! This could all be my fault.. i should have never called her names.... what do i do to keep myself from getting overly sick at myself. Im not about to go anerexic or cut myself or anything lame like that im too full of life and i could never stoop down to that level but i always feel like i just want to stay in bed all day. I want my life to be normal, but i cant have that...

for a person thats going to be sensitive to my feelings... *PLEASE* answer asap

and 2 the rest of u.. never say anything you could regret

your a real bad person! ((i couldve said more but sarahs being sensitive!))

im 13 years old and i REALLY want a job. ive always wanted a part time job at a nursery home w/ the elderly to pay for college(even though its a long way off) but i think i have to be 14. I also would like a part time job at a camera store, but i dont think they even hire 14 year olds! can any1 give me suggestions for jobs or if they know if nursery hames would let 13 year olds work there???
i usually rate a 5!!! :) (link)
ok like uhm you can baby sit.... or become a drug dealer/prostitute.... good answer i know.

okay, well, I think I want to break up with my "internet boyfriend". but I don't want to hurt his feelings, and I don't know how to end it :(

Lilly (link)
ok... hes ur "internet boyfriend" which is really quite stupid but sarahs gonna try to be sensitive. you dont know him anyways so just break up with the panys

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