I met this guy on this chatting website last summer. We started talking alot & we even started texting. Now it's been like 8 months since we've been talking to each other as friends. We flirt & stuff (; ahaa but its just normal convos. He always texts me first, but in some weeks he doesn't textt me at all. Should I text him? Do you think he wants me to text him? Or does he just not text me because he gets bored of me? Pleasee help. I would like to know . Thnks (:

Yeah text him. But if you do get the chance to meet him, be very careful. Have your friends be somewhere near... you know, just in case. :)


Ok I'm 14 years old and I have never had sex or anything like that. I have masturbated before but not like actually fingering myself just like rubbin my clitoris. But I have never started my period. I have pubic hair and underarm hair and I get cramps but not bad ones, like it's just gas most of the time. But I have discharge and it's a good amount too haha. But I have had discharge since I was like 11 or 12 and my mom started her period when she was 12. What do you think is wrong? Is there something wrong with me? I have like size 36a breasts and that's kinda small but why haven't I started my period? Does masturbating have anything to do with it? Is tere something wrong with me since I haven't started yet and my mom did at 12? Please help!

You are still way long and you have sooo much time left to grow! I got my period at 14, and my mom got it at 11. It really depends. If by 16 you haven't gotten it, then you should see a doc. But you are perfectly normal at the moment!

And its actually better that you haven't had sex yet, i mean you are still young. I am seventeen, and i remember being 14 and i feel that my thoughts, maturity, body, and everything you can think of has DEFINITELY changed a LOT.

So just be patient and give it some timeee. :)


I broke up with my ex boyfriend 3 months ago. I still wanted to be friends with him, but he was angry that I broke up with him at a really bad time in his life. And I now understand that I shouldn't have broken up with him from the start. Anyways one time me and two friends that are girls went to a party. I just went to take care of them. Then a drive by happened and I told my ex where I was and he got so angry and we got into this fight with him ended saying "Just to let you know I wouldn't want to go back out with you". And he knew I still loved him and I wanted him back.

So we didn't talk for like 3 weeks. And in those three weeks were the most horrible weeks of my life. I was crying so much because I missed him and still loved him. I was also crying because I felt so guilty breaking up with him. So I couldn't take it anymore and I texted him and we started talking again. I thought we could of just been friends and talk to each other civil, but then one day a bunch of my close friends said he had a new girlfriend. My phone was disconnected so I couldn't have texted my ex to tell him "congratulations". I was so unbelievably angry. I never was that mad in my life. I went on a trip to Arizona with my family so when my phone was back on I texted him saying good luck with the new girl. And he got mad because it was a lie and he hadn't had a new girlfriend. That girl was just a friend.

So took his word for it because I was tired of all the drama and lies. When i came back I admitted I still loved him and would wait for him. Then one day we talked on the phone for 8 hours and we were like how we were before. We were happy, enjoying each others conversations, just enjoy talking again and finally moving on from the drama. He told me he still loved me. And we were on the verge to getting back together. Then a friend said that she saw him and that girl talking again and that mad me extremely upset. So we talked about it later on that night and he said that she was just a friend. And I asked him if we should move on from each other and he cried and said he doesn't know. And i cried also.. The next day I told him we shouldn't talk anymore because we had so much resentment towards one another.
I was hurt because of what I thought he did and I didn't trust him as much. And he was still angry at me for breaking up with him.. I wrote him 6 long text messages. He said he didn't read all of it, but he said he was pretty sure we were over. Since then we haven't talked and that was a month ago. Since then I've been improving myself. I was thinking if we ever got back together what we would have to do to work it out. I still have feelings for him.

We were together 8 months. I would want to try again with him. The thing is I don't know when I should talk to him. I can only text him. It's almost new years and I'm thinking about just waiting till New Years Eve. Should I try again? I know we would have to start from the very start. Just as friends and see if our feelings would start to grow. And we'll try to reconcile, but if not I would still want to be friends with him. He's a special person in my life. When do you think I should text him? and also do you think we'll ever have a chance getting back together?

I definitely think he still has feelings for you. And for sure, you guys have a chance, if and only if, you let him know how you feel AND that the two of you need to be very honest and work things out along the way.
Maybe you should text him letting him know first if you can call him, and then make the call?
I do believe you have a chance though. But don't wait too long.
Much luck! Xoxo.


i have just bought a intex webcam but it is not clear than how can i get clear pictures plz advice me...............

Usually webcams aren't the best quality. Don't move, and make sure the webcam stays still!


i really need help. i go to a public high school and the area is very unsafe. there are a lot of people dropping out, smoking weed, skipping class, not paying attention in class, and bullying others. i was super excited for high school until my expectations blew up. the teachers there dont teach really well and students distract me from learning. i honestly cant concentrate in anything. i tell my parents this but they dont listen. i only have one friend that came from my middle school and she doesnt like the high school too. i really want to transfer to a private school that has most of friends. i tell my friends about my problems in that public school but they cant do any help. making friends there is hard because almost everyone there knows each other. i really need help convincing my parents to move. also, ive notived my parents waste gas on traveling to my high school from my middle school because of my sister. also, i come to school late and get picked up late.
what can i do to persuade my parents to going back to private school ?

Let them know exactly how you feel. Make a list of all the positive things about a private school and how it will affect your life. It is, by fact, a better place to learn and usually way easier to make friends, concentrate, and get extra help. Tell them you will be very dedicated to your work and that you will be much happier there. Tell them that your happiness is a part of your life that is very important and if you don't live happy, it can affect you so much in the future. Go really deep if you can and they will (hopefully) understand and try to figure something out. I know how you feel. Good luck! :)


Can jumping up and down cause abortion?

I don't think so. Plus, i don't think it's safe for you.


ok so there is this guy and he tells me everytime how he thinks i'm so pretty and how much he likes me...well one day we were texting and he told me he was gonna ask me out the next day. waited and nothing ever happend then i got a txt from his phone saying he'd blocked my # and he started ignoring me. then like a week later he started talking to me again and txted me so when i asked about the blocking and ignoring he said he didn't and the text was an accident also he still likes me....what do i do???? player or being honest???? HELP!!!!!!!

Boys don't know what they are doing. It might have been an accident, or maybe he is really embarassed about it that he did not know what to say to you?
Personally, i would wait a few more days and see how things go and then you should go out with him a couple of times to get to know him better. Then, you can decide if you would like to keep dating this boy. Hope this helps, and good luck! (:


I was thinking about tanning over the winter. I have never been before, I was wondering what to expect, what levels I should use, what I should wear, how often I should go and stuff about costs, etc.

I'm already dark skinned, a bit.

Personally, i would never do this. It can cause cancer and so much more. Plus, its not even that effective. For it to be effective you need to do it many times. Once is not gonna do it. Natural tanning (at the beach, or your backyard) is healthier (but it can still be dangerous).
But its your choice!
I know all of this from people i know and their experiences. Also, things i have heard from doctors.
Good luck !


I'm a female and currently a senior in highschool. I have 2 ppl I truly care about, for privacy purpose we can call them Derek and Jeremy. I met Derek 9th grade. And dated him for almost 3yrs. I moved highschool's after sophomore year and our relationship actually got stronger, I sad to say I only saw him like 2ce a year. So it didn't seem like much of a relationship. Junior year I met Jeremy and we hit it off right away, I cheated on Derek. And later broke up with him. I have been dating Jeremy for about 8 months now, and still talk to Derek like if we have a relationship. I love them both and have no clue what to do, I feel like I'm hurting both of them. And myself. Derek is my best friend and I can't lose him, I mean he's still here after all I did. But I love Jeremy, and he's so sweet, cute, and loving, and I actually get to see him. I know y'all might think this is typical highschool drama, but I've spent 4 years of my life living this. So no there's not an "you'll meet other guys when you go to college" option. I'm scared of change, scared that I will choose wrong and regret my choice, o please help me....choose.

Maybe you can try this: Imagine your future and what you will be doing five years from now. Are either of them in it? Who do you see there the most and why?
I do believe you can love two people at the same time, but its not right to have them both as a boyfriend.
Maybe you should possibly take a break from, BOTH of them? Just for a while so you can clear your head. Who knows, there might be one you miss the most?

Wish you the best!


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