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I am a 14 yr old female who is single but is about 2 enter a relationship has great friends loves giving advice and somebody who cares about other peoples feelings so please care about mine
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so today my friend was supposed to kis sthe boy she likes right and lately he sbeen doing things that makes it seem like he like sher, but thiers a problme , today she didnt do it, and he was waiting outside the classroom and she was inside i went up to him and said listen i need to know. do you like her or what? he said only as a friend.!!!
now this girl is my bestfriend for life i tell her everything she tells me everything and so i told her what he said, but calmly and rationally i let her know he dosnt like her and she started crying,a nd now she is like really upset more upset then ive ever seen her, because she fell for this guy and hard but he was a jerk and lead her on. please help me in what i can do or say to her thank you (link)
First off let me say that you are a true friend for telling her instead of just letting him lead her on second off you have got 2 be there 4 her right now she if she is going through a hard time i know how it feels its a real let down also if she says she need you she really does need you also try 2 find her a nice boy that she really likes so she can get over him hope i helped

my boyfriend and i have been dating for over a year now. i'm 15 and he is 17. i really do like him but i'm not in love with him. so my first question is...should i be in love with him by now or should i quit wasting my time with him?? i don't wanna break up with him because i really do like him though. and my next one is he has lately been talking about sex a lot. He tried it about 6 months ago but i told him i wasn't ready. he then said okay thats fine we will wait till you are. so i'm still not ready and he is wanting it bad. i really don't wanna lose him to another girl for sex. i would rather lose him because there isn't a strong enough connection than to lose him to lies and sex. You know what i mean?? anyways hwat should i do about this?? (link)
If he loves you enough 2 wait then he will but if he wants sex so BAD and you're not ready yet and he breaks up with you over it then he wasn't even worth your time hope i helped

Okay well i like this guy and he likes me yadayadayada but i cant figure out why he acts the way he does sometimes. one day he will be really sweet and the next he will be a total ass!!!!! like yesterday he came over and hung out with me and we were trying to reschedule our date for friday(which got cancelled). then today he hardly talks to me and decides that he is going to hang out somewhere else.(we hang out like 5 feet away in a classroom but sometimes me and my friend cant let them in because the teacher isnt there so they get mad and call us bitches)..... anyways i dont know what to do??????? do i give up because he doesnt know how to treat a girl or keep taking it and hope that he grows out of it???? 16/f (link)
I've been through this same problem if this is just happening when he gets around his friends then it's nothing 2 worry about if this is happening while it's just the 2 of you then it's a problem if this is while he is with his friends you need 2 talk 2 him and tell him that you don't appreciate how he talks 2 and that he is hurting yall relationship and that if he really likes you he will stop calling you and your friends out of your name like he does.hope i helped

What is the wheelbarrow position?
What is missionary?
Does someone have like a link that explains it, maybe with pictures?
Thanks in advance :] (link)
Google those positions and you can also find out about some other positions that you dont know what they are and learn wat they are

Okay so when my boyfriend fingered me he told his bestfriend (which is also my best friend) how tight i was. And i was kind of embarressed. And i Kind of want to strech myself out or pop my own cherry, so he doesn't do it, because i'm afraid it will be weird if he does it. So besides masturbation is there anyother way i can strech myself out? or pop my own cherry?
Also, if your a guy, do you like the feeling of popping a girl's cherry or do you think its sick?

Anything is appriciated =]

Personal stories are also helpful, if you dont mind. (link)
The only reason he probably went and told his friend is because he wanted 2 tell him how you were tight he also probably told him that if yall have sex it would be the time of his Life guys love poppin cherries its like one of their goals in Life wen me and my boyfriend had sex for the First time he was very excited that i was a virgin and that he was my First so dont try 2 pop your cherry wen yall decide 2 have sex he will be honored 2 have popped it hope i helped

Okay, so, I've never masturbated or done anything sexual in any way. But i want to. The only problem is, is that i dont know how to. I heard from some people that you can masturbate with a pillow, but i dont know how. And i wouldn't even know how to get sex toys, because im only 16. I want to buy porn, but who would sell me any? I just really want to try somthing like this. (link)
Google porn or you could google tips on how 2 masturbate it is really easy

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm??? (link)
No you can't you can only get pregnant 4rm having sex

Please help! I poked a pen in my vagina with the lid on for pleasure i poked different things in many times. I'm 13 and 14 in 2 months I haven't started my period yet will this affect it? Thanks for all the advice. (link)
I am 14 and i Used 2 poke pens in my vagina 2 but i suggest you do the back end first but instead of a PEN i suggest a condom covered popsicle it may be cold at first but it feels great

i found that my lower part skin is getting dark and my dick couler is totaly diffrent from my other body part.i m indian born with white skin,i am very white,and i dont have any kinda illness like call STD or somthing,but i dont know why its turnes very dark,please tell me somthing like any kinda lotion,cream that i can put on my dick,please help me thanx (link)
Yeah talk 2 your doctor about it but as long as you dont have an std everything is okay

whenever i masturbate i loose th feeling and get tired after a while. how do i make it last longer?
15/f (link)
What are you masturbating with and are you havin a clit or g spot orgasm. After your orgasm begins stop for a minute then start again this should help make a clit orgasm last longer but if you are havin a g spot orgasm then put a lot of pressure on your g spot and it will feel great this kind of orgasm will be so powerful it might make you have female ejaculation hope i helped

Tomorrow I am going to my best friend's house with another one of my best friends (both are girls) & then two of our friends. Well, I don't really know one of the guys too well though. We did the same thing last weekend, except now I like one of the guys who were there. The only problem is, he's the one who hardly knows me. The two girls both know that I like him. I don't want to act weird tomorrow around him and I can never think of anything to say, but I really want to go so I can get to know him better. Any ideas on what to do? (link)
I went through this same thing just talk 2 him and become friends with him get 2 know him better you may just make a New friend or boyfriend if i were you i would Go just so i could get 2 know everything about him

What happens if your partner's penis is too large for your vagina? Is there anything you can do to prevent this? (link)
Your vagina is like a rubber band that will never break penetration will not hurt if you are aroused enough and you use a lot of lubricant no matter wat the size my first time was with a guy who was 9.8 and it didnt hurt not one bit you just need 2 relax

ive been haing a frinds wit benfits rlationship with my best guy friend but he wants to have a threesome with oneof his other girl friends and she already said yes. i also said i woudl but im not sure exactly what me and another girl would do. i wouldn't mind kissing or a little boob play but i don't want to go down on her and i think he might be epectign that. im not grossed out by it exactly i just dont know whaat im supposed to do, ive only ever had a dick in my mouth.
help (link)
Let me know how old you are but if you really want 2 Go through with this then talk 2 them about what you think and they will tell you also you dont have 2 Go Down on the girl she can Go Down on you so this is why you need 2 talk 2 them about your feelings

k well first i'm 13 and a girl and i really like this guy i mean we've only hung out a few times but i've had an on-and-off crush on him since the first day we met. the other day i went to his house and at first it was kinda awkward but then we started making out and we went to his room. once i realized everything i was all like "no you have a girlfriend you can't do this with me." and he was all like "but i might break up with her." and i was really confused i mean i really like him and this was like wow. I convinced my self what she doesn't know won't hurt her...right?

so we had sex but for some reason it wasn't what i expected and it was just disapointing. i mean this is the guy i've liked for a least half a year and we shared something that is meant to be special but it wasn't really all that great for me. i mean i want to be with him so bad and he told me straight off that we can't go out because he has a girlfriend but he just cheated on her with me..

so wat am i suppose to do wait on him until they break up or just forget about him i'm so confused plz help!!!

THANK YOU =D (link)
I went through this same situation last week me and one of my on and off crush we had sex 2 he also has a gf but he said he was going 2 break up with her 2 but he didnt thats just an exscuse boys use 2 get in your pants so dont fall 4 it

Hello ,

Okay lets say you have it with a guy and he has a condum on will it break ? Is it more likely to get pregnanat? Is it safe if the guy wears a condum cuz if anything happens i rele dont want to get preganant.

Thanks ,
Betty. (link)
If he has a condom on and it is on right it will not break lets say you're on the pill and he didn't use a condom the pill is affective so you want get pregnant but it wont protect you 4rm an std but if he knows how 2 use a condom no you will not get pregnant hope it helps

I need some help.. I am 14 years old and I still havnt gotten my period yet. I have been getting discharge for it seems like EVER ( I am very active and in a lot of sports idk if that helps or not) My sis (who is the same exact age as me we are twins) got hers like 3 weeks ago. Is somthing wrong with me?!? (link)
Girl its okay my sister got hers a year before i got mine im 14 2 but enjoy not havin your period its the best time of your life

this might be long... 15/f. i've never had a boyfriend or kiss. people always say oh it's okay your only 15 or whatever, but its really not okay. i feel like such a loser. i dont even have guy friends. it's not like im afraid of them or anything, i talk to guys when they talk to me, but i just dont have any guy friends. im not a "loser" though either. i hang out with a lot of the "popular" girls who hang out with more guys than girls. all of my friends have had more than 2 boyfriends and all of them have gone pretty far with guys. i dont want to be like them or anything, but i DO want to get guy friends. please give advice, any will help. (link)
I am a female who is 14 and considered popular i have a lot of guy friends they are really easy 2 talk 2 its just like talking to a girl all u have 2 do is start a convo with 1 and and i gurantee you will have a bunch of them

Anyone know any songs about someone really underappreciated other than Shades of Blue by APA. Thanks. (link)
Unappreciated by cherish

14 f

my boyfriendd really wants to finger me. neither of us have before .. ive givenn a hj hes gotten one and then hooking up and all that junkk.. but i don't know what to expectt on this one. like what am i supposed to do? how much is it going to hurt? what happenss if/when like he pops my cherry or something lol idk i feel raelly stupid asking this but i dont knoww anything about this. im kinda scared but i lovee him and im ready to move onn . help! xo (link)
Talk 2 him about it tell him your feelings if you really love him and he loves u bac then he will understand and he wont pop your cherry unless yall have sex if this is all yall want 2 do right now and you both agree on it then talk about it and figure out what yall want 2 do

My mother says that she hates my boyfriend. I am 14 and we are 2 years in our relationship. We tried everything but she still hates me. I cant understand anymore, and with it, now she hates me! She doesnt trust us because we've had sex. So she just hates both of us and breaking us apart! I dont know what to do. Please help! What should i do? I cant break up with him? and why does she hate me about it? (link)
I am 14 2 and me and my ex boyfriend had been going 2 gether 4 3 yrs wen we finally started having sex his mom started 2 dislike me and started calling me a slut and this hurt my feelings but we didnt let this ruin our relationship although we are broken up now we broke up 4 a different reason but we got over that bump in the road so dont let her ruin your relationship she will finally get over it just be pateint with her hope it works out.

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